You can only hear his voice in your head now. You’re his “stupid bitch” and he owns you. What wouldn’t you give him? He’s the man who hates you in just the way you like. He’s the most important man in the world. When he spits on you and manhandles you, it makes your asshole spasm around his big hard dick. His hate makes your little fag clit cum hard.

He’s not acting, and neither are you. When he tells you to go suck dick for money, you do it. Steal from your friends and family? Of course. And when you kneel down in front of him and hand him the cash, it’ll never be enough. See, he’s insatiable. He needs to degrade you as much as he wants the money. “Did you have fun blowing strangers for me, stupid bitch?” This makes him hard and he’s going to fuck you again.

You may be a dumb cunt for your man but your smart enough to know that there’s no turning back. What would you do? Go on real dates? Get a boyfriend, house, a dog? Don’t be stupid. This is what trashy whored out faggots like you want. You started swallowing every time, you fucking cum junkie. The person who lived in your empty shell of a body is gone now. You’re his. His is the voice you hear.

“Don’t be stupid, bitch.”

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