dumbshitfaggot writes: i am a faggot that has recently found a Straight Man who wants to own me. HE has used me several times and is pleased with my service. But now HE wants to own me 24/7, and keep me chained up and naked, locked in a cell HE has built in HIS basement.

HE has shown me the cell, and explained that i will be naked, chained on my knees. The cell is made of cinder blocks, and has no window or natural light. There is nothing in there but a hole in the center of the floor for waste, and even the light is controlled by a switch outside the heavy oak door. There is no bed, no blanket, no pad, and no means of escape. The only other thing in there is an iron ring, which is cemented into the floor of the cell. There is a heavy chain, about 36″ long, permanently attached between the ring and a heavy iron collar. All that remains is for HIM to lock me in that collar, and i will sleep on the concrete floor naked, and be kept in there for the rest of my life.

HE has said that i will have to learn to survive on HIS Cum, Piss and Shit, and if lucky i might get a bowl of dog food occasionally. HE also says that i will slowly go mad from boredom and isolation.

HE owns me, has taken all my assets and destroyed my career. i am very scared, but i know i have no choice but to submit. But my question is, what will happen?  Is this survivable? Can a slave be kept alive on such a diet, and thrive in that kind of setting? Am i crazy that i have said i will go? Please answer quickly, i am due to be taken there in two days.


What will happen, you whiny cunt, is that you will submit, and you will be kept naked and on your knees for the rest of your faggot life. Is this survivable? I assume you’ll survive long enough to satisfy his needs. But does that really matter? If he wants to keep you alive, he will find a way. But if he doesn’t care, what do you have to live for anyway?

Will you thrive locked in that cell? By my way of thinking, you are a lucky lucky faggot to find a man who knows what you are and how to treat you. So shut up and get in the cage. your life will be hard, but it’s the life you were born for. Be happy you get to be the slave you were meant to be. Thank him every day.

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