fagslave4MEN writes: my Master has been training me, and recently has only been having me serve as a urinal. i kneel in the bushes, naked, chastity cage and blindfold in place, with a funnel in my mouth, and Straight Men stop by during the evening and use me as a roadside urinal. VERY occasionally, one will take the funnel out of my mouth so i can suck His Cock, but mostly, all i do is drink Piss from Men who i do not even get to see. When They are done, They walk away – just like a Man would from any urinal.

i do not understand why He is treating me this way. Am i supposed to learn something from this? i really do not like Piss.


A good slave, or a good faggot, tries to learn from everything a man shows it. your master is having you used by real men, and that should be enough for you. He has ordered it, so you accept it, and do it gratefully. I know you are doing it – but you are being neither grateful nor gracious. Do you really think you have the right to question what your master orders??

What he is teaching you is that anything from a straight man is a holy thing for you, and you need to learn to not only tolerate it, but to love it. Every time a man pisses into that funnel, you should be thanking your master for his generosity. You also should be focusing on being the very best urinal you can be, to make your master proud.

Do you know how many faggots there are out there who would change places with you in a heartbeat? Don’t you understand that serving straight men is the greatest thing a faggot can ever hope to achieve?

you are a lucky fag slave to get to do this, and you need to focus on being grateful. Make sure your master knows how much you appreciate it, and beg him to have you out there more often. faggots are of little value, but the more piss you drink, the more worth you have in the world. A faggot that is not being used is just taking up space, but being a urinal is about as good as it gets for fags. Be fucking grateful!

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