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The elephant is dying

The elephant is dying

From a follower:

Elephants live in groups with one alpha male, a harem of females and some beta males. The presence of the alpha male constrains the ambitions of the beta males and leads to a stable group. Now ice age human hunters would usually target the alpha male mammoths, causing disruption to the group dynamic. Beta males that would have previously lived in harmony with their group became aggressive without a dominant male to curtail those impulses. They began to hurt each other and the females in the absence of power.

Political correctness may be doing something similar to alpha male humans, separating and destroying them. If that impulse led to the extinction of the mammoth then it might lead to the destruction of mankind eventually.

Where on the chart do you lie faggot?


Young, straight, fit lodger

Young, straight, fit lodger


Anonymous asked:

I am a faggot, I have a lodger who has a room in my house. He is straight, young and fit. fag does everything for Him, washing, food etc. I’m not sure if he is aware that I worship him? maybe he thinks that I would do this for anyone? I want to decrease his rent but feel stupid asking him if I can?. I cant bear the thought of him leaving? I would love him to really exploit this faggot, he could really make a good profit from me. Shall I just come out with it and tell him Sir?


You seem eager to take advantage of this boy and you’re so concerned about how losing him might make you feel that you have lost focus on what is important. Your focus should be on him and his well being, not on shoring up your rather typical faggot insecurities. You are here to improve the quality of his life. Refocus. You’re being a greedy, selfish little queer focused solely on your slutty desires and not on how you can make up some for the damage you’ve done. If you really care for this man, stop talking and controlling so much and start listening.