Camping Dads

“Boy, it’s nice to be away, hunh?” Phil gushed.

“Yeah, it sure is,” Dave agreed, turning slightly on his side. It was a warm night–especially in the tent–so they laid on top of the sleeping bags in their jockeys.

“I’m exhausted from the hike, but it’s nice and peaceful up here. Kind of invigorating…I’m not even sleepy.”

“Me either. You wanna talk?”

“Sure, why not. Guess there’s lots we haven’t learned about each other in these last couple of months.”

Phil was silent for a moment, getting a serious look on his face. “Dave…?” he hesitated. “Uh, you ever sucked a prick, or taken one up the ass?”

Dave nearly jumped up! He did sit up straight. “PHIL!! Jeez, man, I guess there are a few things we don’t know! Uh… listen…”

“No, no, relax. I didn’t mean you and me!” He blushed, then laughed. “Shit, no. I was just wondering, you know, what kind of experiences you had…if any…with other guys. It’s sort of important. Be honest, okay. I’ll get to my point in a minute.”

“Well, g-gee,” He was unnerved–as most guys would be. “Have you?”


“Alright. Just…kid stuff, you know.”


“The usual curiosity, I guess. A couple buddies and I used to beat each other off once in a while. That’s about it. I mean, hell, we were only about 14, ferchrissake!”

“Oh, don’t go getting defensive. I did that stuff too around 12. I remember one of the guys licked my pecker for a moment,” he laughed. “He was pissed as hell that I wouldn’t do it back to him! That was no later than 13 or 14 though. But about you. Nothing else? Nothing when you were older? Late teens maybe?”

“How, ah, how come you’re interested, anyway?” Dave sounded – and was – rather dubious.

Phil chuckled nervously. “You have, ah, any idea whether Tom’s done any of that stuff?”

“Tommy?! No idea. He’s a normal kid, so I suppose – who knows? Is there something about my boy you should tell me?”

“No, Dave, nothing at all. It’s…it’s Billy.”

“You’re kidding! Is Billy a…uh, gay?”

“I don’t know. You almost said queer, didn’t you?” he frowned. “I do know this. And please keep it to yourself. He’s …he’s an accomplished cocksucker and he loves having stiff pricks shoved up his asshole! There, I’ve said it. I just don’t know if it’s still kid stuff or not.”

“God, Phil, how do you know?”

“I’ve seen him doing it. Gosh, Dave, the boys are 18… almost 19!”

Dave gulped, afraid to ask. “W-with Tom?”

“No. As far as I know. They are best friends, but…”

“Start at the beginning. How did you happen to see him doing it?”

And so Phil told the story:

You know my brother drove out the last truck with a bunch of our belongings. Stuff that could wait a week. He and I and Alice all had to be at work. I told Billy he could take out some of the smaller boxes, but to wait until we got home before tackling the bigger ones.

There was something I found I needed, so at lunch time I got a lift home because I’d put the car in for servicing. Anyway, I was way in the back of the truck rummaging around the boxes when I heard Billy climb onto the back. I was about to say something when all of a sudden there was this other voice – a rough voice, like a punk kid, speaking to Billy. I didn’t like the first thing that came out of his mouth, so I hid back and listened, ready to pounce on the guy if necessary.

“Hey, I know you! You’re the kid I saw sucking cock in the park!”

“N-NO! It musta been somebody else!” Billy cried, backing away as the guy hopped up and hooked his fingers in his Levi’s and stood there smiling at him.

“It’s you, alright. I saw you in the bushes taking on two dumb jocks in my gym class. Man, you were wild! I would’ve joined you, but I had a cocksucker on the blowers already. By the time the little fruit got done with me, you guys had split.”

“I’ve seen you at school,” Billy said. “Your name’s Spike or Spit or…”

“Slick, chump! And I live across the fuckin’ street.”

“Oh, yeah, Slick. Are…are you gay?”

The punk got a real strange look on his face. As if he was too stunned to be outraged. “Are you kidding? No, man. Fags do ME! I don’t do any of that queer shit. They’re always sniffin’ after my ass.”

“W-why? I mean, if you don’t do anything in return.”

“Get real! Oh, that’s right. You’re not in my gym class, so you wouldn’t know. Well, the reason’s as plain as the bulge in my pants. I got a big cock, hefty balls, and I’ve been told my ass tastes superb!” I noticed Bill’s eyes immediately drop to the punk’s crotch. “Ain’t this great? Now neither one of us has to go to the park. Living across the street makes you real handy. Til I get tired of you, anyway.”

“W-what do you mean?” Billy complained at his brazen insinuation.

“Simple. Your ass is mine any fuckin’ time I want it. Your lips and tongue, too! Anybody home?”

“Uh, yeah. M-my parents…and three of my uncles!”

“Hmmm. Just what I figured. Nobody.”

“You’re outta your stupid mind!” Billy cried. “I’m not doing anything to you, you creep! I’ll…I’ll go to your father if you try anything!”

“Oh, that’s rich! That’s really a hoot! Listen, dicklick, let me make this straight, so to speak. I presume your daddy doesn’t know you like to gulp down peckerjuice, right? Maybe I oughta tell him. Second, my daddy’s been blowing me ever since I first got a boner. He likes my prick as much as the next fag, so he’ll just laugh and probably drag you into the house and pull your pants down! Hmmm. Maybe you should go see him. You two can suck each other while I plug your little butt! You wanna blow my dad?”

“YOU’RE SICK!” Billy blurted.

“Yeah, you’re right, I’m sick.  Sick of wastin’ time, that is. Here, take a look at this.”

He unsnapped his fly and fished out a monstrous prick for a kid. Hell, it was bigger than most men! He just let it hang out of his pants, letting Billy get a good look. I expected Billy to bolt and run, but he just stood there. I could see he wanted to say something, but he was speechless. Until he said, “WOW!” Then my heart sank.

Slick leaned back against the side of the truck, lewdly flopping his big meat back and forth. “Better get on it quick if you want to feel it grow in your mouth, Billy. I keep slapping it around like this and it’s gonna get angry-looking real fast! Can’t beat the deal, kid. You get this as long as you treat it right, and I don’t tell on ya. Come on, just feel it. See how you like it.”

“No. I won’t…I can’t.”

“Who you trying to fool? You’re a cocksucker and you know I like getting cock sucked. What’s the problem, sugar?”

“Shit. It’s…getting hard!” Billy was instantly on his knees before the boy, grabbing hold of his pecker with both hands! The bone rose up into an instant erection in my son’s hands. Billy had an amazed gleam in his eyes as he manipulated the fantastic organ.

Dave interrupted Phil: “Did you just describe this kid’s cock as ‘fantastic’?!?”

“Sorry, Dave, but it was ‘fantastic’, there’s just no other way to describe it! I almost envied Billy in a way. I couldn’t help wondering what a thing like that felt like. I, well, I guess that’s natural, isn’t it? By the time Billy put his mouth on the huge knob, it had to have grown to more than 10 inches–10 thick inches!”

“What did Billy do?” Dave asked.

“He started to blow him, Dave. Fuckin’ blow him! My own kid!”

“What did you do?”

“I…damn this is hard to say, but I squatted back there–with a big hard on in my pants–and watched! Crazy things were going through my mind. I started wondering why I refused to lick my buddy’s dick that time. I thought about rushing out there and slapping Billy’s face and sending him into the house  – and then getting down and licking the punk’s cock myself! I’m telling you, it was strange. I began to picture the boy’s father sucking him off, and finding that I couldn’t blame him! My weird fantasies stopped when Slick finally began to talk.”

“What was he saying?” Dave asked.

“‘LICK MY KNOB ALL AROUND, TEASE IT! USE YOUR TONGUE AND TEASE THE HELL OUT OF IT. I LIKE IT THAT WAY. ALL UP AND DOWN THE SHAFT, TOO.’ Billy licked all over it like an obedient slut boy! I pictured him in the bushes at the park on his knees blowing all comers. I even imagined myself in disguise, walking up to him and shoving my cock between his whorish lips! Then Billy looked right up at him and asked him if he’d pull his pants down. ‘Can I lick your balls?’ ‘Good idea. I’ll blast a load of scum in your mouth at this rate. Let’s make it last. Pull my pants all the way off. Let’s move back to those boxes just in case. I’ll let you lick my asshole.’

“‘I…I’ve never done that!’ Billy gasped, getting up.

“‘Good, you’re in for a treat. You oughta see my old man lick me. Fucker really digs suckin’ out my old shithole! Oughta shove a big turd down the bastard’s throat some time. Really show him who’s boss!’  Billy said, ‘You’re foul!’ and Slick said, ‘Yeah, yeah. Pull my pants off.’ He pulled his legs from the pants and lifted his heels onto the box he was sitting on. This left his whole crotch open and lewdly exposed his asshole. Billy was staring at it, unsure of what to do, with a crinkle in his nose.”

“So what happened?” Dave asked.

“This kid says, ‘Start with my nuts.’ Billy hesitantly put his face down there and started to lick the guy’s big balls. He licked all over them, then suddenly pulled away. ‘I…I can’t. I can’t do it like this. You…you smell down there! Maybe if you closed your legs.’ That only made the guy laugh. ‘Don’t like the smell of my pooper?’ ‘N-no…and it’s hairy, too. I’m not gonna lick it!’ ‘You’ll do it, cum breath. Don’t knock it til you try it. My old man likes me being hairy down there…says it holds the smell real good!’ ‘Sure as hell does!’ Billy complained. ‘Why don’t you put your legs down and just let me blow you? I…I won’t mind that so much.'”

“The kid laughed.  ‘Mind it? Ha! You’re gonna fuckin’ love it. Don’t worry, sugar, I’ll let ya drink my jizz alright. I’m gonna keep your hungry cocksuckin’ throat full of cream from now on! But I dig watchin’ a guy licking out my stinky hole…and you’re gonna do it. You sure don’t want me to send your dad a little note tellin’ him how you suck off half the guys in the shower, but were too sensitive to rim, do you?’ He chuckled.

“Billy begged him: ‘If…if you’d just clean it, then..’  But the kid wasn’t having any of it. ‘Listen, suckboy, that’s what I got you for. Now get your mouth down there and kiss it! Gimme a big, loud smooch.’ Sighing resignedly, Billy gritted his teeth and moved in. Slick grinned wickedly, enjoying my son’s discomfort. I could have put a stop to it…but I didn’t. And I’m ashamed at that. I guess I was also a bit angry at finding out about Billy, and was unconsciously enjoying his torment in a revengeful way. ‘Please don’t make me do this,’ Billy pleaded, breathing into the anal region. Slick started to put his hand behind Billy’s head to pull him tight, but thought better of it. Almost as if he figured that if Billy did it on his own, he’d enjoy it! Little bastard’s asshole smell must have some intoxicating qualities or something, because when Slick didn’t answer him, he put his mouth to the dirty hole and kissed it! ‘Do it again…louder!’ He ripped off his shirt, leaving him naked. ‘Aw, come on. I did it once! This isn’t queer…it’s dirty!’The kid laughed.  ‘So? You’re a dirty queer! This time, after you kiss it, put your tongue on it and tickle me.’ Billy obeyed, reluctantly. He was cornered, and knew it. He let out a loud smooching sound, then I saw his tongue come out of his mouth and flutter around the guy’s anus. All the time he was groaning with disgust! I felt a little sorry for him as I played with myself. ‘Yeah, tease it open!’ Slick was watching intently and getting a real charge out of it by the way his hard prick started to leak! ‘Now, lick in the pit!’ ‘Sliiii-ick?’ Billy whined. ‘Right kid…SLICK. Slick it up. Wet it down and get it loose so you can tongue-fuck me.’ Billy’s groans got worse as he pushed further between the anal lips. He tongued it, tickled it, and poked it. Then, I guess, he just wanted to get the filthy business over with, because suddenly he pulled back and used his hands to spread the aperture wide open. Then he thrust his face into the crack and started to tongue the guy out! He’d drive into the smelly hole, then use his tongue to wash all up and down the whole asscrack and valley between the buttocks. He sloshed his tongue around the hairs surrounding the asshole and cleaned them before diving back into the crevice–wrenching the anus apart even more.

“Slick moaned, throwing his head back. ‘Awww, that’s it! Knew you’d like it. Fags love lickin’ my shithole! Don’t know what I got down there, but it sure turns you fags on! EAT ME OUT, BUNNY BOY! YEAH, SUCK ON THAT RAUNCHY HOLE! OH, KID, YOU’RE GONNA LOVE DOING THIS ALL THE TIME…JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE!’ He started jerkin’ his bone, and soon dropped his legs, aiming his prick at Billy’s mouth. Billy eagerly dove for it, but Slick stalled him for a moment. ‘Somethin’ you wanna tell me first, stinklips?’

“Billy blushed.  ‘Uh, g-guess I like it. You happy now?’ ‘If you’re happy, sweetheart. I’m layin’ here naked just to make your mouth and lips happy. Now blow me real good, and make sure you drink down every fuckin’ drop. I know you can handle that.’ Billy already had a handle on Slick’s rigid shaft and he was pumping it. He lowered his mouth and eagerly put the cock between his lips. Then he gave the best blowjob I’d ever seen! He was soon bobbing his head up and down, taking nearly all of the big prick down his throat on each plunge. And he didn’t slow down when Slick started to squirt hot cream out of his cockhead–Billy was gobbling it up! ‘OK, OK, man, let loose! It’s getting tender. Gawd, what a suck! You an’ me are gonna get along great. Just to show I’m a fair guy, pull your prick out and beat off.’ Billy’s cock was tenting his pants as he stood, and he quickly fished inside for it and yanked it out–stiff and ready. He wrapped his fist around it and started to pound mercilessly.

” ‘Shoot it in your hand,’ Slick directed. ‘Shoot it in your hand; I want to see you eat it.’ Billy had his eyes half-closed, ignoring the guy. He was totally involved with his own pleasure. When it came time to shoot, however, he dutifully splattered the load into his palm and quickly raised it to his mouth and licked it all up, even reaching back down to squeeze out the last few drops and licking it from his finger!

“Then Slick stood up. ‘See ya, sucker!” Slick had his pants on, and quickly jumped off the back of the truck. Billy collapsed, looking satisfied. I was breathing so hard, I’m amazed Billy didn’t hear me, he was so close.”

“What’d you do?” Dave asked, entranced.

“After Billy left, I snuck around to the back of the house and went in to change my pants before going back to work.”

“Don’t tell me!”

“Yep. I came in my pants!” Phil admitted.

“Uh, looks like you’re ready to again,” Dave smiled, pointing to the erection Phil was sporting in his shorts.

Phil put a hand over his embarrassing
crotch. “Damn, even going over it again makes me hard. Why is that? I should be angry and pissed as all fuck. You’re a psychologist, Dave, what’s going on?”

“Well, in short Phil…you’re horny!” he laughed. “Even gave me a little rise. OK, sorry. But the truth is, that’s not far from the truth. Think about it. You didn’t react like you think you should’ve, you were too intrigued even to go to the defense of your son. Of course, that’s because of what you’d heard about him, so instead of jumping up you decided to stay and hear more, and see what he’d do.”

“Was I an insensitive father doing that?”

“Not really. I’m sure if Billy had been in any real danger, you’d have been right there. But you were gauging his reactions and correctly deduced from his own admissions that he was probably digging it! Also, you were working on your own feelings.”

“My own? What do you mean? Oh, yeah…”

“First, you admit you found Slick’s cock fascinating. Second, you started to think back about the one that got away. The cock you had a chance to suck and turned down. I’d say that’s a recurring regret in your life…certainly now that the image has been rekindled.”

“Aw, come on, just because I…”

“You practically said it yourself, Phil. If that buddy of yours had been back behind those boxes with you, you would have let him put hispecker in your mouth, and you’d have sucked it . Right?”

“I…that thought did cross my mind. But…”

“The thing is, he still would have been 14 years old, right? Not in his 30’s. And the images of Slick’s father going down on him regularly certainly didn’t help that fantasy!”

“Gosh, you’re right. I did picture him at that age. Man, I’m really fucked up! Letting my son blow a punk bully without doing anything about it, and now fantasizing about being a child molester!”

“Hey, hold on, chumly,” Dave poked his shoulder, “it’s not all that bad. Pretty normal stuff, actually, considering the massive overload of homosexual stimulation you experienced. Don’t forget, everybody has at least some homoerotic desires. Some people just suppress it more. Something happened that caused yours to come to the surface for a moment. Recognize that, and they’ll soon return to the back pocket of your libido. Then you’ll be able to deal with Billy.”

“Okay, I’ve heard that before. But does recognizing it mean I have to act on it or something?”

“Hmmm. Well, shit buddy. Depends. If it keeps bothering you, then perhaps there’s something not quite resolved. Without going into any clinical bullshit, let’s just try something hypothetical. You’re open enough for this.”

“Well, I like to think I’m…”

“Okay, now I don’t know what kind of ‘moral’ or ‘religious’ trappings you have about all this, but let’s say you’ve been granted an hour to indulge in any homosexual behavior you want with whoever you want, without any repercussions or judgement . A free time you could even elect to have erased from your memory afterward. What would you do?”

“Aw. That’s, well, fascinating, and a little unfair. God, no restrictions? My mind’s going crazy. I…I can’t dare to say, Dave. Jeez!”

“Come on, what comes to mind…quick!”

“Flashes, man. Having Slick’s father fuck his punk son’s ass while Billy fucks his punk mouth! Making Slick suck Billy’s asshole! Hell, make him suck his father’s asshole! I’d piss down the bastard’s throat! We’d all piss down his throat! Hell, I’d let Billy shit in his mouth!”

“Hold on! Hot stuff, but you’re talking about revenge. Tell me what you might do for pleasure.”

Phil sighed, thinking, getting over his built-up anger. He looked at Dave, then nearly whispered, “I’d…probably get down and help Billy lick on that dirtbag’s prick.” He hung his head. “Sick, hunh?”

“Certainly not. I could tell you some stories I’ve heard in therapy! So, discarding the anger–you’d suck punk cock?”

“Yeah. Guess I understand why Billy couldn’t resist it. That bastard Slick knows exactly what he’s got hanging between his legs. Enough to even turn on a guy like me. A free time? I’d suck that thing silly! Thing is…it’s all too weird to me, cause I’ve never actually done it before. Am I…turning gay?”

“Probably not. But you obviously have yourself convinced you might be. Outside of years of therapy, there’s really only one way to resolve those conflicts.”


“Blow somebody, what else? But Slick might not be your best bet.”

“Why not? He turned me on.”

“Yeah, but he’ll make you feel like shit. First time you put a cock in your mouth, you want the guy to respect you. You’re not experienced, and you don’t want just to get face fucked. You need to learn to enjoy it at your own speed and you don’t want any negative feelings going on when it comes to swallowing a guy’s load. Then if you find you enjoy it, you can venture into more bizarre partners with a full understanding of what you’re doing.”

Phil thought a moment.  “You mean, maybe I should do it with a queer? Somebody that’ll do it back to me?”

“Perhaps. But at least with a guy that’s congenial and won’t take advantage. And someonewho knows how to keep his mouth shut! And preferably with a guy you find attractive. You know, go for the best situation to give it a fair trial. That way you limit your liability if you find you’re not able to do it, or feel it’s not really your orientation.”

“I see. Okay, well, how about you?”

“Me? Me what? I don’t understand, Phil.”

Phil looked at Dave square in the face.  “Let me blow you.”

“M-me? Oh. OH, NO! NO! That…that would be, uh, counter productive to our friendship. And besides, I don.t…”

Phil interrupted him.  “What are you holding your hand over your dick for, Dave? Is it getting hard again maybe?”

“HEY, DON’T GET ANY IDEAS FELLA! I mean, this is not exactly the situation I was speaking of. I meant a person …a guy…that better fits the type of char-acter that…”

“Dave? Knock off the crap, willya? We’re buddies. We’re half naked. You understand my concerns. And you’re attractive…with a big dick! Are you saying you wouldn’t respect me in the morning?”

Dave laughed. “Aw, come on, Phil…jeez!”

“What the hell, Dave. This is perfect out here in the wilderness. Who’s to know? If I don’t like it, you won’t hold it against me. If I do…well, so what? You got nothing to lose. Every guy digs a blowjob, right?”

He scooted closer, backing Dave against the back of the tent. “At least let me play with it.” He reached to Dave’s crotch, grasping the bloated, hidden knob, and squeezed it.

“Phil, please…” Dave protested, as he tried to slap the hand away. “This isn’t…”

“I’ll do it, Dave. You don’t hafta say ‘please’.”

“That’s not what I meant!”

“Whatsa matter, Dave? Gettin’ a boner? Let me play with your boner, Dave. Lemme suck your boner! I’ll drink your boner- juice, Dave!”


“Alright, then…FUCK YOU!” he backed off. “You’re real big in the advice department, but when it comes time to show some real understanding, you’re a washout!”

Dave stared at him.  “Phil, it’s just that you’re so…so pushy or something. Like youalready know you’re gonna like it! Have you been putting me on?”

“No,” Phil replied, quietly. “I’m scared shitless! I was just trying to be carefree about the whole thing to lessen the seriousness. You know, have you whip off your shorts and say ‘GO FOR IT!’ so I could do it fast without thinking much. Then decide afterward whether it was a good thing to do. Aw, forget it.”

“Um, sorry, Phil. Guess I was acting like an ass, giving you all that expert advice without imagining that I might be a good choice!”

“You are, Dave. Who the hell else do I know?”

“You…you think I’m attractive?”

“Hunh? Gimme a break, guy. I’m not blind, and neither are you. You’re a stone fox! Even guys that don’t suck cock would admit that.”

“Gee, thanks.” Dave nearly blushed. “You really want to do this?”

“I don’t fuckin’ KNOW, Dave. I HAVE to; you said so yourself.”

Dave hesitated one more moment.  “Yeah. OK. I’ll let ya.” He quickly flung his legs up and pulled his shorts off from under his ass. “Whole story’s got me on the rail, and I’d onlyhafta jerk off tonight, anyway. And you’d still be laying there next to me.”

“HOLY SHIT!” Phil gasped. “Man, that fucker’s huge, and hard as rock! I know this much for sure, Dave, and I ain’t ashamed to admit it. That’s one good-looking cock! Can I feel it?”

Dave moved around and spread his legs apart in invitation, leaning back on his elbows. “Do what you want with it. Shit, man, do what you want! You don’t mind if I watch you, do you? Would you rather I closed my eyes?”

“You’re as fuckin’ nervous as I am, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. This ain’t kid stuff any more.”

“Nope. And that ain’t no kid’s cock, either!” His hand shook as he slowly put it out to touch the knob with his fingertip. “I’ll promise you this, Dave,” he said, looking up at his friend while running his finger over the leaking, throbbing peckerhead, “you’re being a sport, and I’m gonna give you a blowjob even if I find I don’t like it. But, somehow,” he grinned, wrapping his hand around the hard cock shaft and twisting his palm lightly, “I don’t think this is going to be at all unpleasant!”

Dave grinned back, enjoying the sensations. “Oh, man, I think you’re right. That feels good! Go ahead.”

Phil began to stroke the hard prick with light, easy movements, as if he were realizing the velvety texture and seeing the magnificent ugly beauty of a stiff penis for the first time. “Man, this is something else. It’s so different up close. I can even smell you – your balls and all.”

“Aw, gee, sorry, I didn’t think of that.”

“No, no, it’s alright. It’s erotic. Guy’s nuts should smell, right?” He put his face to them and sniffed all around. He lifted them, and smelled the area between Dave’s thighs. “Unh…unh,” he sniffed.

Dave watched, becoming more aroused. “Oooh, you like the smell of my balls?” he asked, nearly in a whisper.

Phil’s head came up from the ballsack with a loud gasp. “I never thought anything could smell better than a pussy. Damned if you don’t smell better, Dave! I love your hot nuts!”

“Jeez!” Dave’s head flungback. “Lick ’em for me!”

Delighted at Dave’s guard being dropped, Phil dropped any lingering doubts of his own. “Aw, yeth, owl sluck yrballz!” he said, his tongue already lapping over the man’s bloated testicles as he licked away the day’s grime and sweat.

Dave held his raging bone aside to see better. “Oooeeiiaaah! Aw, Phil! Clean those things, man! Wash ’em!” Phil luxuriated in the smell and taste of his friend’s balls. He wasn’t in any hurry to relinquished them.

But Dave was getting hot. Eager now, Dave pinched his cock at the base and wagged it around, slapping Phil on the forehead. “Wanna try this?” Phil didn’t reply. He just licked his way up, over the man’s fingers and up the shaft. He didn’t touch the cockhead, but twisted his head to lick over all sides of the rigid piece of meat. “Oh, yeah. Try it out, Phil. Taste alright? You’re sure making me feel good. I sure hope you don’t wanna stop. Give it a good try.”

Knowing his buddy was really warming up to this, Phil let loose. He began to lasciviously tongue the hard cock, swiping his tongue over the wet knob and tasting the pre-cum that was dripping out. He even once squeezed the shaft and licked a big glob of it from Dave’s pisshole.

Seeing his buddy sloshing his tongue all over his throbbing cock, Dave lost his sense of decorum. His toes were tightening as he basked in the sensation of being worshiped by another man’s lips! “OH, FUCK, PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH, MAN!” Again, he took his cock in hand and slapped it across Phil’s face, back and forth. “COME ON, COCKSUCKER…BLOW ME!” He nearly choked on his words, but didn’t exactly apologize. “I GOTTA TALK DIRTY, PHIL, YOU PRICK-LICKER! I’M GONNA RESPECT THE HELL OUT OF YOU IN THE MORNING, MAN, BUT RIGHT NOW WRAP YOUR QUEER LIPS AROUND MY COCK…AND BLOW ME!” he cried.

“NO!” Phil instantly pulled off.

“Hunh?! Wha…?” Dave was suddenly disoriented. Why not, he thought.

“Fuck you, man,” Phil said, full of self-assurance. He had his buddy totally turned on, and he was going to take advantage of it. ”

Whatsa matter? I d-didn’t mean to s-say…” Dave flustered.

Phil grinned. “Call me cocksucker all you want. I’m just not lettin’ you off so easy. You’re too fuckin’ hot, and I want to enjoy this some more. Soon as your cock blows off, it’s all over. Get up on all fours, and keep your hand off your prick!” he ordered.

“W-why?” Dave wondered, obeying.

“Cause I’m gonna lick your ass!”

“Holy fuck, no. No. Phil, you don’t wanna do that!”

Roughly, Phil  grabbed the man’s hips and lifted, then forced his head down to the ground. “OH, YEAH! You got me turned on, man. I love this shit! Hot fuckin’ cock and balls!”

“Yeah, but…” Dave complained, meekly, “…lickin’ my ass?!”

“You bet! Saw my little boy go crazy over it…smellin’ an’ lickin’ that punk’s filthy asshole!” He put his face to it. “Mmmm. This is heady. I can smell ya, man, but it ain’t like that punk. Oh, Dave! I don’t even know if I’d care right now!” He suddenly thrust his tongue right into Dave’s asshole and started licking!

Dave gasped aloud, resting his head and enjoying it despite his reservations. “Mmmm. Even this tastes good!” Phil said. “Talk dirty, Dave. Call me names. I’m licking your asshole, man, CALL ME SOME DIRTY NAMES!!”


Every insult spurred Phil on all the more. Never had he been more turned on in his life than having this man order him to do deliciously filthy things to his body! He didn’t think he could taste shit, but he wasn’t sure…he’d never tasted shit before. All he knew was that he had every available scrap of his tongue imbedded in Dave’s ass, and he was licking around up there while Dave reveled in the pleasure, desperately trying to keep his hands from jacking himself.

“Ohhh, Phil,” he groaned, pushing his ass back, “we gotta go round up a seamstress, man!”

Phil pulled away, chuckling. “W-what? Why, fer chrissakes?”

“Fuck, man, I gotta get your mouth sewed to my asshole! I don’t ever want you to stop doing that. Suck my lips off!” Sucking til both pairs of lips were nearly raw, Phil finally pulled Dave’s dripping cock back between his legs. He licked all over the hot balls, then took the prick into his mouth and began to work as much of it down his throat as possible. He was surprised at how much he could take without gagging, and really went to town, determined to give the guy, and himself, the absolute best he could – a terrific first-blowjob experience!

Poor Dave was devastated! No chick – hell, no human being  – had ever sent such tingles through his sexual apparatus like this! Dave wasn’t all that huge, but this novice cocksucker– who’d just finished giving him his first total and thorough rim job–was now deep throating his prick down to the balls! His fingernails gripped the canvas as he tried to repay his friend. He cried to the mountain wolves and erupted into Phil’s mouth pints of volcanic masculinity! Phil knew it was coming, he was prepared. Hell, the way he was sucking that cock he felt he was actually drawing the warm fluids right up from Dave’s churning balls without any help! Believing that, Phil gulped and gulped and his own prick ejaculated a massive, throbbing flow of sperm into his shorts , totally soaking them. He was aware this was happening, and in the throes of his orgasm decided he would suck the juice from his own shorts when this was over!

He even told that to Dave later. “Yeah, that’s what I was gonna do,” he giggled as they lay back.

“So, why don’t you? Man, they’re really soaked!” He held them up.

“Naw, why don’t you do it?” he kidded.

“Whew! Man, you had me almost ready to. What a night! I can’t bullshit you. That was one of the best sexual trips I’ve ever had. If I can still talk a little dirty, you’re one hell of a cocksucker, Phil!”

“Thanks…I think. Guess I know where that puts me, hunh?”

“Heh! Yeah, right between my legs any time you want!”

“I did good?”

“Good? Man, I’d always heard that guys give the best blowjobs, but I certainly wasn’t expecting that from you, what with it being your first time and all. Tell ya one thing, no chick ever sucked me like that! And…” he stopped, embarrassed.

“And licked your ass?” Phil finished, blushing.

“Uh, yeah. Sure as hell didn’t expect that!”

“Me neither! I think my face is probably red, but I’m really not embarrassed about it. You know, I think I would have been if you’d just stayed quiet and still and not said a word. I’d have felt so weird having my tongue on your anus I probably wouldn’t have done it long. But you…shit! Gettin’ into it like that?! Thanks!”

“HA! Who’s thanking who, man? All I did was enjoy myself.”

“Yeah, that’s okay. Funny thing. I wasn’t planning on doing that. I was licking your nuts and, well, enjoying the smell. Then I realized I’d licked ’em clean and I was still enjoying your smell. That’s when I realized half of that smell was coming up from your butt!”

They both giggled like kids at that. “I wanted to just lift your legs up and lick your asshole, but I was afraid you’d push down and stop me. So I got you up where I was in control and even if you laidd down, your butt would still be up for me to get to. Damn, I wanted to get to your ass more than anything! I thought about Billy doin’ it to Slick, I thought about me doin’ it to Slick, but when I finally, did it, all I could think about was that I was doing it to YOU! How ’bout that?”

“I don’t know what to do about this, man,” Dave said, seriously.

“What? It was fun, wasn’t it?”

“Would I lie to you? Would it do me any good?” he laughed. “I really like you, Phil. Maybe even more now. Not because of the sex, exactly, more like because I know you better. More, um, intimately, you might say. Problem is, you’re kinda coming out…and as much as I liked it, I’m still basically straight. I mean, I AM straight!”


“Well, how can things be the same after this? I mean, it’s not just that I know you’re gay…or at least bi…but I have first-hand knowledge of it.”

“So what’s the problem, Dave?”

“The problem is, you idiot…AND STOP SUCKIN’ THOSE SHORTS AND LISTEN!” He laughed, watching Phil licking a wet patch. “The problem is, how can I handle being around you, knowing what a great cocksucker you are? You’re gay, I’m straight, and every time I see you I’m gonna get a big boner! How the hell can I handle that?”

“You don’t have to, Dave. Just pull it out and I’ll handle it!”

“THAT’S THE PROBLEM! How do I keep your hands outta my pants when I like your hands in my pants?”

“Well, you can just slap my hands, Dave. Your biggest problem is gonna be keeping my tongue outta your ass!”

“Come on, we gotta talk serious about this.”

“Dave, this is still THE night, okay? We’ve got three more days up here to talk, and I realize we have to. Right now, relax buddy. Come on, lift your legs up. I wanna suck your asshole again!”

“We…we gotta talk, Phil,” Dave complained, pulling his thighs back so Phil could get his mouth down to his hole. Dave knew he wouldn’t come so fast this time, and he hoped Phil would tongue him out for hours! “We gotta…gotta…yeah…eat me out…awwww…”

They didn’t talk any more. Naked, they drew their sleeping bags together and drifted off, Phil’s head on Dave’s smooth chest. Dave woke at dawn. He stirred quietly, instantly aware that he and Phil were quite close. He smiled, not in the least perturbed. All the strange happenings of the night before came back without regret. He even felt a warmness about it all, while keeping it in perspective. He was straight, but he sure liked this guy and didn’t feel ashamed that they were so close and naked.

What did bother Dave was when he made an uncomfortable realization and moved very slowly, turning his back to the man. Luckily, Phil didn’t wake. Dave laid there, quite still, making sure the man was still asleep. Then he calmly raised his hand to his nose and checked out the aroma. OK. No big deal. So he woke up finding his hand resting on another man’s cock and balls, gently cupping them. Didn’t mean anything. Just had a dream or something. Probably thought he was in bed with Alice. Still, the question remained why didn’t he take his hand away when he didn’t find a pussy? Alright, so his hand smelled kinda neat. But he was glad that Phil still slept and wasn’t aware of it. He put his hand over his nose and dozed off again. About an hour later, Phil lazily stirred. He felt warmth against his cock, and realized it rested up against Dave’s beautiful buns! He smiled, remembering how those sweet cheeks felt and tasted the night before. He was tempted to get his face down there and lick the man’s hole. His cock was rapidly engorging with blood. With a light touch, he ran his fingertip over the luscious anus. Dave wasn’t disturbed. Phil turned over and licked his finger while falling back asleep.

An overhead jet caused them both to jerk awake around 9:00, finding themselves staring into each other’s eyes. Dave turned away instantly, remembering how he’d found himself earlier. Phil moved away, slightly, not wishing to crowd the guy. He reached out and tickled a nipple, making Dave flinch and lift the hand away.

“It’s morning. Are you saying you don’t respect me, Dave? Can’t look me in the eye? Gotta get away from the queer?”

“No, no, it’s…” Dave turned back much too quickly… guiltily. He found Phil smiling at him, amused. “Aw, you fuckhead! Of course I do. I’m not gonna pull a macho trip til we get home. You suck cock too good to mess it up before then!”

“Don’t forget how well I suck ass!”

“Oh, I’m not about to forget THAT. You’re definitely the best asshole licker in this whole mountain range!” he chuckled. “No, it’s not that, buddy. I, um, woke up earlier with your cock in my hand. Kinda disturbed me. I wasn’t going to mention it since you didn’t wake, but I’ve been honest so far. We have to talk before this goes any further.”

“Right,” Phil instantly agreed. “Why don’t we leave our wives and kids and go off together? I’ll be the wife and you’ll be my big handsome man! How’s that sound?”


Phil burst into laughter. “What the hell you laughin’ about?”

“You, my big handsome stud! Ha Ha Ha! Listen, Dave. I love my wife. I love my kid. Maybe…maybe I even love you. But I’m pulling your leg, you jerk! This is a great thing, finding out about myself like this and doing it with you. But nothing much is gonna change. And I hope not between us. Our families are good friends, and let’s keep it that way. You wanna fuck around on the side with me, I’d fuckin’ love it! If you don’t, okay. Never again, that’s okay. Just don’t ever pretend it didn’t happen. When the four of us are together for somebody’s 50th anniversary, I still hope you’ll wink at me, remembering this camping trip. Otherwise, buddy boy, you’re a champion shit!”

“Aw, hell, listen..” He grabbed Phil’s kneecap and squeezed. “OK, you joshed me. My mind’s so fucked up I actually believed it. But you can’t be serious about our playing around onthe side. I don’t do anything, buddy! I’m not gonna put your cock in my mouth. I’m not gonna lick your balls. I’m not gonna do anything but lay back and let you do ME! Now, what’s it in for you? Maybe we oughta just be friends. I’ll wink, OK?”

“Well, you did have your hand on my cock!”


“Jeez! You just told me.”

“Oh. Yeah, guess I did,” he laughed, shaking his cobwebs loose. “That…that kinda bothered me, too. I’m not you, Phil. I don’t wanna find out any secrets about myself.”

“Hmmm. Maybe it’s not what you think, Mr. Psychologist. Let me put forth my own theory, okay? If I do say so myself, I gave you one hell of a session last night, right?” Dave got a goofy look on his face and bobbed his head in agreement. “So maybe you had this dream where you felt, uh, guilty about things being one-sided. So, to make up for it, you decided to…in your dream, of course…to jack me off in return? That agree with your clinical observations?”

“Hmm. Kind of a…a buddy jerk?”

“Yeah! Jerkin’ off a buddy! Keepin’ things a little more even.”

“Ahhh…OK…that makes sense.”

“You’ll go for that?”

“I’ll go for that,” Dave smiled.

“Good. That means we don’t have to do any heavy analyzing. We did it to me, remember, and see where that got us? Maybe best we leave you alone. I’ll be the cocksucking friend, and you’ll be the play-fair buddy, okay? Think you could handle m-a-s-t-u-r-b-a-t-i-n-g me?”

“In return for your hot blowjobs? HELL, YES! Give it here, let me practice! I’ll pound your fucking pud happily, as long as you know I’m never gonna suck your dick and you don’t expect it.”

“Shit, I’m worn out man. You only wanna practice now cause you probably woke up with a boner you want taken care of!”

“Hey, man, we got a deal! I get a boner…you suck it. You get a boner…I jack it!”

They both laughed and laid down, reaching for each other’s crotches. Suddenly, Dave bolted up in alarm. “TOMMY!” he shrieked.

“WHAT? WHAT?” Phil seemed perplexed. “W-what about him?”


“Yeah, Billy. Now we got Tommy and we got Billy. What’s your fuckin’ problem, man? You’re blowin’ my mind screamin’ like that!”

“Uh, no offense, pal, but your kid’s a fag cocksucker and he’s my son’s best friend! W-what’s gonna happen to him? What’ll Billy do?”

“Oh, calm the fuck down, willya? If…hmmm…if I’m like this…and my kid’s like this…then figure it this way: You’re like you are, and chances are Tommy’s like you are, too. Worst thing that could probably happen is Tommy gets some great blowjobs…just like his dad!”

“OH. Oh, that’s just great. I can see it now. Me and Tommy on the bed while you and Billy do us together–EVERYBODY’S NAKED!”

“Huh! Never thought about that. Hey, would you mind if we traded? I’d sure like to blow Tommy!” Phil had to move quickly to duck the punch. “Hey, hey! Just kidding! I know how it is with a kid, remember? How do you think I felt watching Billy? You think Tom’s gonna go through life without getting a blowjob? You think a horny 18-year-old is gonna get upset cause a buddy wants to go down on him? Get serious! He’ll get talked into it faster than his old man was! Stop that! You forget when you were 18? Tommy could be married by now…he could die in the army…he’s a man, Dave, not your little boy anymore. HE…CAN…TAKE…CARE…OF…HIMSELF!”

“Oh, I guess you’re right. But…what if he decides to…you know, fuck around with Billy more than I did? What if he…”

“Turns out to be a bigger cocksucker than me?”

“Y-yeah, something like that.”

Phil got a huge grin on his face. Then he met Dave’s eyes, “Okay, kidding aside. If it happens, it happens. Nothing you can do about it. Nothing I can do about it with Bill. Kid’s a little fruit and he’s damn good at it, and I still love the hell out of him. Rather than see him fucked up on drugs, messin’ with guns and violence, or becoming a damn Republican, I’d rather see him lickin’ all the Slicks in town!”

Dave reflected on what Phil had said”You’re right,” he said thoughtfully, “I’m not even gonna worry about it. I’m the fuckin’ therapist, how’d you get so smart?”

Phil sighed. “Dave. I just went through a rather emotional trauma myself…if you remember?”

“Yeah, sorry. It’s just…gettin’ weird, you know? Maybe I oughta lay back down and think about all this.”

“Good idea. You want a blowjob?”

“Uh, sure. That might relax me,” he smiled. “Leave my ass alone, though. Think I’ll build up a load of sweat today. You seem to like it better that way!”

“Does a bear shit in the woods? Hey, that’s where WE gotta do it! You think…maybe…?”

“Phil…” Dave looked at himsuspiciously. “Forget that!”

Phil shrugged. “Just wanted ta watch…jeez! Party Pooper!”

They fixed breakfast, cleaned up, then packed their gear for a hike up the side of the rugged hill. The strenuous exercise dissipated their worrisome thoughts for the time being. At least Dave’s. Phil spent their silent moments reliving his experiences. The further they went, the more his muscles began to pleasantly ache, the better he felt about himself…and his son (with some reservations…like Slick…and the park activities!). Letting Dave lead the way most of the time, he enjoyed watching the man’s tight buttocks strain as he moved up the hill. It made him wonder how he’d ever missed the sensuousness of the male anatomy all this time.

Reaching a plateau, they both gasped in exhaustion. Phil playfully patted Dave on the ass and run his finger up his crack. Dave flinched,then grinned patiently in amusement. “Horny fucker!”

“Just testin’ to see if you’re getting wet back there, baby.”

“Man, I’m gonna be so fucking raunchy after this hike, even YOU won’t be able to stand me!”

“Heh! You’re gonna smell soooo good! I’ll do it right here!”

“Well, you get all you want this weekend, Phil. But let’s wait til we get back down, okay? My poor balls need to recuperate.”

“Alright. You’ll smell even better then. It’s about 2:00. One more section, then we’d better head down.”

Several hours later they approached the camp. “I don’t fuckin’ believe it!” Phil gasped.

“What? What is it?”

“The bike. The motorcycle.”

“So? Somebody must have come by. Let’s go see.”

“You don’t understand, Dave. That’s Slick’s bike!”

“What? Slick? Nonsense, what the hell would he be doing here?”

“Let’s find out.”

They headed for the tent. Phil drew the flap back. There sat Slick and Billy. “Hi, Dad! Uh, this is my friend, Slick.”

“Hey, how they hangin’?” the punk said, not getting up. He had on a baseball cap — backwards, of course — a stained sweatshirt without sleeves-, and Levi’s. It was the first time Phil noticed the tattoo on his right upper arm. A female siren in black leather with a whip! He nodded, and looked at his son.

Billy sat there looking sheepish. He was wearing a thin t-shirt, extremely tight ass-grabbing red shorts, and his white tennies. He was obviously not in control of this expedition! “Bill? What brings you up here?”

“Uh, well, I mentioned to Slick that you and Dave were up here on your camping trip, and he suggested we come up and join you two. Is…is that alright?”


“Sure!” Dave interjected quickly to temper Phil’s resentment. “Glad you could join us. Nice to meet you, Slick.” He held out his hand, forcing the boy to acknowledge and take it. ”

Yeah, it’s a kick,” Slick muttered. Dave noticed, not surprisingly, that like most punks Slick had a handshake like a wet mackerel. All his butchness was in his ability to give orders. Dave had a sudden regret at not being queer. He’d sure show this kid a lesson! He had to admit, the boy literally oozed unbridled sex! He even got a nervous sensation at the way the kid was sizing him up. Yes, this guy could definitely intimidate a person.

Phil also came over to shake hands with him, holding perhaps a bit too long, causing a very slight sneer to creep across Slick’s mouth. “Well, too bad you boys didn’t show up sooner,” Phil gained a bit of lightness, “we just finished a long hike.”

“Oh,” Billy gushed, “Slick doesn’t like to hike…he likes to ride!”

“Uh, yes, I noticed his bike outside. That’s quite a powerful machine you’ve got,” Phil remarked.

“Yeah, it is. Suits me.”

“Yes, I imagine it does,” Phil smiled, the slightest trace of sarcasm in his voice. Dave stifled a smile.

“How long you boys staying?” Dave asked, directing it at Billy.

“Uh…til Slick’s ready to ride back, I guess,” he answered awkwardly, aware of his own subjugated position.

“Well, tent’s too small for four,” Phil said, “hope you boys brought along some sleeping bags.”

“Y-yeah,” Billy offered. “Slick brought, uh, one big one.” He bit his lip, wondering if it sounded suspiciously intimate.

“Good,” Dave said. “That should do you fine. Hey, don’t hang around here, get out and get some exercise!”

Reluctantly, Slick let himself be led out to wander around while Dave and Phil whispered their confusion and disappointment. They’d planned a hot session centering around the amount of sweat Dave had built up around his ass! Obviously pissed, Phil peeked out then blatantly reached down the back of Dave’s pants. He swiped up and down the moist ass crack and put it to his nose. “What’s that little fucker up to? Damn you smell good! I wanna rip your fuckin’ pants down right now…son or no son.”

“Hold your horses. Maybe your son wouldn’t mind, but the kid across the street could make trouble,” Dave advised.

“He’s obviously got Billy wrapped around his dirty finger. Why’d he bring him out here?”

Dave shrugged. “Maybe he wants to fuck around in the great outdoors. Gotta admit, it’s rather invigorating.”

“Gawd! I just got a horrible thought,” Phil cried. “What if…what if that punk somehow knew I was back in the truck watching them?!”

“Whew! Only you could tell that, Phil. You think it’s possible?”

“No, I…I really don’t think so. But, if he did, he’s here to rub it in my face!”

“Well,” Dave teased, “at least you like havin’ it rubbed in your face! As I remember, you even wanted him to rub it in your face!”

“Sssh! They might hear. Wonder what the hell they’re doing.” Instead of looking out the front flap, Phil peeked through a small tear in the side of the tent. “He’s gropin’ him, Dave. Got his hand in his crotch and he’s feelin’ him up. Punk’s standing there like he deserves it!”

“Phil, admit it. Billy thinks he deserves it, or he wouldn’t do it.”

“Not true. That shithole’s blackmailing him. I told you he threatened him with telling me about the park.”

“Wow, you got a decision to make. If you think Billy’s being coerced into servicing Slick, then you gotta tell him…maybe everything!”

“E-everything?!! About us, too?”

“Well…he’ll understand.Then he’ll be able to tell Slick to fuck off…if he wants.”

“Whadda you mean, ‘if he wants’? Of course he does!”

“Don’t be so sure. You two are pretty close. Maybe he thinks you’d understand…maybe HE knew you were there!…maybe he’s letting Slick think he’s in control. Kid’s a fuckin’ sex bomb , to a gay guy, hunh?”

“Say, that gives me an idea. Obviously, some time on this trip he’s gonna have Billy blowing him, right? Suppose we catch them? I play the irate father, and threaten the kid.”

“Forget it, Phil, Billy’s over 18. Slick’s the one underage.”

“Aw, that doesn’t matter. Not if I was so pissed off I was ready to kill him! Turn the tables on him. Make him…”

“Suck your dick?” Dave suggested, grinning.

“Yeah! And…and…”

“Face it, man. I think you’re a little envious of Billy. You want Slick yourself, don’t you? You’d even grovel if the punk said so.”

“I…I guess you’re right, I don’t know what to do, now.”

“Just like you said.”

“Hunh? Whadda you mean?”

“Turn things around. How would Billy react if he caught you?”

“GAWD! Hmmm. I don’t know. What would that solve?”

“Maybe if Slick caught you doing me he’d…”

“Forget that. My wife, you idiot! No, it’s gotta be the other way around. I hafta catch him forcing Billy.”

“OK, let’s try it,” Dave said. They both went out and Phil casually suggested the nearby creek if they wanted to get wet and cool off.

“Hey, great idea!” Slick brightened for the first time. “Let’s go, Billy, we can skinny dip out here. I love to be naked in the woods! Uh,” he hesistated, “you guys gonna join us?”

“No,” Phil assured them. “We’re really beat. You guys go on ahead and have some fun. Our feet are killing us. I couldn’t walk a foot.”

Peeking over the ledge, Phil whispered, “Well, there’s Billy all naked laid out on a big rock, but where’s Slick? Why don’t you slip down that gully, Dave, and see if you can find where he is?”

“Alright, but don’t go bustin’ in there til I get back.” Absentmindedly, Phil played with his crotch as he gazed at his son’s sprawled nakedness. He had to admit, Billy was a pip! Without meaning to, his thoughts turned to the park. Dark, shadowy figures moving in the moonlight…closer and closer to the naked boy on his knees as cock after stiff cock was placed to the boy’s eager lips, ready to burst big hefty loads of cum down his insatiable throat! He sighed at the tap to his shoulder.

“Did you decide to join us after all?” Slick grinned, noticing instantly the big boner in Phil’s pants as he stumbled to arise. As if the sudden intrusion hadn’t flustered him enough, Slick stood there bare assed, his fat cock hanging down lusciously!

“Uh…uh…h-how’s the water?” Phil stammered.

“Don’t know. I didn’t go in. Billy did, he’s drying off now. But then, you can see that, can’t you?”

“Y-yeah, I saw him down there…You, uh, didn’t feel in the mood? I thought you, uh, said you enjoyed swimming n-nude.”

“Um, not exactly. What I said was I enjoyed being naked in the woods. You enjoy being naked in the woods? See, I don’t like to get wet too much. Kinda like the way my body smells, you know? I like smellin’ myself…so do other people. Here, see what I mean.” He approached Phil and practically stuck his armpit in his face! “Nice, hunh?”

“Ugh, wha…well, sure, I guess it’s okay if you like it like that, but…you DO bathe once in a while, don’t you?”

“Of course, you don’t think I’m a filthy guy, do you? But you gotta admit, it’s nice leaving yourself smell a bit. Don’t you like smellin’ your pits sometimes? Mine are great!” He stuck his arm up and sniffed his own armpit. “Kind of a shame to wash that all away, don’t you think? Try it again, see what I mean.”

“Uh, I see what you mean, Slick…believe me!”

“You like it?”

“Hunh? What? Your stinky armpits?”

“No, man, my big cock! You haven’t taken your eyes off of it. You like it?”

“It’s…it’s a fine one, Slick. Maybe we should get back.”

Slick held up his hand, stopping Phil in his tracks. “You mean that? You really want to go back? My balls smells great, too. You wanna try them? Don’t I have huge nuts? Go ahead, nobody’s around. Get down an smell ’em if you want!”

“SLICK! What the hell are you suggesting?!!” Phil cried.

“Gosh, Mr. Williams, I’m not suggesting anything. I’m just saying that if you wanna get down and smell my sweaty balls, it’s alright with me. You can play with my cock too, if you want. I think you want, cause you’re still lookin’ at it! Come on, let’s go back in the bushes. I’ll let ya cocksuck me, an’ lick me anywhere you want. You like suckin’ ass? I smell fantastic back there today!” He grabbed Phil’s astonished hand. “Let’s go. I’ll let ya suck my ass, and give you a hot load. Billy got the morning one, but I always come more in the afternoon!”

Meanwhile, Dave approached therock. “Billy? Has your dad been down here?”

“Hunh? No, Dave,” he blushed at being naked, “I…I don’t even know where Slick went.”

“Hmmm, he was up there, but he’s not anymore. I thought maybe he came down, uh, to join you guys.”

“Nope. But I’m ready to go back. Let me slip on my shorts and I’ll help you find him.”

Billy looked around for his shorts, but Slick had made off with them. Pushing aside the brush and brambles, Billy gasped, looking into the hidden clearing. “S-Slick! DAD? What the….aw, what the fuck’s goin’ on? You mutherfucker! You got something on my dad, too?” He was totally flustered. Dave was openmouthed himself, staring at the lewd performance.

Billy turned. “DAVE?” Dave spread his hands apart, just as confused…kinda.

“Quit your yappin’!” Slick cried, onhis haunches, sitting on Phil’s face, sliding his grimy asscrack across the man’s lips! “Your old man’s givin’ me one hell of a rim job! Why didn’t you tell me he sucks ass like this?! Beats my old man all to hell!”

“SLIIIICK!” Billy cried, horrified, disgusted, betrayed, entranced. He was much too astonished to care now about his own nudity. Shocked, he put his hands to his temples and let out tiny shrieks.

“Yeah, yeah, so you’re upset I’m feedin’ your old man my asshole. I know you were looking forward to all the stink I’ve got on it. Listen, why don’t you just blow that guy? He’s got a hefty pecker in his pants. He ain’t upset – see the boner he’s getting? Go ahead, blow him! I’ll let you, this time. Just don’t forget your mouth and ass are mine!”

Billy looked at Dave. He looked down at his crotch, instinctively obeying Slick. Then he looked back up to Dave’s face, tears forming in his eyes. Dave didn’t know what to do, so he spilled the beans, trying to keep one eye on the action. “You want it in a nutshell, Billy?” Stunned, Billy nodded.

“OK. Billy, your dad was in the back of the truck when Slick came in and made you blow and lick and rim him. He couldn’t stand up for you because of what he heard about you in the park blowin’ guys, and besides that he wanted to see what you’d do with Slick and if Slick got nasty he would have come out and pounded the guy but you licked and sucked him and stuck your tongue up his asshole and your dad got so turned on he was confused and wondered what it’d be like to lick and suck Slick himself and we were gonna catch him making you blow him today and we were gonna…hell, I don’t know what we were gonna do!” He took a deep breath, then continued. “I think he was gonna make Slick be the dog and blow him, and probably me, cause you see your dad told me all about seeing you blowin’ Slick and rimmin’ his asshole and said it made him wonder if maybe the reason he didn’t come out and protect you was because maybe he was gettin’ to be gay himself and to find out he said he wanted to try blowin’ me so I let him and he sucked on my asshole all night besides blowing me twice and again in the morning and when you guys showed up we saw you playing with his cock from the tent and he put his hand down my pants so he could sniff his finger cause I got all sweaty back there while we were hiking and he wanted to rim me up on the hill but I said….OH FUCK IT! YOU WANNA BLOW ME, BILLY?”

The boy stood there, naked and astounded. “All…all that happened?”

“See, kid,” Slick grinned. “It runs in the family! Guy’s got a big cock, and you like big cocks in your mouth. TAKE HIS FUCKIN’ PANTS DOWN! I WANNA SEE YOU SUCK SOME HOT PRICK! DO IT, ASSBOY, OR I WON’T LET YA LICK MY HOLE ANY MORE!”

Dave looked down at him. “You like lickin’ his hole and blowing him off? You like the way he smells and makes you lick his dirty balls?” Billy nodded, casually reaching for his springy boner. “Then maybe you’d better do what your man says. You dig his action so go with it. I’m not making judgements, Billy, but any boy that sucks cock in the park likes to be ordered around. Pull my pants down and blow me, kid. Suck the same cock your dad did. Me an’ Slick are straight. You and your dad are horny cocksuckers. Since your dad’s servicing Slick, it’s up to you to service me. Course I ain’t a stinkhole like
Slick…I’ll jack you off like I jack off your dad. Slick’s too stupid to know how to do that for a suck-buddy!”

“Oh yeah? I just pay a guy back a better way, that’s all!” Slick returned. “I pay a guy back by fuckin’ him up the ass. Give ‘im a real treat, hunh, Billy!”

“He fucks you up the ass?” Dave asked.

Billy was already licking on Dave’s knob, slurping his tongue all over it. He looked up and nodded. “Wow, I’d sure like to fuck your little butt. Can I fuck your little butt, Billy?”

“Hey, that’s my property, mister,” Slick warned. “Come on, man, get that tongue deeper up my shithole! Your boy’s here takin’ lessons! And your boyfriend’s tryin’ to put the make on his ass! HA! Lick those balls, kid. Give ‘im your special treatment: cock balls andasshole!”

Dave was still watching the hunky punk grinding his asshole over Phil’s face. He stared at Phil’s raging cock sticking out from his pants. Slick had unzipped him, and even pulled it out. He wouldn’t grab it, but he was laughing and viciously slapping it around. That only made it get harder! Billy took a glance at his dad’s cock, then turned away, embarrassed. But it had an effect on Billy. He started going crazy on Dave’s crotch, finally twisting his head around and under his legs to bury his tongue up Dave’s rectum! It was almost an automatic instinct. Billy went lower as Dave pushed his asshole to Billy’s mouth. Soon, they were in much the same position as the other two. Father and son eagering licking out the buttholes of two straight guys. Dave even tried reaching down and slapping Billy’s cock, but when the boy flinched in pain, he took it his hand and stroked it up and down.

“You’re a pussy, fella!” Slick guffawed. “Gotta treat the fags a little rough or they won’t give their best. Go ahead and queer his dick if you wanna. Hell, put it in your mouth. But you go sniffin’ round his ass, it better be with your nose, cause that booty’s mine!” He ground his asshole down harder onto Phil’s mouth. “How ’bout that, shitlick? Plug that sweet little pussy of Billy’s all the time, now. Bet you’d like to lick my prick after I pull it out, wouldn’t ya? Yeah, suck yourown boy’s assjuice! Oooh, I see that made your dick twitch!” He looked at Dave. “Maybe I’ll let ya use his ass. But first I gotta see ya lick it. Then you gotta suck my prick. You’re straight, hunh? We’ll see about that!”

Dave glared at him…while enjoying himself. “I am straight, you slimy punkboy! We might be doing the same thing right now …but you’re just as queer as they are. Who do you think you’re fooling? Not me. You wanna get your mouth down on that cock so bad you can’t stand it. You probably go around beatin’ up on fags without knowing it’s because you really wanna suck em!”

“Cram your analysis, Mr. Psyche. I don’t see you going down!”

“You don’t see me fucking my daddy’s mouth, either! How come you’re sitting over there? How come you’re not here on Billy? You’d rather do it to Billy’s dad, cause you wanna slap your own daddy’s dick. You wanna blow your dad, fella. Face it. So blow Billy’s dad instead.”

“Alright, smartass,” he slapped Phil’s prick hard. “I’ll go down on this prick after I see you deep-throat Billy!”

Dave shut up. But getting the best of the punk was more important. “Okay, I’ll do it. I’m not such a chickenshit as you are!” He went down on Billy’s cock, taking it to the balls and surprising himself.



“Nobody calls me chickenshit, you turd!” He scooted his butt off Phil’s face and bent down to grab the prick full force. Taking a quick glance at Dave, he gritted his teeth and went down, mouth-open. A contest, of sorts, was taking place and the raw-lipped ass-suckers had a reprieve while the two ‘straight’ guys tried to outdo each other! Billy was never one to hold his gun. Nobody’d ever blown him before, and having his dad’s hunky buddy sucking his dick while Slick watched was entirely too much for him. He spurted. He spurted again. Hell, he spurted seven full blasts into Dave’s mouth, and Dave–not wanting to admit a defeat of any kind, swallowed the boy’s thick cum down his virgin throat. As determined as he was, it still dripped from the corners of his mouth. But he rose up with a smirk on his wet face. Slick was looking from the corner of his eye, and really went to work on Phil’s throbbing cock.

Phil loved the taste of the punk’s dirty asscrack. It was even better than he’d dreamed of. Now, it was great! Great, because he was staring at the wide, gaping hole he’d wormed loose with his fluttering tongue while the punk sucked his prick. No boyish spurts for him, Phil flooded the kid’s mouth with hot steams of mansperm that nearly had Slick choking! But the punk was a game boy, more than ever determined to show up his competition. It was on the last gulp that slithered down his throat, that Slick wondered if he’d been taken in. He’d never sucked a guy’s prick before – especially in front of one of his suckboys. – especially doing it to his suckboy’s FATHER! Wet lipped, he slowly lifted his head.

Dave and Billy were sitting up, looking at him, smiling. “Whatda you think, fella?” Dave asked. “Just had my first taste of a guy’s jizz. Not too shabby, I’d say. How about you?”

“Goddammit!” he shouted, laying off to the side. “Now I gotta go find somebody else…SHIT! And I fuckin’ liked you, Billy,” he muttered.

Phil leaned up on his elbows, exhausted and satisfied, wondering what Slick’s commotion was all about. “What’s your problem, kid?” Dave asked. “You liked that.”

“Y-yeah, I know,” he admitted, disgusted with himself. “That’s why I hafta….fuck it, let me outta here!” He jumped up, pointing to Billy. “Go home with your old man, shitlick! I’m leaving!” He hurried away.

“SLICK!!!” Billy called to him. “What’s wrong?”

“Forget it. I can’t tell ya, kid, you live across the fuckin’ street! Just don’t bug me any more, OK?”

“He’s in love with you, Billy,” Dave remarked, loud enough.

Slick spun around, angry, pointing a finger at Dave. “NO! NO, YOU ASSHOLE, I’M NOT! THAT…IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!” Then he calmed a bit. “That’s not it. I ain’t in fuckin’ love with no guy. I just dig his fuckin’ body. You’re the best little cocksuckin’ butt-licker I ever ran across, Billyboy, and you’re a horny piece of ass. But I do wanna suck your joint, man, and I can’t handle that. I don’t suck guys’ joints! They suck me! You get me turned on so I go down and do it. I ain’t got no power any more–you see? I can’t be a cocksucker and make a guy do what I want! SHIT! SHIT IT ALL TO HELL! YOU FUCKERS FUCKED ME ALL FUCKED UP!”

Billy rushed up to him, dropping to his knees and grabbing him around the ass. “Slick? Slick? I don’t care how many times you do it to me – suck me – you can always tell me what to do! I’m yours! I…I HATE licking your dirty hole.! Honest! And your slimy prick always smells like crud, and your balls, too! I hate it when you make me lick all over your smelly balls…like you been fuckin’ goats or something. But when you say i, I gotta do it, you know?”

Slick stared down at the begging, submissive boy. Something was tearing up inside him, and he didn’t know what it was. “Yeah?”

“Yeah!” Billy groveled, to Phil and Dave’s silent amazement. “Just…just don’t ever, ever try to make me lick your stinky feet! Your asshole stinks like the dickins, but I’ll do it for ya. I like you to fuck me – you know that – even when it hurts. And you can suck me if you want, cause you’re the boss and you can do whatever you want, see? Just don’t ever make me do something that dirty, okay?”

Slick gasped at Billy’s words. Something he hadn’t considered. Something else he hadn’t considered, too. The ‘boss’ thing. Phil and Dave just observed, silent;y understanding what was taking place between the two teenagers. “Hey, you got something there, you little turd! I AM the boss over you. You’re just a cocksucking little blowboy made for my pleasure, aren’t you?” Billy nodded. “I can suck your little prick all the fuck I want to. I can make you blow jizz down my throat all day long, hunh? Yeah, I’m the boss. Shit, I could even make you fuck my butthole, if I wanted to, that is, WHICH I DON’T!” He leaned down and shouted into Billy’s wide-eyed face. “I COULD EVEN MAKE YOU LICK MY TURD WHILE I TAKE A BIG FUCKIN’ SHIT IN YOUR FACE, COULDN’T I?!!”

“Y-yes, S-Slick, you could. You could make me do that, you’re the boss! Want me to do it now?”

“Naw, don’t hafta go right now. But…” He reached down and ripped off his tennis shoe and smelly sweat sock. He grabbed Billy behind the neck. Billy looked up, all innocence and purity. The little fucker knew exactly what he was doing! Dave watched his performance in awe. He could learn things about psychology from Billy! Slick lifted his stinky foot to his crotch. “Next to my …what’d you say? They stink like I been fuckin’ goats? Well, smell ’em both, Billy. You like my goatstink, let’s see how you like my dirty toes! Yeah, push your face right into ’em. Damn, ain’t that hot stuff? Smell my toes. Stick your tongue out and lick ’em all over, in between so you can eat the little bits of grunge! That’s it, you little turd, clean my foot! Yeah, that tickles. Think I just might keep you, you dirty little fag! Might get you to come over and suck off my old man, too! Wanna suck my daddy’s asshole, sweetheart?”

Phil was ready to pounce, but Dave held him back when Billy nodded in agreement. “I’ll suck anybody you want, Slick. Anybody at all!”

“Good boy. OK, you got me almost convinced. One last thing, and our deal’s sealed. Alright, baby?”

“Uh, sure, Slick. What is it? I’m ready.”

“We’ll see. Do this last thing and I’ll never doubt you again. Yeah. Yeah. Do this and I will let you fuck me in the asshole…once in a great while, of course. And you hafta suck your own cum out after.”

Billy bobbed his head in agreement, wondering what was next. So far, he had his sex god by the balls! Somehow he knew that Slick would be down between his legs nearly as much as himself.
The ‘boss’ trip would allow him to do anything at all. And Slick was such a nasty-thinking guy, he’d naturally want to do some of those things himself!

Billy went back to sniffing and licking Slick’s dirty toes . Billy thought they were incredible. He’d never even thought about doing such a thing before, but Slick smelled so good everywhere else, why wouldn’t his feet? It was a totally different kind of smell, but Billy dug it. Slick looked over at Phil. “You ain’t sayin’ much, Billy’s Daddy. You wanna get two cents worth in here, or are you still smellin’ your upper lip? Maybe you’d like me to be your boss, too, hunh?”

Phil gasped. His dick stirred at the suggestion. “I just want Billy to be happy. He wants to be your slave, that’s alright with me. I guess I understand that. You’re hard to resist, I’ll admit. You fuck up my kid and I’ll bite off your cock and balls and eat them. Other than that, don’t do it front of his mother, alright?”

Slick grinned ear to ear. “That’s a deal! You got nice cum, and you suck an ass like a champ. Maybe Billy wouldn’t mind. – I mean, maybe we’ll get together when I’m in the mood. Let’s see if you’re willing to help Billy pass his last test.” He grabbed Billy by the ears, playfully. “Go suck your dad’s asshole!” he ordered.

“HUH?!!” Everybody gasped at that.

“Yeah. Suck his hole. Get it nice and wet, cuzI’m gonna FUCK HIM! After I FUCK HIM, you’re gonna lick my prick! And to show you I’m a good master, maybe I’ll blow ya afterwards. If I want to.”

Slick looked at Billy’s dad. Dave looked at Billy’s dad. Billy looked at his dad. His dad looked at Billy. “I’d do anything for you, son. This is your decision, and I’ll go along with it. He’s sexy, but he’s a creep. You want this creep running your life, then eat out my asshole, I guess. But please, oh please, do it to me as good as I’ve seen you do it to him. I’ve never had more than a finger up there…” he glanced at Dave, “…so far. So make it easy on me if you can. Creep’s gotta big cock! You know what I’m gonna be like. Guess that don’t matter, though. If you crave that dirty pit of his – and we both know what that’s like – fuckin’ luscious, I admit – then mine won’t even matter. I love your mother, Billy, but I’m just as queer as you are. We’re just two dirty guys, I guess. Who else would shove their tongue up his raunchy shithole? So? What’s a little incest in the bargain? Slick knows all about that, doesn’t he?”

“Hey! Leave my cocksuckin’ old man outta this! He couldn’t help it. After all, I was a hot little stud even back then. Saw my prick and just had to lick it! No surprise he’s still doing it now that it’s gotten bigger. Fuck it, get over there. Let’s see some asslicking!”

Billy went over to Phil. They stared at each other, passing some communication between themselves. Phil lifted his legs and Billy got down and looked at his hole. Slick got down and looked at his hole, too. He could smell everything that Billy could smell. Normally, Slick would never have gotten that close to a guy’s shithole, but now…well, HE WAS THE BOSS AND HE COULD DO WHATEVER THE FUCK HE WANTED! HELL, HE COULD LICK IT HIMSELF IF HE WANTED TO!

Slick shook his head, trying to toss off the disturbing cobwebs. “Diggin’ that, baby? Smellin’ Daddy’s poophole? Just another poophole, kid. You love smellin’ and lickin’ poopholes. One of these days you gotta tell your old man about how you carried on at the park. Whooie! What a tale that’ll be! Diggin’ that hot smell, baby? Lick it up! Lick it, lick it, lick it! Daddy got any shit on his hole, lick it right offa there! Stick your tongue in. Remember, I’m gonna FUCK HIM!”

Billy ate out his dad’s asshole. Billy knew how big Slick’s cock was. Billy knew what it felt like having that big rammer jammed up his virgin butthole. His dad had a virgin butthole. Billy loved his dad. Billy sucked his dad’s anus like fury, so it wouldn’t hurt so much. And…well, Billy was a natural asshole sucker. He couldn’t help it if he liked his dad’s hole as much as any asshole he’d ever sucked on. Billy’d never sucked an asshole he didn’t like. He didn’t think he’d like Slick’s dirty bunghole when he’d first smelled it. That’s why he lied to him about never having done it before. Billy should have known better. He’d smelled so many buttholes before that, and never turned one down. But Slick’s was SO smelly, SO raunchy, even he wasn’t sure he’d be able to do it. But after that first sniff Billy was hooked.

Billy wormed his tongue up Phil’s rectum, getting it loosened up. Phil was helping. Phil was trying to fight it, but Phil was getting his first rim job, and he didn’t much give a shit at that moment that it was his own son giving it to him! A tongue up the butt is a tongue up the butt! Especially one as experienced as Billy’s. Phil wanted to cry out, “EAT OUT MY FUCKIN’ ASSHOLE, SON!” But he held back, and pulled his legs back to his chest, pushing his butt out as Billy licked him there. But good intentions sometimes go awry. “AW, BILLY, EAT OUT MY FUCKIN’ ASSHOLE! YOU’RE SO FUCKIN’ QUEER YOU MADE YOUR DAD QUEER! LICK ME!”

Dave sat back, shaking his head. The trio performing in front of him was something he’d never imagined. A group from a dirty story, maybe, but certainly not in real life. Yet, here they were. And two of the participants had sucked on his asshole, one had blown him, he’d jacked one off, and sucked off the other one! He had a huge boner at the moment, and wondered desperately if his own descent into this mind boggling lust was imminent. Probably not, but he sure liked Billy’s cream! Oh, well, aren’t all teenagers supposed to be delectable? Then he remembered. He got cheated! How could he forget? He’d sucked …oh, that’s right. It was Slick’s cock he had to suck to fuck Billy.

Slick pushed Billy away, ready to plug his dad. “Hey, hold on a minute,” Dave complained, getting next to them. “I don’t wanna sit back watching, I wanna fuck too! You said I could fuck Billy if I licked your prick. So lemme lick it already!”

Billy looked up at Dave and blushed! Billy–who’d just pulled his tongue out of his father’s asshole–blushed at the man’s desire to screw his cock into his horny ass. Go figure!

“Huh? Oh, right. OK. Quick, I wanna fuck! Mmmm, yeah. Stick this chunk in your mouth, straight man. That’s it, lick that fuckin’ pecker! Man, if you’re not a natural cocksucker, you sure wanna climb up that boy’s ass bad enough! Alright, move aside. I’m gonna fuck his dad. Let him screw you, Billy, but stay close. Remember, you gotta lick my prick clean after I pull it out of your dad’s stinky twat!”

With one urgent thrust, Slick shoved deeply into Phil’s virgin hole! Phil gasped, then felt the pain, then felt the heat of the boy as he forced his legs back and nearly came down onto him. He could smell the kid’s hot, sultry breath, and he felt desperately that he wanted to kiss him!  The pain turned into a magnificent feeling of having his whole being stuffed with a huge, hot-blooded, throbbing hunk of living beef! Maybe just because it was Phil’s first time, maybe not. But the way Slick had reached his hands under and used them to spread his asshole apart even more, the way he was grinding his prick up his rectum in slow, rhythmic movements, or the way Slick had begun to elicit soft, sensuously lewd little grunts and groans that could only be interpreted as sexual  – they all combined to turn Phil into a virgin fuck maniac! He instantly acknowledged Slick to be a master-fucker! Okay, so the kid was probably acting on instinct alone. But that instinct definitely made his outward sex appeal genuine. The kid was a definite fuck machine, and Phil totally understood Billy at that moment. Somehow Billy knew that never again in his lifetime would he ever come across a person that could push his magic button with such expertise!

“Better let me lick it, Dave,” Billy suggested, none too reluctant. “I’m still kinda tight and it always hurts at first.”

“Um, gee, Billy,” Dave was at that worrisome point, “Let me just spit on it. I’ll come in your mouth if you even lick it. That’s how hot I am.”

“Well, push some spit up my hole, then, Dave. I need something.”

Dave was going nuts. All the pussy in all the towns in all the…hell, even his wife. He’d never been so anxious to fuck a hole as he was now, rubbing his finger over Billy’s pliant ass, and pushing a bit inside as the boy clipped it tightly.

The other two were quite busy. Slick was grunting, Phil was actually cooing, Dave thought. What the hell. He leaned across Billy’s back and softly whispered into his ear. “I’ll do it, but please don’t ever tell anyone!” Billy didn’t even know what he meant, until he felt the man’s tongue licking his asshole! It greatly excited Billy, knowing the man was down there pushing his tongue up his hole because he wanted to fuck him so badly. He already had a full boner from licking his dad’s ass, but now it began to throb and bounce around as Dave rimmed him. It all made his anus relax and spread apart. Dave noticed this, but kept on licking…probably just to make sure. Besides, Dave thought philosophically, Billy’d sure rimmed the hell out of him, hadn’t he? Dave sucked and licked at the boy’s ass, unaccountably finding the perversion extremely erotic and incredibly fascinating.

After one last deep stab up the teenager’s fetid back door, he knelt up quickly, suddenly afraid that just rimming the boy was going to make his cock pop. He took a deep breath and tried to settle down, and just kinda smeared his fat knob over the precious, wet anus. But he’d done the dirty deed, and it’d made Billy ravenous. The kid suddenly jammed his ass back, taking every scrap of Dave’s long cock fully up his rectum! It was all Dave could do to keep from coming. He’d always had good control, and he used every bit of it at that moment. He luxuriated in the warmth of Billy’s pulsating anal sheath, deciding that most guys didn’t fuck boys because it would be over much too soon. A sloppy pussy let a guy carry on for a while, but a boy’s tight bunghole was simply too delicious to withstand. And besides that, he mused wickedly, they fuckin’ taste good! Maybe he liked women better, he thought, but the next time he fucked he was gonna lick her ass instead of her twat!

“Gotta…fuckin’ hole…as tight as your kid’s!” Slick muttered. “Yeah, slam that ass up to me, baby! Jeez, you’re a great fuck!” Phil moaned deliciously. “Love my big horsecock up your ass, doncha?”

“Aw, shit, fuck me once in a while, willya Slick?” Phil pleaded.

“Unnhhmmm. Bang the boy, bang the daddy! Why not? By the sounds Billy’s making, I’d say he’d like other straight boys’ cocks up his chute on occasion, too. Yeah, four of us can get together. I wanna see you fuck your kid. I’ll fuck straight guy and Billy can lick my prick from his hole. Then we’ll all switch around. Billy can fuck you. Dave, well, maybe he can fuck me. Whatever…we’ll do it all! Now toss that can up to me, man, I’m ready to start some REAL FUCKING!”

There was some REAL FUCKING going on. As seemed to be the case on this particular day, again father and son were the objects of desire. They’d rimmed together, got sucked off together, now they were being fucked together. Billy was breathing loudly and rapidly as he fairly pistoned his ass back, actually doing the fucking…fucking himself on Dave’s fevered cock. Dave held still, building up to an incredible intensity that was soon to blow his cockhead apart! Phil was completely lost in this unknown ecstasy. He ran his hands up and down Slick’s sweaty back, feeling his tight muscles, and even held his face and ran his finger through his luxurious hair. He dug his heels into Slick’s wet, smooth buttocks, urging the bastard to rip his asshole apart with his huge prick! When Slick exploded, Phil also splattered Slick’s belly with bolts of hot jizz, and tried to reach his face up to kiss the guy’s lips. Slick was shooting tremendously, and had his eyes closed. But at the first foreign contact with Phil’s lips, he merely tossed his head back and continued to drive into him. He wasn’t upset, he was even amused. He knew that it meant he was driving the man wild and giving him the BEST FUCK OF HIS LIFE! Hell, of course he wanted to kiss him. Who wouldn’t? Slick was a fuck god. They all tried to kiss him!

Billy didn’t have to touch his cock. Rivers of sperm flowed from his cockhole as Dave battered his prostate and flooded his rectum! He stretched his face forward, kissing Slick’s butt- cheeks now that he’d slowed his frantic fucking movements. Smiling, Slick looked to his side and rustled Billy’s hair. “Open your mouth, baby, Daddy’s ass is coming in!” He spread Phil’s gaping hole apart, hoping to keep as much grime on his cock as possible to put into Billy’s mouth. He slipped it out. It wasn’t shitty…oh, a few streaks here and there…but it was wet and sticky and thoroughly coated with Slick’s tangy sperm. He twisted his hips and presented the still-hard reeking cock to his slave’s mouth. Billy still had Dave’s prick up his ass. He reached back to keep the man from pulling out. Then he played doggie, like the little teaseboy he was. Slick smiled.

Billy sniffed all around the cock, making it obvious that he liked what he smelled. Did he remember where it came from? Had he done this before? The only thing for sure was that the boy was going to gobble that dirty pecker, and it was only a matter of seconds before he stopped teasing them both. Many seconds, as it turned out. They both enjoyed the game – even Phil and Dave were intrigued. Billy sniffed the cock this side and that, on top and underneath, before he began to slowly lick off the remnants of his daddy’s virgin fuck! He made no bones about the fact that he was loving it. He commented on the smell, the taste, declaring both to be utterlyfantastic and something he could well enjoy licking forever!

Billy was a suckboy. Billy was a suckassboy. Billy licked dirty toes and ate out his daddy’s shithole. Billy’d drink anybody’s cum that Slick told him to, and now Billy was going to drink Slick’s piss! It wasn’t planned. After Billy’d cleaned the cock real good, Slick said he had to go take a piss. “No, no. Do it here, do it my mouth! But only if you want to, Slick. I don’t want it, but if you hafta go, why not use me?”

“Sure, why not? Get you prepared for bigger things I have in mind!”

Billygulped. “Y-you mean…?”

“Sure, why not? You wouldn’t mind doing that for me, would you, baby? It’s something I’d like to see. You’ll do it if I tell ya to, right?”

Billy got a little gleam in his eye for a second that only Dave caught. “That’s really filthy and disgusting, Slick. I can’t believe you wanna use my mouth just like a toilet!!”

“What’s the big deal? You want my piss, don’t you?”

“Of course not, but you know you can piss on me, or piss in me, any time you want. You’re my master, Slick. And, if you really need to do that – that other dirty thing – don’t expect me to enjoy it!”

“Since when did I ever worry about you enjoying it? Here, there’s still a little bit of slop on my balls. Clean it off!”

“Are you…going to…?” Dave directed this to Slick.

“Mmm, maybe. Probably. Yeah, sure. When I’m good and ready. I ain’t gonna let him urge me on til I’m ready. Always wanted to take a shit in some guy’s mouth. Gotta get a video camera first.”

“You’re sick!” Phil cried.

“Maybe. What’s it to you, buttbreath?” he asked, casually. Slick was totally immune to insults. He’d simply pass them right back.

“But you can’t do that to my son, Slick. Have some compassion! Are you really such an uncaring filthdog?”

“You know, Mr Daddy, you really oughta think that one over. Now I’m not making any kind of suggestion or accusation, but try to remember back about an hour when you were literally suctioning the very being from my warm, open, carelessly- wrinkled anus. If a little tube of doodoo had come down the pike at that moment, do you seriously expect us to believe that you would have pulled your hungry mouth away? We think not. And eventually I’m going to prove that this sexy stud here – the one that caters to my every wish – would just as soon suck my turd as you would! I might even give you the chance later on.”

“Billy?” Phil tried one last, desperate attempt at sanity.

“Dad?” Billy stared right back. “He’s right. If Slick wants me to lick his turd, I’m gonna do it. If Slick had taken a shit while you were eating out his ass, you would’ve licked it! Right?”

“Damn!” He lowered his head. “This is outrageous!” He lifted his head back up and looked around at everyone. “Yep! I’d have licked that fucker sure as I’m sitting here. I can’t explain it, but I wanna get the hell back to the tent before you decide to do it!”

“Hold on, buttdrip. Sure you don’t want some of this?” He was flopping his dick over Billy’s distended
lip. “Kid’s thirsty for some of my hot piss. You must be parched too, huh? Oh, looky. There’s a little bit of your shit clogging my hole. It’s gonna shoot right into Billy’s mouth as soon as I let loose. Which is just about now!”

A powerful blast of steamy urine filled Billy’s mouth. The boy gulped over and over, but still it ran down his chin. Slick pinched his dick and looked over at Phil. “Last chance!”

Phil shrugged. “Oh, hell. Gimme a taste!” He knelt down and let Slick put his cock in his mouth.

“Yeah, watch this, Billy. Daddy’s gonna drink my piss, too!” He released it, sending a salty torrent down his throat. Dave saw that same look in Phil’s eyes as he’d seen in Billy’s. Phil swallowed it, and the one after, then moved his head away. Slick quickly turned aside and squirted the last of it over Billy’s face! He shook the last drops off. “Okay, kid. Go jump in the lake. You smell like a urinal!”

Phil and Dave went back to camp to fix a meal. “You haven’t said much, Phil.”

“Guess I’m rather embarrassed.” He stoked the fire.

“What the hell for?”

“The way I acted…what else?”

“Aw, listen. You just got caught up in Billy’s program. Sympathy.”

Phil stared at him with a forlorn look. “You don’t believe that for a second. Not after what I did…and admitted I’d do!”

“So you drank a little piss. I’m sure you didn’t mean that other.”

“You know I did. I said it after I’d come, didn’t I? I don’t know what it is…he’s just so…”


“Definitely that!”

“A filthy-minded prick that oozes sex and makes you want to obey?”

“That’s it. You see it too?”

“Of course I can see it. Hell, he got me to suck down a load and lick Billy’s ass, didn’t he?”

“I didn’t know you did that!”

“Yeah, got me so turned on to fuck his butt, I rimmed it first!” Dave laughed self-consciously. “You know, actually I kinda envy the punk. It’d be neat to have that kind of power over guys. Just order a guy to suck your prick and eat your ass , regardless of what dirty condition they’re in. Damn, that’s power! If I’d had that power when I was young I probably would have turned queer myself. You and Billy are just susceptible to that, I guess. You dig being dominated sexually, and he’s just the guy that can put you in line.”

Phil grinned, smacking his lips. “Well, it wouldn’t be right to continue with him after I get home. But…” he reached over and groped Dave’s crotch, “we can play slave and master til then if you want!”

“Anything? I might turn just as dirty as Slick. After all, you’d already suggested watching me, uh, take a dump.”

“You remember that, huh? I thought I was kidding at the time, but now I’m not so sure. Hey, here they come.”

The four of them sat around the campfire eating and talking. The talk was strained at first. Slick actually being the quietest. Billy catered to him, fixing his plate and cuddling next to him. The punk took it as his due. “I’ve met your dad,” Phil said, catching Slick’s jerk of the head. “He seemed like a…or is he still off limits for discussion?”

“Naw, guess it don’t matter. He’s alright for a cocksucker.”

“What about your mother? I think I’ve seen her a couple of times.”

“Dead. That’s his girlfriend you probably saw.”

“Oh, so your dad is straight then?”

“He fucks cunt, if that’s what you mean. He also blows me if I wave my prick in his face. Or lick my ass if I bend over. Emyline gets a kick out of watching him.”

“Gawd, she knows about it?!” Dave gasped.

“Knows about it? Hell, she loves my prick as much as he does! Ol’ Daddy was suckin’ my poophole out by the pool one day when she comes round the back. Instead of screaming like a banchee, she stands there and starts stripping. He don’t see her cause he’s got his head up my ass, but I do. I lick my lips and she comes over and feeds me her tit. By the time he comes up for air, I got my face down there eatin’ her juicy snatch! He’s embarrassed at being caught, but I turn over and tell him to shut up and blow me while she sits on my face. She holds my prick up–tellin’ him to go ahead, she digs this action. Now they both blow me, and sometimes I throw her a hot fuck. Pissed up her cunt once, and the old man drank it back out!”

“Damn!” Phil gasped. “This trip has been kind of a weird free-for-all, but to imagine that goes on regularly in your house…wow!”

“Hey, get this straight, Phil baby,” Slick pointed at him. “This wasn’t a free-for-all. I called all the shots…remember that. I always call the shots.”

“That’s okay by us, Slick,” Billy cooed, cuddling up.

“Say, that cute friend of yours…what’s his name, Tommy?”

“Uh, y-yeah,” Billy answered, hearing Dave gulp.

“He suck cock, too?”

“Um…I suck him sometimes, but not a lot.  Just once in a while.”

“Figured that, but it’s not what I asked you.”

“Gee, Slick. Dave is Tommy’s dad.” “Oh. Interesting. So does he?”

“Don’t make me answer, Slick. I can’t lie to you.”

Dave let out a groan. He knew what that meant. Slick grinned. “Well, straight guy. Sounds like there’s some things you might like to know. Seein’ as how you liked suckin’ and fucking Billy so much. Ever thought about doin’ it with your own kid?”

“Of course not!” Davecried. “And I have no intentions of doing so! If Tommy ever did it, I’m sure he was just experimenting.  Right Billy?”

“Uh, yeah, that’s it. He’s done it, but it was just messin’ around.”

“Sure, you wouldn’t kid me, would you, Billy boy? Just a kid that takes pricks in the mouth but doesn’t like it, right?”

“I guess. I mean, every time he does it he never says he actually likes it.” Realizing what he’d said, he looked at Dave apologetically.

Slick laughed. “Suppose your heart’s broken now, hunh, straight guy? Finding out your kid likes dick as much as you do?”

“My name’s Dave, you little weasel. Quit callin’ me that!” Dave said in a burst of anger. “I coulda gone all day without finding that out.”

“Sorry, Dave,” Phil patted his knee.

“What’re you sorry about, chump?” Slick asked. “Best thing ever happened to you was finding out Billy was queer. You think your buddy ain’t just a little glad inside? Think he ain’t imagining stuff right now? Like the way things are in my house might happen at his?”

“NEVER!” Dave cried.

“Anyway…” Slick returned to Billy. “Think he might want to blow me?”

“I’m warning you,” Dave gasped, “keep him out of this!”

“Don’t threaten me…Daaaave. Unless you want the kid to know how you sucked off his best friend and fucked his ass! And if that don’t bother him, maybe he’d like to know how you licked it first!”

“He wouldn’t even believe it,” Dave huffed.

“He would if Billy told him.” Slick grinned. “Billy doesn’t lie.”

“Just how far do you intend to take this blackmail?” Phil interjected. “You’re pushing too much with this.”

“Umm, just til I see his pecker in his Dad’s mouth,” he laughed. ”

Why don’t we jump this creep, strangle him right here, and throw his body into the lake?” Dave suggested.

“NO!” Billy cried. But Slick grinned and patted his head calmly.

“Can’t,” Phil sighed. “Billy loves him too much. But it’s tempting!”

“Thanks, but you’re hung up on his prick as much as Billy,” Dave sighed.

“You would be, too,” Slick said, “if you had the balls to try it again. Okay, okay, maybe we’ll leave your kid out of it.”

“Out of what?” Phil asked.

“I’m not sure yet. Maybe a little barbecue over at my house. We’ll pull my Dad’s pants down and all fuck him! Use him for blowjobs! Dave can fuck his girlfriend.”

“I’m a married man!”

“Didn’t stop you with those two!” Slick accused.

Phil and Billy had a talk after they got home. It was inevitable, but both started out more than a little embarrassed.

“Quite a day, huh, son?”

“Y-yeah. Are you pissed? You know, finding out I’m gay?”

“Naw.” He put his arm around Billy. “How could I be pissed? You saw me out there. I’m as much of a fag as you are!” he laughed. “But listen now, as much as you like the guy–and I obviously can’t blame you for that–don’t let him treat you like dirt. Except for when you want him to, of course. I mean don’t let him hurt you, okay?”

“Dave said Slick loves me. You think that’s true?”

“Hmmm, could be. But don’t be surprised if he never admits it.”

“But, if he does, why not tell me?”

“He’s scared about feelings like that. He’s used to being a bully. Watch out. It might even make him treat you worse. He’s the kind of guy that has to keep on top. Being in love is weak in his mind. If I were you, I’d never mention it. He’ll probably show you more love if he thinks you don’t know.”

“Dave mentioned it. What if Slick does?”

“Play on his sense of power. Just like, uh, sucking cock did. You know, tell him he’s the boss and he can damned well love somebody if he wants to! Don’t know what else to tell you, kid.”

“Thanks, Dad,” he put his head on Phil’s shoulder. “You know, I liked messin’ around with you, too. Guess we shouldn’t do that, huh?”

“No, we shouldn’t. That’s terrible incest. But maybe we’ll luck out some time and your boyfriend’ll make us do it!” he laughed.

For the next two weeks things were rather calm. Billy, of course, spent all his free time with Slick, usually sucking him off whenever Slick let him, of course. The punk once went two days just teasing Billy and not letting him touch him. The poor boy was frantic by then, and didn’t even mind when Slick started things off by making him lick out the wax from his ears and snot from his nose! The capper happened the next day when Slick dragged Billy into the garage.

“Glad you’re here. I was just sitting on the toilet a few minutes ago.” He pulled him behind some boxes and dropped his pants. “You know what a toilet’s for, doncha, toiletboy? Or maybe I should call you toilet paperboy. See, I just took a shit and I didn’t wipe cause I knew you were coming over. So get down there and lick my asshole off…it’s starting to itch!”

“Aw, Slick, it’s too dirty!” Billy spread the guy’s cheeks apart and gazed at the brown ring around his anus. The smell was atrocious! Billy grunted in displeasure, but all the time he was getting closer and closer to get a good whiff. He was really learning how to play Slick, and knew his complaints were working when Slick teased him by wiggling his ass in his face.

“Quit grumbling! I don’t care if you don’t like it – suck that shit off my hole! And do it slow so you get a good taste. I want you to get used to it and start loving it for the day when I stop using toilets and start using your mouth!”

Billy didn’t comment, but kinda smiled to himself. His idol had a dirty asshole covered with shit, and since it was his job at the moment to lick it clean he got down to business! He lapped up and down each side, over the top and around the bottom, licking up the thick ring. He doubted if Slick had checked it out, and probably had no idea just how much shit there was back there. Billy carefully licked it all off before going for the hole. It was stinky and tasted like crap, but because it did he enjoyed it all the more. He was his slave, and he liked the taste of his master’s shit! The 18-year-old soon had his tongue digging between the 16-year-old punk’s dirty anal lips and licking out the warm shit from inside his rectum!

“Okay, that’s enough. I don’t wanna spoil ya. Blow me!” Billy wiped his mouth and grabbed for it. He’d tasted the juice out of his ass, now he wanted the juice from his balls., especially since those balls  seemed to work overtime. Slick always had a big load stored up and even after coming, another was ready in minutes. That was fine with Billy. He could suck that cock all day long and wished he could keep the knob in his mouth while sleeping to take several drinks during the night! But except for meeting Slick in his garage that day, Billy had never been in his house, or personally met his dad.

That was to end now. Slick had gone with his idea of a barbecue, and everybody was in attendance on Saturday. Besides secretly looking forward to it, Phil and Dave were, not surprisingly, blackmailed into attending–‘an anonymous letter to their wives intimating sexual hanky-panky with young boys.’ Not something that could be proven…but enough to cause trouble.

Emyline met Phil, Dave and Billy at the door. She was dressed as seductively as her slutty reputation. “Well, come in! Goodness, three handsome men at once! Burt and Slick are in back heating up the barbecue. Why don’t you boys take a dip in the pool while I fix you some drinks?”

“Um, we didn’t bring any trunks,” Phil said, obviously as nervous as Dave…while Billy seemed happy and oblivious to the tension.

“Aw, that don’t matter, honey. Just jump in naked!” she smiled. “We always swim that way around here.”

They made their way out the back door, Billy leading and heading straight for Slick. A shirtless man in tight sweat shorts and a drink in his hand came forward with a big grin. He was handsome with a shock of blond hair. “Welcome! You must be Phil and Dave.” He shook their hands warmly. “And hello over there. You must be Billy. Sure is good to see Slick making a friend. He can be trying sometimes,” he confided, “tends to put people off. It’s nice to see someone can see past his rough facade. Actually, I’m a little surprised. I figured it would takesomebody who’d beat the shit out of him before becoming friends,” he laughed.

“He is a little rough around the edges,” Phil said in understatement while Dave raised his eyebrows in amusement.

“Ah, here come your drinks. Why don’t you guys take a dip?”

“No trunks,” Dave shrugged.

“So? Swim in the buff, or in your jockeys. We’re pretty informal around here.” He clapped Dave on the back.

“Whew, it is awfully hot today,” Phil said, wiping his brow. “Maybe we will at that. How ’bout you, Dave?”

“G-guess that’d be alright.” It was over 90 and he was dripping in sweat too. Getting some relief was more important than their apprehension about things. Besides, Burt gave no indication that he knew a thing about their sexual escapades with Slick, and Slick was just whispering happily with Billy. It all seemed like a normal afternoon neighborhood get- together. Even more so when Burt made a remark about being sorry their wives were out of town. Slick heard that and winked! The guys did nothing to correct Burt’s misinformation, they just shrugged inwardly and began to strip. Once in their shorts, they noticed Emyline checking them out with apparent silent praise,  and they quickly dove into the cooling water.

“What do you think?” Dave asked when they came up at the far end.

“I don’t know, but I’ll tell you one thing. That drink she made me would knock over a horse!”

“Mine, too. Bitch must be trying to get us drunk!” he laughed. “She seems like a loose woman…not too shabby, either!”

“Yeah, but remember we’re married men, buddy,” Phil chuckled.

“Hell, all bets are off today,” Dave said. “We might not have any choice in that. Who knows what the little bastard has up his sleeve.”

“Maybe nothing. Burt doesn’t act like he does all the things Slick accuses him of.”

“Neither do you, cocksucker!” Dave laughed. “Let’s swim. And don’t mess with me under the water. I don’t wanna get out with a hard on!”

“So, did you boys meet in school?” Burt asked. “Naw,” Slick kind of scowled, “squirt’s short but he’s gonna be in college. Actually, first time I saw Billy was at the park.”

“Gosh, I would have thought you were younger than Slick. That’s good – means you’ll keep your young looks longer.” Burt said this matter-of-factly, no hint of sexual praise of Billy’s good looks.

“Thirsty for my stringy jizz, baby?” Slick whispered in Billy’s ear.

Billy nodded eagerly, looking around. “We gonna do it?”

“We’ll see,” Slick grinned, leaving it hanging. He reached back and slipped his finger up inside Billy’s shorts, goosing his butthole. He took that finger and tweaked Billy’s nose, letting him smell himself. Nobody saw him do that, except Emyline. She was sitting in a lounge chair taking in everything. Being alone with 5 cocks and 10 balls had her pussy twitching. She loved Burt and the great fucks he threw her, but his kid was something else.

Slick was so devious, and so incredibly sexual for 16, and so intimidating. She’d been around the block a few times but she’d never ran across anyone with balls like him! Oh, in reality they were impressive enough, but figuratively Slick had the biggest balls of any guy she’d ever known. He treated his father with respect one minute, and like dirt the next. And Burt took it, as if unable to resist. Emyline didn’t mind as long as she was included! Now she wondered what effect he had on others, like Billy. Even though he was older, he seemed to be attached to Slick. Sexually? Hmmm, that might be interesting. Mr. Williams didn’t seem aware of it. Slick and Billy strode over to the edge of the pool, watching Phil and Dave splash around.

“Take your clothes off and hop in, Billy,” he turned to him.

“Uh, I don’t have any underwear on!” Billy said.

“So? Go ahead.” The look he gave Billy allowed no protest. After a short, quick glance at Emyline, the blushing boy complied. Standing on the deck naked, he started to get an erection! Before it became a full-fledged boner, Slick grinned and pushed him in! He laughed and went back to the barbecue. Coming up behind them, feeling refreshed by the coolness, Billy put a hand each on Dave’s and Phil’s jockey-clad butts and squeezed.

“Bill, knock it off!” Phil hissed, even though the action was all under water and unseen. “What’s he up to, anyway?”

“I dunno. But you guys know Slick. There’s gonna be sex!”

“Yeah,” Dave sighed, “and humiliation, unless I miss my guess.”

“COME AND GET IT!” Burt yelled. Billy hopped out. The cold water had deflated his cock sufficiently, and his discomfort had turned into a swaggering pride. He knew his naked, dripping body was by far the best conditioned. Even Slick was no match. Maybe he oozed more raw sexuality–he certainly did in Billy’s mind–but the boy knew he had the beauty and no reason at all to be embarrassed at being nude.

Phil and Dave had no reason for it, but they were quite embarrassed climbing from the pool. The wet shorts clung to their crotches, leaving their swollen cocks and balls clearly outlined. At least they were covered. What the hell, they weren’t prudes. And the dip was cooling. Billy was the one that was naked, but all eyes were on them. Something more sensuous about what was hidden within the wet material.

“Hamburgers and foot-long hot dogs,” Burt gushed, pointing to where Slick–prongs in hand–was ready to fill their buns. They each made their choices and went to the table for condiments.

“Weenie for you, Dad?” Slick chuckled in double meaning.

“Umm, sure,” Burt stammered,catching his drift. “Love the dogs!” Slick grabbed a hot dog in his prongs. “Naw, don’t get up, Dad. I’ll bring it over. Just open up your buns and I’ll slide it in!” With a little nervous glance, Burt held out his hot dog bun as Slick oozed it onto the bread. He quickly regained his composure and humor, ignoring the jibe, figuring nobody but Emyline would catch it anyway.

But Slick didn’t let up just yet. “Uh, creamy white globs of mayo on that, Pop? Or something more tangy with a little bite?” he smirked.

“Mustard’s fine, Slick. I’ll get it.”

“Sure, Pop.
You know best how to fix a big weiner!”

“S-so,” Burt quickly changed the subject, “you, uh, fellas had a camping trip recently, huh? Emyline and I enjoy horseback riding.”

“We like to get away from the city once in a while. Unfortunately, our wives don’t care much for it, though,” Phil said.

“Yeah, but you guys dig ‘men stuff’…doncha?” Slick sniggered.

Phil glared at him. “Yes. We do enjoy going stag on occasion.”

“So does Burt,” Emyline chuckled, unable to resist following Slick’s lead, “whenever I let him out of my clutches!” Burt, Emyline and Dave sat on one side of the picnic table, while Phil, Billy and Slick sat across from them while they ate. Phil looked down and saw Slick slide his pecker out from his shorts and reach over and pull Billy’s hand onto it. Phil smirked to himself and didn’t call attention to it. He kept eating his hamburger and sneaking glances to see Billy happily stroking the stiff cock with a big grin on his face while he ate his hot dog.

“I see you like wienies, too, Billy!” Slick chuckled.

“Oh, I love ’em!” Billy gushed. “Especially these big ones!”

“How about you, Phil? Got enough meat between your buns?!”

“Stop being so crass, son,” Burt said without much authority, “you don’t want to embarrass our guests.”

“We’re used to it,” Phil shrugged. “We spent a weekend, remember?”

“Oh, right. He’s a pistol, isn’t he?” Burt grinned.

“Burt, you know how to fire up some great burgers,” Dave remarked, changing the subject.

When they’d finished eating, Slick stuffed his prick away and handed his dad a napkin. “Here, you oughta wipe that mustard off.” Then he slid off the bench and turned around, leaned against the wall, and bent his jockey’d butt over in front of his father’s face and wiggled it. Then he spoke, dropping his shorts as he did. “Suck my asshole, Pop! I promised the guys I’d show ’em how you do it.”

“SLICK! Uh, hey, what the hell are you doin’?!” Burt was beside himself. Emyline nearly choked on her potato chips and Dave and Phil let out a sigh, figuring it would come to this. Instead of hauling off and smacking the kid onto the ground, though, Burt waved his hand back there as if hiding the kid’s exposed asshole.

“Slick, come on. Stop that now! You’re being too…DAMMIT, PULL YOUR FUCKIN’ PANTS UP!”

Emyline had her hand over her mouth, aghast at what was happening. “Lick it, Pop. You know you love tastin’ my shithole. EAT ME OUT!”

“Guys…I’m real s-sorry about this…” Burt stammered. He seemed extremely apologetic about the way Slick was acting, but actually he was apologizing ahead of time for his own actions. It was true. Burt couldn’t resist his son’s bottom. He knelt on the cement patio and put his face into the smooth crevice, rubbing his nose over Slick’s anus and smelling his enticing aroma. Network television could be in that backyard, and Burt would still get down there and rim away!

“My, this is…certainly a surprise!” Emyline gushed.

“Knock it off, bitch,” Slick turned, “you lick it too. Why don’t you grab some cock and pass around some of your great blowjobs for dessert? You know your pussy’s dripping. It’s always dripping!”

“Well…I…” She looked over at Dave and winked, dropping her hand into his lap. He leaned back and gave her free access.

Burt’s loud slurping noises were turning everyone on. He laved the kid’s hole, avidly licking and sucking it. There was no doubt that Slick had his father at his total mercy. The man craved his asshole! “Can’t help it,” the man blubbered, “making anspectacle of myself, I know…but mmmm, it’s so fuckin’ delicious!”

“Sure is!” Billy blurted. “I lick it all the time, too. But we thought he was kidding when he said you always suck his ass and blow him! Think I’ll blow him now – okay, Slick?”

“Yeah, take a few licks,” Slick said, urging Billy down under him. While Billy sucked the cock, Burt pulled Slick’s balls back and started to lick them. Emyline went down on Dave. Phil just gulped, watching.

Suddenly, Slick straightened up. “Take your pants off, Dad. Billy wants to blow you.” It was an order to both of them.

“But…” Billy gulped, following Slick’s finger motioning for him to strip again. Burt glanced at Emyline with her mouth full of cock. It was hard to tell which one he was envious of. Her sucking that juicy big cock, or Dave receiving her great sucking action. But it was only a momentary thought…he had enough before him. “Is…is this okay with you guys?” Billy asked. He looked at Phil. Phil shrugged.

“Don’t sweat it, Pop. You know who calls the shots around here. Billy’s my blowboy, and Phil’s a fag. Hey, Phil, why don’t you come around and fuck my dad? Shove your big cock up his ass and plow him! Show him your tush, Pop. Phil likes to lick shitholes, he’ll lick it for you first, won’t you, Phil? Yeah, Phil might even lick my turd some day. Billy’s gonna. Hell, you’d lick my turd, wouldn’t you Pop?”

“Slick! Don’t be so…” he looked down as Billy’s grabbed his prick and put his mouth over the knob, “aaah, so damned nasty!”

“Might as well take those jockeys off, Phil. Gonna rip ’em with that big boner you got! Play with his ass. You two got a lot in common, you and my dad. You’re both fag cocksuckers still tryin’ to make it straight with cunts.” Phil was the only one not yet involved. True enough, his prick was hard to contain. He sighed in resignation and stepped out of his damp shorts. Burt eyed it, licking his lips, as Phil walked behind him. He reached out and fondled Burt’s butt. It was nice and firm and he was going to enjoy fucking it. That’s what Slick wanted, so that’s what would happen.

Phil watched Billy sucking away, then knelt down behind Burt and pulled the cheeks open. He presumed the guy didn’t keep his butthole as dirty as his son did, and he was right. Still, it had an exciting aroma. It was a hot day, and the sweat in there mixed up a nice fragrance. He stuck out his nose and sniffed it before licking.

“You didn’t answer me, Pop,” Slick insisted. “You’re gettin’ sucked and rimmed. Why don’t you take this opportunity to tell the guys how you wouldn’t mind licking my turd? Go ahead.”

“Ah, Slick. How’d I ever raise such a filthy kid?”

“Cause you’re such a fruit, Pop. You started blowing me when I was nine – what’d you expect? Can’t suck a kid’s poophole all these years and expect him to turn out an angel, right? NOW TELL!”

“Mmm. Suppose I would. Ah! Hell, yes! You’re always giving me a shitty ass to lick, so sure, I’d lick your dirty turd!”

“Yeah, tell ’em more!” Slick encouraged.

“Mmmm. I sneak in and smell your dirty shorts. I lick your skid marks off of them! Oh, Billy, you’re good! You teach him, Slick?”

“Damn betcha! Kid used to blow pricks in the park, but I taught him how to really suck a guy’s cock, among other things. Now he’s a true slave and even licks shitty pricks! Tasted his own daddy’s shit and loved it! He’ll probably lick his daddy’s cock when he pulls it out of your raunchy hole. Want me to shit in your mouth while you get fucked?”

“NO! Look, Slick, I don’t mind admitting I’d do it. But I’m sure as hell not doing it in public!”

“Oh, get you! You just said the wrong thing, Daddy Dearest. You ever want my body again, you’ll do it right now. Emyline, clear the table, if you can take that cock out of your mouth long enough. Get up on there and let Dave screw you. He throws a mean fuck – Billy can attest to that! Help Dad up, Phil, and throw his legs back. Suck his hole some more if you want, then start ramming his fruity ass!”

Dazed, but knowing he’d comply with his son’s every wish, Burt laid on the table top. Phil, anxious now, did indeed get down to lick his ass more. Something about the assholes in this family. Father and son both had anal lips worth licking. He glanced over to see that Dave was wasting no time in stuffing a moaning Emyline’s twat. She was looking around, now side-by- side with her boyfriend, and they were both going to get fucked! Dave started plowing immediately, holding her legs back. “Oh, you’re hot, lady! Oooh! Lemme suck those tits!”

“Oh, Dave, your prick’s so big! Burt, you gotta let Dave fuck you some time – he’s great!

“Oh, Emy, the one going up my ass ain’t so bad either!” Burt cried.

“Enjoy it while you can,” Slick chuckled, “it’s gonna get stinky!”

“Damn, you really gonna do it, Slick?” Billy asked.

“Right in his fuckin’ mouth! We’ll let ’em fuck a while. Suck my ass and loosen me up. Then work my asslips, Billy Boy, while I squat over his face. Hell, might as well kill two birds. You get first taste, baby. Lick it while I shit. But make sure it goes in his mouth, okay?”

“I’ll lick it. Oh, hell yes Slick! In front of Dad and everybody!”

“Of course you will, Bill. You were made to lick my shit! Nicest treat you’ll ever get. My old man deserves some of it, though, so don’t lick off all the warm juice before it goes in his mouth. I’ll give you lots more after you find out how great this one is!”

Smart aleck! Phil thought. But he was cramming into that hot ass–finding the man taking it easily. He had to control himself. He knew it was going to be an incredible sight, and he knew Billy would do it. He only hoped he could see underneath well enough to watch his son lick this vulgar kid’s smelly turd.

When Slick finally got into position, Phil found that prick staring him right in the face. With a smirk, Slick held it out for him. Without a word, Phil went down on it while Burt licked the hanging balls. Billy was back there poking around Slick’s asshole, taking sniffs and licks. There couldn’t be anything to sniff, he’d already licked it clean. But there soon would be–and Billy was ready!

“Yeah, fuck my dad and blow me! Your kid’s gonna lick my turd. Does that bother you, Phil? Havin’ a shit-lickin’ kid? Bet you’d like to be back there suckin’ my turd, huh? Aw, I’ll let ya some time.”

“Just make sure you stay up high enough so I can see,” Phil said.

Billy sat on the bench, working and licking Slick’s anus. He was naked again, and his hard prick sprung out in excitement. They were all naked, all engrossed in something.

Slick looked around in triumph. It had been as easy as he’d figured. It was time to take a dump. He always knew he could probably shit in his dad’s mouth, but he was glad he’d waited until now. He loved an audience! “Gee, Burt, you really gonna let your own kid take a shit in your mouth? You really do love him more than me.”

“You always knew that, Emy. I just can’t help myself!”

“Help yourself to this, Pop!” Slick pushed and his anus opened up.

Billy’s dick jerkedand throbbed at the sight. He could see the beginning of his lovemaster’s turd and it greatly excited him. It was a bit startling at first. Somehow actually looking at his turd made Slick seem vulnerable – that he had to shit like the rest of the world. But as the thing came out more, getting longer and thicker, and the strong smell got more pungent, Billy understood it represented Slick’s absolute power! Because Billy quickly put his tongue up to those expanded anal lips and licked around them–tasting the turd! Immediately, he liked it. And it had nothing to do with his masochism. Sure, he was licking a guy’s turd because he was ordered to, and he needed to be ordered for his own pleasure. But this was different. He enjoyed licking and tasting this turd simply because it was beautiful and tasted good!

“Hey! Don’t forget me,” Burt gushed, bobbing his head up. He was anxious to try that himself.

“Aim it in his mouth, Billy Boy!” Slick pulled up his cock and balls and squatted more upright as Burt opened his mouth. Phil could see it going between his lips, and he could see Billy in back, sliding his tongue up and down the dark column!

“Aw, fuck, I’m shittin’ a big one!” Slick cried. “Why wait, Phil? There’s plenty there for everybody. Wanna lick it along with Billy?” Phil didn’t answer – he didn’t know. But when Slick plopped the last of it out and swung his leg over, Phil saw a tremendously thick turd stuffed in Burt’s mouth! He wasn’t sucking or biting it, but simply running his tongue over the end and tasting it with his eyes closed. It stayed in position because it was lodged deeply, and because Billy was using his tongue up and down to steady it, humming obscenely!

“OH! IT’S SO SICK! FUCK ME, DAVE, FUCK ME!” Emyline cried.

“You gonna do it?” Dave asked in breathless wonder and disgust. “Go ahead, Phil…lick it!”

Slick encouraged, pushing down on his head a little. “You know you want to. Keep fucking him.”

“AH, JEEZ, IT STINKS!” Phil complained, looking directly at Billy slurping on the dark thing a few inches away.

“It tastes good, Dad!” Billy hissed and giggled between licks.

“I can’t! It’s so sticky and slimy!” But the more Phil stared at the gross thing, the more it intrigued him. He had to take one lick on that slime just to see what Slick’s assjuice tasted like. He knew if he hesitated, he wouldn’t be able to handle the smell. So he did it quickly. He stuck out his tongue and took a long swipe on it, finding out what Burt and Billy already knew. He kept licking!

“Oh, that’s so outrageous! How can anybody be that filthy?! I thought they’d take a lick then throw up!” Emyline was startled, but still enjoying her fuck.

Then Slick began to laugh uproariously. “Goin’ crazy over it, aren’t they? I made sure they would. It’s so sticky and slimy because I squirted some chocolate sauce way up there!”

“Damn, it’s like a fuckin’ Hershey bar!” Phil chuckled.

“Not any more, Dad,” Billy corrected. “I think we’ve licked it all off by now. But his shit tastes almost as good…maybe better!”

“That’s my boy!” Slick smirked. “I didn’t figure you’d need the chocolate sauce, and those two aren’t stopping either!”

Dave and Emyline were banging away like crazy. Dave shot a load up her twitching cunt while they both watched the shit lickers. Phil had licked down to the marrow, and the stinging bitterness had his prick jerking and streaming into Burt’s pulsating rectum. Slick, having no reason to get shit on his fingers, grabbed a napkin and lifted the turd from his father’s mouth and wrapped it up. “Didja like my poop, you old ass-sucker? Want it without sauce next time?”

Burt gasped for breath and nodded, just as his cock shot off in Phil’s jerking hand. “OH, FUCK YES! I’LL TAKE YOUR NATURAL SAUCE ANY TIME, SON. AAAH!”

“Time to prick-lick, Billy,” the punk slapped him on the shoulder. “Go around and suck my dad’s shit off your dad’s cock!” Billy scrambled out and ran around to do just that. He waited for Phil to draw out his moist, dirty cock, then took it into his mouth and sucked the smelly shit off of it! It wasn’t in too bad a condition, but he definitely knew what the man’s turd might taste like.

Phil pushed it out to him, letting him suck it. He felt a tinge of regret and disgust, but the thought didn’t last long. His cock hadn’t gone down completely.

“How’s my daddy’s crap taste? Better than mine? I doubt that! Suck it up, anyway, my sweet little shiteater!” He lifted his dad’s legs, exposing his dripping asshole with the cream running out. Then he smiled at Phil. It was a silent invitation, not a demand.

Phil, having nothing more to lose after licking the kid’s turd for all to see, decided the sight was going to be his last delve into this sexual filth with these particular partners. – maybe – hopefully. When Billy had finished, Phil knelt and mashed his face between Burt’s cheeks and licked at his asshole! The lightly-flaked cum was just cooling and he found it tangy enough to attach his mouth to the gaping anus and suck out the warm cream from his insides. It was delicious! He knew it would be. – it was his own!

When he finally pulled his face away, Billy got down and kissed his moist lips, tasting the bittersweet flavor of sex on his father’s mouth! Slick hadn’t come, and he hadn’t allowed Billy to come. Actually, he’d only hoped the boy could hold back from coming. Amazingly, he had.

Soon after, while they all sat naked, dipping their feet in the water, Slick arranged a special treat. He and Billy floated on a large rubber raft in the middle of the pool–69ing! Outside of sucking Phil that time, this was Slick’s first performance as a willing cocksucker. Burt and Emyline were both shocked and pleasantly surprised. They never thought they’d see the day when Slick put a cock in his mouth. They didn’t know about Phil in the woods. The boy didn’t even bother to bluster and crow about doing it simply because HE wanted to. He sucked off Billy and drank his cum just as tenderly and energetically as his slaveboy was doing to him! “I don’t think we should do this any more, but I’d sure like to blow you one more time, Dave.” Phil slipped into the water between Dave’s legs while Billy and Slick were floating around catching their breaths.

“Sure, buddy. I’m a happily married man and I gotta stop this crap, too. I still can’t believe I rimmed and fucked Billy. That he sucked me and I sucked him off! You wanna lick my ass first? Might not get that action any more.”

“You bet!” Dave raised up out of the pool and Phil started to tongue his asshole. It was public and it was energetic and they made no bones about it. Sighing in pleasure, Dave decided he wanted to feel that tongue up his rear a while longer if it was going to be the last time. He flipped onto his back on the deck and scooted his ass up to the edge so Phil could get his tongue as deep up his shitter as he possibly could. Phil was doing just that when. suddenly, a body had crawled right up next to them from out of the bushes.

Emyline didn’t know who in the hell it was. Slick was getting the chocolate licked from his ass and he noticed. He smiled, recognizing the newcomer’s face. Dave was holding his legs back. He turned his head and sighed in total defeat as his ankles were taken into the newcomer’s hands. He wasn’t able to move…just cry out. “TOMMY! Wha…what are you doing here?!!”

“Helping out, Dad. So you can get your asshole sucked real good by my best friend’s dad!”

Phil finally heard this and pulled away, splashing. “TOMMY!” “TOMMY?” Billy cried.

“Ah, the missing link!” Slick laughed. “Glad you could make it!” Everybody disengaged.

Dave was livid. “Slick, you arranged this?!”

“Well, I had Billy mention to him that we were having a barbecue. Tommy said he had things to do, so I figured he wouldn’t show up.”

“I came in the back gate about the time you were playing toilet games!” Tommy cried, smirking. “I just stayed in the bushes and watched. JEEZ! What a bunch of horny bastards you are! And you, Dad! What’s THIS all about?”

“Uh, don’t blame your dad, Tommy. I’m most to blame for this,” Phil tried to explain. “I’m as gay as Billy is, but your dad is very straight, believe me –  no matter what you heard back there!”

“Yeah, I heard what you just said, Dad. Real straight! Fucked, sucked and rimmed Billy! Mr. Williams sucks you and licks out your asshole all the time! HOLY SHIT!”

“Now, watch your mouth, son,” Dave blurted nervously, trying to hide his nudity but still unable to move as his son held his legs back and stared down into his face. “I mean…aw hell!”

“Are you a fag, Dad? Stop squirming! Go ahead, Mr. Williams. He obviously wanted this, you’d might as well continue while we talk.”


“Are you? You did all those things, and this. Are you just a horny guy or are you queer?”

“I’m not gay, Tom. Really, I’m not! These guys just kinda got me into all this. You’re a fella. You know when you say a prick has no conscience, right? I mean, look down there. See what my best buddy is doing to me?! I can’t resist that shit!”

“Yeah, looks like Mr. Williams can’t resist your shit either. He’s really licking your asshole out. How’s my dad taste, Mr. Williams?”

“Fuckin’ great! How’s Billy’s cum taste, Tommy?”

“Oh, you know about that, huh? Why’d you tell ’em, Billy?! You little shitlicker!”

“Son,” Dave looked up, “this is no time for name calling. Your outrage won’t stand up as long as your pecker’s standing up like that!”

Sure enough, Tommy’s prick was about to burst through his shorts. “Y-you don’t care that I’ve sucked Billy’s cock?”

“Naw. Billy’s got a great cock. I’m not gay, but I enjoyed blowing him, and everything else I did. Slick forced us all into most of it. Most kids try it, and I’m not one to get upset just cause you’ve done it lots of times. I guess I can understand if a guy prefers to do it that way. Are you gay, Tom?”

“I dunno, Dad. I do like it a lot. What’s this about Slick forcing you? Who’s Slick? And who’s this guy that digs shit in his mouth?! Jeez, man,” he looked at Burt, “how could you do such a thing?!

“Hey, Tommy!” Billy yelled, brazenly stroking Slick’s hard, upraised cock. “Take your shorts off and swim out here. Come see what I got for us to play with!”

Slick laid there looking at Tommy with a big grin. Tom’s eyes blazed. His prick was ready to pop out of his pants and he knew nothing was going to make it go down but a hot sexual release. He didn’t have his dad seeing him to worry about, apparently, and he wondered what Billy had in mind. The younger kid he was jacking off sure looked dangerous – dangerously sexy! He wasn’t so sure he wanted to get involved with a guy that would demanding to take a shit in his own father’s mouth, and he couldn’t fathom seeing Billy lick on that guy’s turd. – but he trusted his best friend. Billy had introduced him to the best of nasty, sexy pleasures so far, and even though he’d just witnessed the filthiest acts possible, he got up and yanked his shorts off. He jumped into the water and swam out to the rubber raft.

Emyline, taking it all in, calmlyrushed over and settled her twat over Dave’s face. She took over the duty of holding the man’s legs back. Dave, luxuriating in the tongue working up his ass, over his bloated balls, and up and down his stiff  ramrod, was too hot to do anything but lick out that dripping cunt. Tom could take care of himself–and anybody else he wanted to take care of!

“Uh, hi,” Tommy nearly whispered.

“Hi. Those guys are really going at it over there, huh? Guess they ain’t so old they can’t get into it, right? Look what I got. This is Slick – he’s my master!”

“Master?! What kind of crap is that? He’s just a punk kid!”

Slick wasn’t insulted, he just smiled. He wanted Tommy. “Yeah, but he’s great! He’s real dirty, Tommy. He’ll make ya do things so nasty your balls’ll bust! That’s why I licked his turd, cause he told me to.”

“I ain’t gonna lick his turd!” Tommy blurted.

“You don’t hafta, I’m his slave. I gotta lick your turd if he says so. But you just do what you want. He’s got a great cock to suck, see? And lickin’ his asshole is fantastic! You like doin’ that, doncha? You only tried it once, but you liked it, didn’t you?”

“Well, yeah…I guess…but…”

“You don’t hafta if you don’t want. It’s clean now. But jeez, he always keeps it dirty, just for me!” Billy looked at Slick with great admiration in his eyes. “I like to taste his shit! Come on, climb up. Let’s give him a double blowjob! You’ll love his cockjuice. You always said mine tasted good., so wait’ll you taste his!”

Tommy listened to all this, unable to take his eyes from Slick’s throbbing cock. The other guys balanced the raft while he climbed onto it. Nervous, he knelt there and put his face between Slick’s legs. Slick opened them as much as he could, excited to see the pretty boy ready to go down on him. Hell, two slaves were better than one any day! Tommy might take more time than Billy did, but he could do it. Besides, since they were such good suck buddies he could get them to put on hot shows for him. He even giggled to himself that Billy had slipped about being made to lick Tom’s turd. He loved that little creep. The kid sure knew how to make nasty suggestions and still leave him in command! Yes. Two slaves would be quite workable. Three if he included his dad. Four, five and six if he got Phil, Dave and Emyline in the right moods!

First off, however, was to get Tommy to idolize his prick as much as Billy. “Settle back, baby. Let’s watch your pretty boyfriend give me a blowjob. Hell, maybe he’ll suck you off too, if I let him.”

“Hey, I don’t need your permission to blow Billy!”

“Maybe not. But you need my permission for Billy to let you. You also need my permission to blow me. But since you got a good grip there and your lips are salivating, go ahead. Blow me, cocksucker!”

Startled, Tommy still didn’t let loose. He looked at Billy instead. Billy winked.

“Go ahead, cocksucker…BLOW HIM!” Slick grabbed Billy around the neck and rested his head on his shoulder. Tommy was too hot to resist. He looked at the fat cock knob at the end of the thick shaft he was holding. He couldn’t remember anything ever looking so suckable! He had permission. Permission. Permission. That thought ran a chill up his backbone. He’d only blown Billy, but mutual pleasure had always been the goal. He opened his mouth. It was strange going down on a guy while having an audience, even if it was only the punk and Billy. But that prick was irresistible! Besides-, he noticed taking a quick glance beforehand that their fathers were much too involved to see him, and that lady had her eyes closed while his dad ate out her pussy.

That left only Slick’s dad , and he was beating his meat while watching him. Fuck him! He sure wasn’t gonna be embarrassed at sucking a guy’s prick in front of his turd-licking father!

Phil was blowing Dave now. If it was going to be the last time, they both intended for it to last a long time. Phil licked the shaft, sucked the balls, and kept dipping down for another taste of his asshole. Dave loved pussyjuice and he sucked madly at Emyline’s hot gash. He knew what his son was doing, and he really wanted to watch it, but he somehow figured he’d get to some other time. Even if he had to ask to.

“Mmmm,” Slick moaned as Tommy went down on him. It wasn’t that the guy was such a great cockworker, it was who he was and who he was doing it in front of! Even if a straight guy wasn’t watching, Slick was sure he was well aware that Tommy had his mouth on his big prick. To make sure, he started to voice his pleasure. “AW, BLOW THAT BIG PRICK, TOMMY! MAN, YOU REALLY LIKE SUCKING ON BIG COCKS, DONCHA? YOU OUTTA BLOW BILLY’S DAD SOME TIME! BETCHUR FATHER WOULD LIKE TO SEE THAT! HELL, MAYBE HE’D SUCK YOU OFF!”

Tommy was unperturbed. Though the things he was suggesting were outrageous and forbidden, they excited him. He loved Billy’s cock, but this one was fantastic! His mouth and lips just seemed to glide over the knob and up and down the shaft like a perfect fit. He had his eyes closed, but when Slick suddenly stopped making lewd suggestions, he went all the way down and looked up. Slick had turned. He had Billy’s face in his hands and they were having a big, sloppy kiss!

Fuckin’ turd-licking little faggot! Slick thought. Billy’d sucked shit off his own father’s cock! And that face. Those cocksucking lips. He was the master and he wanted a kiss. He probed Billy’s willing mouth and sucked the spit out! He sucked on Billy’s hard tongue just like he was giving him a blowjob. Suckin’ his tongue off! Billy was light-headed. His best friend was blowing his idol, getting a good taste of that luscious cock. And now, Slick was letting him kiss him!

After everything else, Slick had expected that Billy’s mouth would smell and taste like a mule’s asshole. But it was the sweetest taste in the world. Fresh, hot, and oh so wet! He used his lips to suck out Billy’s tongue, too, and he nearly pulled it out! After several minutes of this, they both had sore tongues. They’d probed so deeply, sucked so hard, traded gallons of spit. Billy was just amazed at how tender Slick could be. He was caressing his hair, his neck – he even nibbled at his ears! A word swirled around in the hot air. A word he couldn’t quite be sure he’d heard. A word seemingly coming from Slick’s mouth, but surely just his imagination. Love? Nah! Love. It just skipped out. Maybe he didn’t hear.

Just in case, Slick quickly changed the atmosphere. “Mushy queer, knock it off! How ya doin’ down there, pricklick? Say, do you lick shitholes? Dig down between my legs. Got a hot asshole down there you can lick off. Wanna suck my ass?”

“Go ahead, Tommy,” Billy gushed breathlessly, trying to regain his composure after that wonderful kiss. “Suck his sweet ass.” Then he turned his face to Slick and gave him goo-goo eyes. “You really do have a sweet ass, Master!” he whispered. Their lips were nearly touching.

Slick nearly came seeing the admiration in the guy’s face. But he had to maintain his roughness andcommand. “Yeah? Want me to push a big stinky turd into your mouth sometime and let ya suck on it?”

Billy had just a slight, crestfallen moment. But he knew Slick now. He knew what that kiss meant. Slick loved him! In breathless, staccato gasps, he ran his tongue around Slick’s lips and agreed. “Yes, yes! Oh, yes I’d suck on your smelly turd, Slick! Do it in my mouth next time! I even like your stinky toes. I’m your suck ass slaveboy, Slick. And you can kiss me any time you want, Master. Make me suck your tongue!”

Anxious for another meeting like the last one, Slick nodded and stuck out his tongue. He mashed his lips onto Billy’s and probed into his faggy slave’s mouth, giving him spit and licking around inside and over his sparkling teeth. A crazy thought passed through his mind about being Billy’s toothbrush! His slave! His slave! Slave! He was a slave! He was going to play his sex games, play hard, play nasty – but time was going on and Slick was losing his delusions. His strength and power were slipping away.

If only he could hold on! Nope. Billy just made a frantic slurping movement over his mouth., and Slick was gone. The changeover had happened, as he’d feared, in a split second – and he craved it! Billy was the master! He was the slave! He was scared and shaking. He wanted to take Billy’s naked body and devour it! He wanted to chew his cock and swallow his balls. He’d never even licked his asshole, and now he wanted to chew it off and eat his rectum! Oh, how long? How long would it be before
he capitulated totally and felt overwhelming desires to service this slave inside and out? He even pictured Billy’s turd in his mouth! Long, luscious, sweet and suckable! His mind was in complete turmoil.

But he didn’t break the kiss. He knew better. He’d work it out. He felt like he’d just had an influx of real truth, real spiritual knowledge. He knew exactly what Billy was feeling, and he had to use it to his own advantage. And figure out a way to get what he wanted while still being master. There was no other way.

Oh, God, he loved this boy! This older boy that seemed so much younger under his power. Nothing else matter but to keep this guy happy. And the only way was to hide. Sure, he knew now that Billy was aware of his vulnerability. Hell, maybe the guy even knew he could turn the tables in an instant. Slick nearly swooned at that thought! He’d do it. But he was smart enough to realize that if he did, he’d lose Billy. Real, false, truth or game, he had to maintain his dominance. Billy was a natural suck boy, a suckass boy, a suck shit from Slick’s ass boy. Billy would love him as long as he remained in control.

And now that he knew those feelings, it would be easier. He pulled his mouth away and gave Billy a surly look. “You even dig my bad breath, doncha?”

Billy nodded, trying to hold back a grin. He’d felt the electricity that had been running through Slick’s body. The kid had been sucking on his mouth so passionately that the feelings were almost being transferred from one being to another. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t quite sure. But something was happening. Oh, he loved sucking this boy’s mouth. And he knew Slick was feeling the same. He only hoped that words of love and tenderness didn’t start flowing out of there. It was enough to know that they existed. He didn’t want to hear them, just feel them. He wanted dirt! He wanted filth! He wanted commands! He wanted to be under this boy’s total dominance! Love me, Slick! Love me! But shit on me literally, too. DON’T STOP BEING MY MASTER!

Slick looked away and blew a hot wad into Tommy’s sucking mouth. Tom slurped it down like the sweet drink it was. Raising to his knees, Slick ordered Billy to suck his friend. As Tom quickly straddled his chest, Billy gladly held out his arms and took the familiar prick into his mouth. Slick ran his hands over Tommy’s butt and watched the blowjob. He tweaked Tommy’sasshole and stuck his finger a little ways inside. Tommy gasped. He gasped more when Slick pulled it out and rubbed it under Billy’s nose. “Bet you’d like to eat out that hot hole, wouldn’t you fruitsy!” he hissed at Billy. “Probably already licked shit off that smelly ass, haven’t you? How ’bout it, Tommy? He licked out your ass before?”

Tommy reveled in the blowjob. “Yea, yea, yea! He’s done it!” His cock was near to bursting already, and having his friend’s talented lips working on him made him ready to confess all. “He does it good! I did it, too! But I thought it was dirty to do that. Ah, jeez! Whew! Suck me, man! Sorry, Slick, I shoulda licked yours when I had the chance. Oooh, you guys are making me so HOT!”

Slick only then realized that Tommy hadn’t licked his ass when it was offered. His lips working that cock had made him forget it. No, that wasn’t it. He was sucking Billy’s mouth. That was what made him forget it. He watched the two buddies go at it, and sneakily brought his finger up to his nose to smell Tommy’s shithole. Since they were busy, and the others couldn’t see, he sniffed it as much as he wanted! He’d smelled that smell before. Traces of shit on an asshole that had been exposed to the air long enough to obtain an aroma quite different from plain shit. Erotic. Even his own was like that. Sure, he’d sneaked sniffs before. He’d sneaked sniffs from Billy’s butt, too. He wasn’t any better than these guys. He just had to control his passions.

“Damned good, ain’t he?” Phil said proudly, watching the raft.

“Buddy, only guy I know that sucks better is you. Course I didn’t get a chance to watch my boy in action, but it sure sounded good.”

Phil put his arm around Dave while Emyline and Burt fondled each other. “Buddy, I came to you with a problem in camp. I was afraid my kid was a big cocksucker. Oh, dear. Now we know he is. I am, and you did, and your Tommy licks a prick as good as anyone here. Are you in shock, Mr. Therapist? Sure knows how to fuck a mouth, don’t he? I hope this doesn’t make it hurt more, but man, I’d sure like to fuck him!”

“Phil,” Dave took a big breath, “that fuckin’ kid of mine is one total fox! Look at that magnificent naked body. Jeez, to think I made it. Incest ain’t new around here, but damn! I told myself today was the last day for this queer stuff, but…” he pointed at the middle of the pool, “I’d suck, fuck and rim that pretty kid over there!”

“Dave, I respect your intentions, and reasons, for calling this off personally. But if you ever change your mind, or have a weak moment of hornoness where you wanna get it on with your kid, please call me so we can do it together, okay? You, me, Billy and Tom. Boys suckin’ their dad, fathers blowin’ their own kids. Then a hot mix ‘n match! Oooh, I could suck off Tommy til his toes curl!”

“Yeah, well, it’s all too weird, Phil. Look at that! He’s tryin’ to hide it, but Slick’s got his face down kissing Tommy on the buns!”

“Next step to sucking assholes!” Burt interrupted with a grin.

“You’re a pip, man,” Dave said.

“Yes, that I am,” Burt sighed. “They say some females eat their young. I probably should have devoured the boy when he was born. God knows I’ve been trying to ever since! What a prick he is, on the outside. Don’t worry, Phil. I’ve known that boy a few years longer than you have. I see what’s happened. Your son Billy could never make a better connection in his life. My son won’t ever hurt him. Man, look at that. He’s gonna love him more than anybody ever could! Dirty little punk has an itch on his heart, and Billy’s the only one that can scratch it. He ain’t gonna mess that up for nothing. Long as he can keep Billy in control, that is.”

“Control? You mean he’s gotta beat the shit out him just to show how much he loves him?”

“Don’t be silly. Outside of pulling a head onto his prick or into his asscrack, Slick’s incapable of violence. If he can’t force someone with his voice, he moves on. I once had a guy over, before I met Emy. We were getting it on and Slick walked in. He got this big smug attitude and tried to browbeat the guy into giving him head by calling him cocksucker this and cocksucker that. I nearly had to tear the guy off of him before he split Slick’s asshole apart! Quick as a flash, he got him stripped, bent over, and he was ready to plow his virgin hole. Soon as I pulled the guy off, Slick make a beeline out the front door! I didn’t see him til morning. Comparing physical strength, Slick could have wiped the floor up with the guy. Just not in his nature.”

Dave laughed. “You telling me that foul-mouthed little prick of a son of yours is really a pussy cat?”

“Pussy cat, but no pussy. Misses his mom is what it is. He’s got so much love boiling up inside he’s gonna explode! Why the hell do you think I’ve let him abuse me all these years? He wanted to love his Daddy, but he was too angry about his Mom going away. Poor kid was so confused, and I was feeling so guilty, that I started to suck his prick to give him pleasure. I encouraged him so much to take his anger out on me, that he still hasn’t gotten over playing that role. Maybe he never will. But he knows, now. Billy taught him, I think.”

“Wha…whadda you mean?”

“Well, what better way to convince your dad that you don’t need him for that any more? That you’re finally able, and have fallen in love with someone else? Show him. Put on a big, proud display by taking a big, public shit in your father’s mouth, then swim off to suck off the guy you really love!”

“But…he made Billy lick his turd! That’s love?!” Phil gasped.

“Billy’s Billy, Phil. It wasn’t malicious. Slick knows just how to treat Billy to gain his love. I thought you understood that. He played me like a violin. We both know he hasn’t really abused me all these years. Hell, I sucked his turd! I don’t suck turds. But I’ll suck his!”

“WEIRD!” Phil cried.

“If Billy was gonna go over the edge, if he was about to embark on the best thing for him and you were able to destroy that, would you let Billy shit in your mouth instead?” “Gotcha, Burt. He’s my kid. I’d eat a ton of it for his happiness.”

“Why doesn’t that surprise me?” Dave chuckled.

“Oh, get serious, Dave.”

“Okay, putting it that way…guess I would, too,” Dave admitted. “But I’m sure glad Tommy doesn’t have that need. Damn, am I glad!”

“Well…” Emyline started, a little drunk after all this, “makes some sense I guess…but why don’t somebody wanna lick my poop?”

“Too common, dear,” Burt suggested. “See, licking ladies’ poop is just a perversion, unless she’s got a whip in her hand or something. But for a guy to lick another guy’s turd, that’s dirty! That’s a total sense of subjugation. That’s what the word ‘loveslave’ was meant for!”

Suddenly, three faces appeared at the surface of the water. “Tommy wants to get fucked!” Billy announced. His friend blushed.

“Uh, well, I guess that’s his…choice!” Dave gulped.

“Yeah,” Billy continued, “but Dad’s the only one that’s got a boner left! Tommy wants you to fuck him, Dad!”

Phil looked at Dave. Dave gasped, inadvertently looking down at his own deflated pecker. Something he wished he could do with it? “Tom? Uh, I need to hear it from you. You want Phil to fuck you?”

“Well, would you care? I mean, you gonna look down on me?” “Look, son, words don’t get minced around here. You ever had a prick up your ass?”

“N-no…but I wanna!”

Dave couldn’t help grinning. “Shit!” He waved his hands wildly. “You’re a cocksucker, son! You’re gonna suck cocks for the rest of your life, I suppose. You still got a virgin butthole, I presume, and I’d be absolutely fuckin’ honored to see you get your cherry busted!”

“Dad? You…you serious?”

“Yep,” he leaned down to his son’s face at the edge of the pool and half-whispered. “This is still pretty much crazy stuff to me, Tom. But if you got an itch up your butt like the one Billy had when I fucked him, go for it, kiddo! I never made a woman squeal, not even your mom, like Billy did. I’m keeping my butthole intact, but if it feels that good, son, throw it up for a man! If you’re gonna please ’em with your mouth, please ’em with your ass. I don’t think it’s sissy, Tom, but I’d sure like to see you plug a guy, too. See ya fuck a guy like a man. In fact, maybe not today, but I’d sure like to see you fuck Billy!”

“That only happens if I say so,” Slick reminded him with a scowl.

Dave looked over at him, playing his game to the hilt. “I know that, Slick. Listen, you kinda owe me, just a little. I followed your rules and did things I never thought I would. I could have beaten your head to a pulp, but even as a straight guy I gotta admit you’re one sexy dude. You roped Tommy into finding me like this, and I don’t hold that against you. My son wants to get fucked. We’ll all dig seeing that, right? But he needs to know what it’s like to do it, too. Billy’s his best friend. You wouldn’t deny him that pleasure, would you? Bill’s your slave. Order him to throw his ass up for his buddy. Get your face back there and get off on watching how your slave takes prick up the ass. You got nothing to lose. Tommy’s cock is no match for yours. Hell, he’ll only warm Billy up for that big hose of yours! You can fuck him while Billy sucks Tommy’s cock clean! We already know Billy’ll lick his own shit off a cock, right? That oughta turn you on real good!”

“Ha, ha ha! Whew! Smooth stuff, straight guy psychologist. Think you really got my balls in your head, hunh? Workin’ ’em around in your little brain, feeling the jizz pulsing in them , knowing just how they wanna get off?” He paused and wiped the water from his face. “You got some good points there, though. I knew you weren’t dumb when I saw you put your mouth on Billy’s asshole. Okay, sure, I could dig seein’ that. Both of ’em. Get me a good show up close seein’ those fucks. Guess you’re gonna have your puss down there next to me, huh? Takin’ in all the sights and smells of Tommy fucking and getting fucked? Yeah. I like you, straight guy. Hell, I’d blow you if I was a cocksucker!” He got a big grin on his face. “Oops, guess I already did some of that, huh? Sucked off my fag slave, and his dad! Do I look good suckin’ a prick?”

“You’re the boss, Slick,” Dave smiled. “and I guess you can blow me if you want. I’ll hate it, of course,” he chuckled, “but if my hot cockjuice happens to slither down your throat while you suck me off, well, I guess that’s just the way you want it. Right?”

“OH, FUCK! MAN, THAT WAS SO SMOOTH! You tryin’ reverse psychology on me?” Slick grinned and licked his lips salaciously. “Tell ya what. Everything’s a go…as long as you agree to suck your son’s cock after he pulls it out of my slave’s asshole!” he added.

“DAMN YOU! DAMN DAMN DAMN YOU!” Dave cried, defeated.

Slick laughed. “Yeah, right. Eat a ton of it to make him happy? I heard that. Was that you that said it?” ”

No. Listen, I’m already caught in a precarious position with my son. That’s absolutely too filthy for me to do…to my son!”

“Oh, so you might if it was somebody else?”

“NO! NO!! I meant…goddammit, I’ve never done anything like that!”

“Dad, Dad, don’t get so upset!” Tommy stroked his leg. “We don’t hafta do anything. I got…something at home I use. I just wanted to feel a real one.”

“Wow, you even got a dildo? Don’t you worry, Tom,” Dave was adamant –and a little crazed–“you’re gonna get your ass plugged good today, even if I hafta do it myself! Uh, I mean …jeez, I just keep getting in deeper!” He buried his head in his hands.

Phil stroked Tommy’s head. “Your old man’s worried about his strong feelings for you. Me and Billy did incestuous things, but your dad can’t handle that. You got an itchy butt, I got a hard cock. Come on up here, Tommy. Every time you came around the house I got a big boner for you, boy. Sometimes I had to go jack off. Lemme suck your ass loose an’ fuck ya!”

“Mr. Williams! Gee, I always thought, wow, fuck me, okay? Damn, I want a cock up my ass so bad! I never pretended. I just never told anybody I sucked cock – ‘cept for Billy, of course. I don’t know if I’m queer, I wanna get fucked so I can find out. I wanna be queer.”

“Now there’s a real case for you, Dave,” Slick laughed.

Regaining his composure now that Tommy was climbing out of the pool, Dave shushed him. “Put your asshole on his mouth, son. Phil can suck a guy’s shithole like nobody else. Yeah, lemme see you lick his dick while he does it. Fuckin’ blowboy …my kid! Suck that big thing, you beautiful cock-lover! Lemme see you blow my buddy!” Dave watched Tommy suck cock, his own pecker growing hard. Then he moved back and saw Phil licking the kid’s asshole. “GAWD, SUCK HIS HOLE! EAT THAT THING OUT LIKE YOU DO MINE! OOOH, SUCK MY BOY’S ASSHOLE, PHIL!”

“Hey, man?” Burt asked, now that Dave was kneeling with his ass up in the air, “you wanna rimjob?”

Dave kept his eye on the action, but thrust his upraised bottom back in invitation. “Oh, yeah, somebody suck everything I got! I’m gonna watch my boy get fucked!” Burt spread Dave’s butch crack apart, stretching it widely. It was nice, big, and juicy–no doubt from the rimming action it had recently received. He stared at it awhile, licking his lips, then rammed his tongue deeply into the straight man’s shit pit and washed it out. “Boy, you really started something, Master,” Billy said, licking into Slick’s ear. Slick worked his hand under the -water and grabbed the boy’s buns. “Yeah, ain’t it great? You hot little fuckhole…you want your buddy to cram his prick up your ass, doncha?” “Mmm,” Billy reached back and worked Slick’s finger up his ass. “Nobody could ever fuck me like you, Slick. But I think Tommy’s always wanted to do it. You made me cock-hungry…sure, I’d like his prick up my butt. Wanna see it? I told ya you could bring around a whole football team to fuck me if you wanted. I’ll suck dirty pricks. I’ll lick out old men’s assholes…anything you wanna see me do, Slick, anything!” “You filthy boy! Don’t get too excited like that. I might wanna kiss your stinky mouth…and I don’t want the smell of old men’s shit in there! And keep your cock clean…just in case I might have a rare urge to suck on it.” “Sure, my horny master! Want me to keep my butthole clean, too?” “Why bother? I’m sure not gonna lick it for you…and if I get any shit on my dick while I fuck you…I’ll just let you clean it off!”

“Oh, right. I knew that!”

“Don’t gimme that little twinkle, you shitass. I know what you’re thinking. You think I’m gonna put my face up your cheeks, doncha?”

“Oh, Slick, I wouldn’t dare think of that. It’s just that it’s something you might decide you wanted to make me submit to. I was only wondering what condition you wanted me in…just in case.”

“Right. Well, I’m never gonna get that urge, shitlick. But just in case I decide to change my mind…I’ll probably want it heady.”

“Huh? What’s that?”

“Jeez…college boy. Heady, dummy! Let it stink, stupid! Maybe I’ll do it once every ten years, so keep it that way. I’m no chickenshit. I get you to lick my smelly ass, if I ever decide to do it–I’ll do it the same way. Look at that. Think your buddy might…” ”

You really like Tommy, doncha?” Billy whined.

“Hey, don’t you ever feed me that jealous bullshit again!” he said in anger, hissing into Billy’s ear. “Just for that I’m gonna blow your buddy right over your face sometime! Suck his prick while you lick his smelly nuts!” Billy reached back and pulled his cheeks  apart.

“Oh, yes, jam your finger deeper up my asshole, Slick, and tell me how we’ll do it!”

“I’ll suck the jizz outta his balls, then spit it in your mouth!”

“You won’t make me lick his turd, though, willya?”

“Grab hold of the ledge. I’m gonna fuck you and think about that. Tommy’s ready to get fucked – see that? You’re gonna lick your Daddy’s dirty prick off, aren’t you?”

“Ah! Sure, Slick. I’ll suck Tommy’s shit right off it. Every scrap. Fuck me!”

“Yeaaaah, dirty little fuckin’ shit-lickin’ cocksucker,” he spoke into Billy’s ear while driving his fingers up hisass. “Suck your daddy’s filthy cock and take your buddy’s turd in your mouth.”

Tommy’s face was near, and he heard this. But he was too engrossed in getting his ass sucked–and anxious to get fucked –to do more than just stare open-mouthed at them. With the smell and taste of Tommy’s butthole on his lips, Phil urged Tommy onto his back and slid his wet cock up the boy’s gaping hole. Grabbing his thighs and lifting his butt up, Tommy gasped in pain and pleasure. He clamped his ass muscles tightly before loosening them up and letting the manplow him.

“Oh, Tom…you alright?” Dave asked, concerned and enjoying the ass-sucking he was getting by Burt.

“Aw, Dad! This is wonderful! I always wanted a big cock up my ass. Whew! FUCK ME, MR. WILLIAMS! FUCK THE BEJEZZUS OUTTA ME!” Burt had his long tongue buried up Dave’s rectum and was licking out his insides. His tongue followed when Dave scooted over to Tommy’s face. The boy was gasping and moaning. Then he saw his dad’s face up next to his. “Sure this is okay with you, Dad?”

“Sure, Son, as long as you’re enjoying it.”

“Oh, oh, Dad…it’s great!” he cried, rapidly stroking his meat.

“Enjoy it. But you look uncomfortable. Let me do that for you, Son.” He reached over and took Tommy’s cock in his hand and masturbated him.

“Oh, Slick!” Billy cried. The punk had three fingers up his hole and worked it really loose. Billy thought his guts were gonna fall out until Slick rammed his prick up there. He was giving him a long, slow, deep fuck while they watched the others. Emyline wasn’t left out, either. She was at the end of the line, tonguing Burt’s ass and licking his cock and balls. She had two hot dogs shoved up her twat and one up her asshole , all the way! Burt pulled Dave’s cock back between his legs and sucked on it while the guy jerked off his son.

Phil’s cock was being soothed, smoothed, and suckered by Tommy’s tight rectum. Like a bunch of tiny tongues, the throbbing insides were pulsing up and down his shaft and he warned the delicious, tall youngster that he was going to come as he sped up his strokes. “Me…me, too…DAD!” Tommy cried.

Dave made an instant decision…no, it was more of an impulse. A desire to see that his son got the greatest pleasure out of his first fuck. “Wait! Blow your load down my throat!” Dave quickly maneuvered his head into his son’s crotch and took Tommy’s cockhead into his mouth. He sucked it with loud, luscious noises. Tommy didn’t have any choice. He was surprised ., even shocked, but Phil was banging his prostate and his dad was sucking too good. He let out a cry that could be heard three blocks away, and sent a stream of boiling, stringy jizz down the back of his father’s throat! Dave felt the tremendous blast bounce off the roof of his mouth and swallowed it all. He couldn’t decide if the taste was good–but it sure wasn’t bad. It didn’t matter. What mattered was that he made Tommy feel good. Getting fucked like this in front of your own dad deserved something extra, and Dave wanted him to get the most enjoyment from the fuck his buddy was giving his son.

Okay, so it was crazy. The whole damned day, and the last few weeks had been crazy. He’d been fucking his wife two, three times a day, much to her amazement and delight. His cock was working like it was 18 again. His excitement at doing this was twofold. When that first blast hit his tastebuds, he emptied his balls in Burt’s cocksucking mouth. Each new stream of Tommy’s jizz send one of his own into Burt’s gulping mouth. Neither one of them lost a precious drop. Tommy lifted his head from the ground. He was gasping. His ass was still stuffed with Phil’s cock. He turned sideways. “Dad, you b-blew me!”

“Yes,” Dave was also breathing heavily, “and don’t you ever let that happen again, young man!” He grinned and tenderly touched Tom’s cheek.

“HEY!” Slick yelled. “Pull that butt apart and draw your prick out just as it is, Phil. Bring it over here and sit on the deck. Billy will clean it off for ya.”

Phil sighed, but obeyed. “Don’t you ever get tired of treating him like shit?”

“Stupid! I’m treating him TO shit!” he laughed as Phil lowered himself to the deck and dropped his feet into the water. “Hold it up. Hell, it ain’t dirty at all. Looks like your buddy’s a real clean fuck, Billyboy. Too bad for you. But look at all that slimy assjuice covering it along with your daddy’s ball cream.” He leaned over Billy’s shoulder and sniffed it. “Yeah, smells good though, don’t it? Lick everything off of there while I pump a load up your ass.”

Everyone watched as Billy slurped up every bit of moisture from his dad’s cock and balls. It was a treat to him. Not just sucking his dad, but licking Tommy’s butt taste. And having those ten inches driving up his ass sure didn’t hinder his excitement either! His own cock sent swirling jets of sperm into the water.

“Gee, Bill, that’s hot!” Phil gasped, watching his son. Even more of a surprise was when Emyline, of all people, started sucking Phil’s cum from Tommy’s gaping asshole! Their appetites were back after this. Dave ate one of the hot dogs from Emyline’s pussy, and Phil got up and ate out the other one. She presented her ass to Burt. He didn’t even know she had one up there until it poked its head out. He laughed, and chewed it as it emerged. With his ass up, he pounded his cock while he sucked it out. He had his prick aimed toward the deck. As a lark, Slick held his hand out underneath and caught his father’s hefty load. He pulled it back and looked at it. With an evil, lusty laugh, he put it to his mouth and noisily slurped it all down!

“There, you old fuck!” Slick spat at his father. “You never gave me a brother – just think how many little brothers I just sucked up!” He saw them all staring at him. “Fuck you! I’ll eat balljuice, but you’ll never see me suck his prick!”

“Slick, by the time you were seven I knew you had to be an only child. You were already beating up on the other boys and making them do nasty things. I saw you in the bushes with your pants down, forcing other little boys to lick your weinie! One kid went home crying with piss running down his face. Heaven knows what you made them do at your rearend!”

“Well, I’ll tell you this, Pop. Yours wasn’t the first tongue up my ass. I used to make a group of boys pick straws to see who had to lick my butthole. I cheated, of course, until they all eventually did it. Then I’d climb up on a box and make them watch me take a shit. Then they’d pick straws again, and the loser had to get down and sniff it! Back then, even I thought licking it would be too dirty. But you sure taught me different in a couple of years!” he sneered. “Somebody ought to make you lick a turd!”

Dave blurted. “Oh yeah, straight guy?”

Slick whirled toward Dave. “And just whose turd would you pick? Yours? My cocksucking father’s?”

“No,” Dave answered calmly, “the one you want.”

“THE ONE I WANT??! You’re nuts! I don’t wanna lick nobody’s shit!”

“Of course you do,” Dave continued in a light manner. He was smiling but definitely trying to intimidate the boy. “Sounds like you’ve been a filthy little boy almost since birth. Nobody else thought of those dirty games at seven. Even your dad, as much as he licked your grimy asshole, never asked for a turd , as far as I know. You’ve been showing guys how you shit., showing them your pretty little turds, trying to convince them that smelling them is fun and tasting them would be even better  – and all that time it was you that was interested in doing the dirty deed!”

“You’re so full of shit!” Slick sniggered.

“See? Even when you’re mad, the word ‘shit’ is prominent. The first thing you think about.” Dave was pointed, but not abusive or trying to be scathing in his remarks. “Are you willing to answer a question that demands a reply? A purely speculative question?”

“Wha…whadda you mean speculative?”

“Hypothetical. Like, if red or green had to be your favorite color, which one would it be?”‘

“You think I’m chicken?” Slick said defiantly.  “Ask me…I’ll answer.”

“Okay. But if blue is your answer, you still have to pick red or green, see? Ready?”

“This is dumb, but go ahead.”

“Alright. Suppose someone here must take a shit in your mouth and you have the choice as to who it will be. Who do you choose?”

“NOBODY!” Slick cried, aggitated.

“No fair. Just a game, remember? Won’t happen, but you have to pick someone.”

“Oh, I getcha. Dumb question, since I’m not gonna do it, but…” he looked around as if studying everyone, including Emyline.

“Come on,” Dave rushed him, “a quick answer!”

“Oh, alright…uh…” his face screwed up in displeasure and annoyance as he repeatedly scanned all present with the exception of one particular person – but the expected response was quickly forthcoming. “BILLY! I guess – but only cause it had to be someone.”

Dave grinned and kept silent. The others did the same. They all caught on to what Dave had been saying. It made sense. And Slick wasn’t so dumb that he didn’t realize what he’d admitted. “Hey, I j-just said that because…” he turned and looked atBilly. “You know. You’re my fuckin’ blowboy! I don’t wanna…” Billy kept a blank expression and gulped quietly. Billy was intelligent enough to analyze his own desires and feelings, and knew they weren’t all that removed from Slick’s. Just the other side of the coin. And coins could be easily flipped! Beneath the water, his cock was rising at the thought of slapping Slick on his upraised rump and hearing the boy begging to have Billy fuck him with all his might! He stared blankly. His ‘master’ had to make that decision on his own.

“Anything,” Billy whispered, “anything you want.”

“Look. It was hypothetical, that’s all! Sure, if I had to take a turd in my mouth, it would be you. You. Cause you’re my… I mean, cause I don’t love you. Cause I don’t loveanybody …but I love you the most…but I don’t love…you.” His voice had trailed off at the end and Billy was quick enough to sense that he might choke up.

“Of course you don’t love me, Slick. Hell, I’m just a sex slave. Gee, you’d have to order me to do something like that. And you’d only do that to prove you’re not afraid of, well, anything.”

“Yes…” Slick gulped, “yes, that’s why I’d do it – if I did.”

“Well,” Phil interjected, taking a breath, “all this talk of turdlicking sure has me thirsty for a beer! Anybody else?”

“Hell, you’d probably rather drink piss!” Slick laughed, glad the subject had been changed. He was tremulously close to admitting more than he cared to.

“Speaking of that, I really gotta go bad,” Tommy blurted. He got up as if to head into the house.

“Just piss in my dad’s mouth,” Slick suggested without his usual animosity toward the man, “he digs it. Doncha, Pop?”

“Sure, but how ’bout we lighten things up and make a game out of it?” He jumped up energetically. “Let me get on the raft and anybody that’s gotta piss stand on the deck and let loose! You guys can all pee on me. And don’t let that sign about ‘me not swimming in your toilet’ stop you. I got a good filter in the pool. Emyline, ‘fraid you’re left out on this one – unless you can piss standing up.” Phil laughed, picturing the sight.

“Honey, you just bring that raft to the edge of the pool,” she chuckled. “I can piss with the best of ’em!” she giggled. And she did. Laughing, she pulled her pussylips apart and arched her back, sending a stream out to Burt’s reclining body and all over his face. The others took turns because they all wanted to get it in his mouth. Slick held back, grabbinga beer. Dave was an early pisser, and when he stepped back to get a beer of his own, he saw Slick standing by the gate. Silently, with a little nudge of his head, the punk urged Dave to follow him. He wasn’t sneering, or giving him a lewd look. Dave nodded and slipped away. Instead of going out the gate (which was good since they were both still quite naked), Slick opened the door to the garage and closed it after them.

“Okay, smart guy,” Slick started. “I mean…jeez, I get so used to talking that way I don’t know when to stop. What I mean is, you are a smart guy. You’ve been nailing me to the rafters ever since the camping trip.” He sat on a crate and waved for Dave to sit down on one too. “You, um, got me pretty well figured out, huh? Maybe better than I know myself?”

“Maybe a little.”

“Yeah, must be. You keep makin’ me think. Scares the shit outta me! Ah, okay, there I go again with the ‘shit’, right?” he grinned. “Anyway, maybe you ain’t so wrong. So what’ll I do now?”

“What’s your biggest fear?”

“I dunno. Losing control. Losing…”


“Yeah. Nailed me on that, man. Nailed me good! I’ve been pushing guys around so long…it’s all I know. And he likes it! I’m all screwed up, man. He’s two, three years older, and I got him by the balls! Truth is, he’s got me by the balls.” He hung his head.

“You seem to be doing alright with that,” Dave observed.

“Yeah, but I’m slipping. What if I slip too much? I’m on top. I shit, he licks, so to speak – hell, in truth! What happens if I get this urge to get underneath? I wanna, well, I wanna pull him down and kiss him for hours! I wanna lick his body all over! Jeez, man, I want him to piss in my fuckin’ mouth and make me…WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS IF I LOSE CONTROL? I love him so much, Dave, what am I gonna do?” He was on the verge of tears and his voice was quaking.

“Slick. Jeez, what the hell’s your real name?”

“Charles. But don’t call me that, okay?”

“No, that’s good. You need to get out of your ‘Slick’ mode for this discussion. Slick’s a facade, your rough, tough punk personality. At the root, you’re still Charles. A kid who wants love and has finally found it.”

“Hey, I lose ‘Slick’ and I lose myself. And I lose Billy.”

“Hmmm. You know what metamorphosis means? Like a worm turning into a butterfly. That’s what you have to do with ‘Slick’.”

“Oh, great. I start flitting around like a fag butterfly!”

Dave laughed.  “No, silly. You start seeing ‘Slick’ more as an alternative personality. Someone you can draw upon when necessary and use his better qualities for your own. But not as a real person as you have been. You tapped into Billy’s masochism. Billy suckboy slave asslicker who lives to take orders. Now suddenly you’re discovering you’re not so different from him. You wouldn’t mind spending some time on his side, as long as it’s with him, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so. But…”

“Didn’t you ever stop to think that maybe he’d like to flip over just as much as you? That’s what S&M is all about. Now, maybe you guys don’t use whips and chains and all that garbage, but mentally you’re locked into that. And it ain’t kid stuff. Billy’s out there ready and willing to eat shit for you. And it makes his cock hard doing it. Snap your fingers.”


“Do it, snap your fingers.” Slick complied. “That’s how fast you’d put your mouth up to Billy’s asshole and suck his turd. You might even be beyond that, I don’t know. You might even eat it down if he told you to. Gobble it out of his ass and chew it.”

Slick quickly snapped his fingers again and nodded. “So, how to reconcile your dominance with your desire to submit?” Dave continued.  “Easy. Easiest thing in the world. Because you’re the boss. Don’t you get it yet? You’re the filth boy! You make all the nasty suggestions. Billy knows that and goes along. Sure, he likes it too. But it’s you that had the original magnetic pull into all that. So why would it be out of character for you to decide that your pleasure is being submissive to all your desires. You’re fascinated with shit and Billy knows that quite well. You want to smell it, lick it, taste it, and maybe even eat it. All he can do is obey. He can’t question. Not if you put it that way. How about, ‘Get your slutty ass up over my mouth, bitch, and give me a stinky turd! I’m in the mood to eat your worthless shit!’ or ‘Don’t give me any backtalk – piss in my mouth!'”

“Hey, yeah. But wouldn’t he know?”

“He knows already. He loves you just as much as you love him. He’s just not ready to have the fantasy ruined. You can be just as much of a slave suckboy asslickin’ faggot as you want , as long as you put it in the form of an order. You’re the filth boy, remember? You think maybe he’d like to see you blow other guys? Order him to watch you do it! Tell him if he doesn’t fuck your ass hard enough you’ll bite his dick off!”

“Jeez, seems simple when you put it that way!”

“It is. Eventually you drop little quick hints about the truth of your relationship. You kiss him passionately and whisper, ‘it’s your turn to be boss today.’ And don’t let him question your remark. Time will come when that switcheroo will be automatically, and happily accepted. Sometimes you’ll switch every couple of minutes. Then all will be known to you both.”

“Man, you shoulda been a queer!” Slick laughed.

“Hey, suckin’ off my own kid was bad enough! I’m a shrink. Not that you haven’t done your best to confuse the hell out of me!”

“I sure tried! Uh, what about Tommy? Billy sure likes him, and, well, I kinda groove on him myself – not the same way, of course.”

“Tommy spoke his own mind. I imagine he’ll drift in and out of your lives – and your bed, probably. Keep your mind-track on Billy and don’t try to control Tom. He’ll do what he wants to do, and I’d guess he’d like to do it with you two a few times , on his own terms.”

“I still got these nasty urges to make Billy do stuff, though. Like make him have Tommy shit in his mouth! What’ll I do about that?”

“If you don’t hear a NO above a loud whisper, go with it. Billy’s not a masochist just for your sake, you know. You gotta feel him out about what he’s willing to be ordered to do.”

“Whadda you mean?”

“They’ve been friends a long time. Who knows if he’s always wanted to do that with Tom? You might have to face the fact that if Tommy had subjected him to the things you have, things might be different. But right now, he’s in love with you. The best way to counter feelings like that is to not ignore them. You’re really in a unique position. See, when guys have these fantasies about other people, it tends to jeopardize their relationships. Causes jealousy. Maybe that other guy I’ve wanted for so long would be better! You can cut that to the quick. All you have to do is satisfy his every fantasy and whim. Just make sure that it all comes under your command. Don’t ever let someone else order him to do something. In this case, you order him to…to lick Tommy’s shit or whatever– jeez!–don’t let Tommy order him. That way he gets his fantasy out of the way, but he’s still connected to you to have those desires satisfied. All things come through you, see?”

Dave paused a moment, letting Slick take in his words, then continued.  “And eventually he just may come around to understand that he has the power to satisfy your ‘other’ fantasies by allowing you to do them through his orders. Like picking up other guys to suck and fuck.”

“Yeah, but I can already.”

“True. But when you both start to coincide and share your control, that won’t be true anymore. You’ll have to give up some of your absolute power in order to gain permission from Billy to be submissive.”

“So the more he learns about how I really am, the more of a game it becomes, and the less control I really have?”

“Yep. And the more you’re both able to share a true love, too.”

“Ah. Then it’s worth it! Gee, thanks smart guy! I sure hope I remember all this.”

“I’ll be around.”

“Right. Sure you haven’t gotten a little messed up with all this?”

“Naw, just expanded my horizons a bit. It’s a shame I gotta keep it from my wife, though. Tommy’s on his own, but I can’t imagine not creeping over to Phil’s once in a while for one of his hot blowjobs and a great rimming!”

“Yeah, well keep your hands off my lover, you bastard. – that is, unless I’m around to give orders! And don’t be surprised if you find yourself going down on that big prick of Phil’s.”

“Don’t say a word, but: next time we’re alone I’m gonna blow his mind – and blow his prick! Hell, if I can suck off my own son, I can sure blow my suckbuddy.”

“I got an urge to blow you myself!” Slick grinned, looking down at Dave’s long hang. “That’s a juicy piece of meat.”

“You know? Mostly cause you’ve been such a punk, I’d love to see you grovel down between my legs while I fuck your mouth. But maybe it’d be best to save that as one of your ‘fantasies’ you might hint to Billy after he wises up.”

“Good idea. Wouldn’t do to have him catch me blowin’ you out here. Think I might slip a little asslicking into that fantasy too, now that I’m being really honest. Say, this is between you and me, isn’t it?”

“Yes. But I think it might be wise if you’d allow me to fill in some details for Billy’s dad. He needs to know everything’s alright.”

“No. Phil’s a cocksucker, and I think he’s got urges like Billy. You saw how I ordered him around. And I don’t think Billy really wants to call off having dealings with his old man. He’s fun and I’d like to push those two into nastier stuff. They like it too much!”

“Charles, you just may be right. You’re learning. But when it doesn’t seem right and things start getting edgy, call it off, okay? Phil’s easy alright, and he’s definitely got the hots for you. But I’m not really gonna be a substitute. Things could get real nasty if you end up with father and son fighting over you!”

“Hell, more like those two might go off together!” he laughed.

“I don’t think so. That was your turd they both licked.”

“Hey, that’s right! Uh, one more thing. What about my old man?”

“Don’t sweat it. I figure Burt for a horny guy. Not really what you’d call a masochist. He just loves you. And believe me, he’s got you all figured out. Maybe he digs licking shit, maybe not. But he’d do it for you. You probably could’ve shit in his mouth when you were nine. He’s just the kind of guy who’d do anything to make his kid happy. You were happiest when you ordered him to do nastier stuff than he already was doing, so he gladly went along. Personally, I think it’s a little weird. If he could, he’d probably put his whole head up your ass and lick out your rectum. And maybe he just likes piss. But I have a feeling he wouldn’t care to lick anybody else’s turd but yours. But, he just might do it if you wanted him to. Don’t force him beyond a point.”

“Gee, what a neighborhood! Fathers and sons aren’t supposed to get along – and look at all of us! What a bunch of incestuous cocksuckers!”

“Yeah. Blow him on his birthday and freak him out!”

“Heh! Maybe I will. We’d better go back. But listen. You’ve been a great help, I really dig it. If things ever get you down for some reason–and maybe it’s cheating on Billy–but if you really feel like shitting on the whole world, you got a reservation on my chest, man. Maybe I won’t lick it, or tongue your ass afterward, but you got a ticket to take a big shit on me and get rid of your frustrations!”

Dave laughed uproariously, and so did Slick. As they went out the door, Slick grabbed Dave by the hips and quickly crouched down and smacked a smooch right into Dave’s asscrack! “Sealed with a kiss!” Slick chuckled.

Dave winked. “Hell, too bad your dad already licked it clean!”

“Yeah, I guess you’d like to do some ordering of your own with me, huh? After the way I acted!”

“You definitely brought out my more hidden vicious tendencies!”

“Hey! Where you guys been?” Phil yelled. Billy had a confused, studied look in his eyes. Jealousy?

“You writin’ a book?” Slick snarled. “We were discussing politics. Straight guy and me are friends. I ain’t gonna call him ‘straight guy’ no more, and he ain’t gonna complain if I fuck Tommy!”

Dave stifled a laugh. Tommy looked perplexed. He didn’t know his ass was up for grabs. On second thought, his ass was up for grabs! He had Burt’s cock stuffed all the way up there and he was licking Emyline’ cuntlips!

“Hey, Dad? Pussy ain’t so bad after all!” he giggled.

“Tom, any hole with hair around it has it’s own delight!” Dave winked at Billy, making the boy smile and forget any concerns. He was just glad that Slick was next to Billy, feeling him up!

“Want me to suck you off, Slick?” Billy asked expectantly.

Slick sighed. “Aw, give your lips a rest. I just noticed that you really got big balls. Climb up over my face and let me lick ’em.” Billy gasped, astonished. “Listen, suckboy,” Slick added, “I’m doing this as a favor for being so obedient. But hold that prick up out of the way. I didn’t say I was gonna do no cocksucking. But just remember, slut. If I wanna suck your prick, I will! When I feel like it!”

“S-sure, Slick! Whatever you say!” Billy climbed over Slick’s face and carefully lowered his dangling ballsack down to be licked. His cock was fully stiff in seconds and he obediently held it out of the way. His punk master was licking his nuts and he closed his eyes in ecstasy and rocked his bottom. A couple of times he thought he’d accidentally moved too much and caused Slick’s tongue to nearly touch his asshole. But since Slick didn’t complain, he figured he was wrong. Fact was, Slick was trying to reach it. He’d never licked anybody’s asshole before – they had always licked his. But he wasn’t ready to do it out in the open. At least, not quite yet.


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