Yesterday I encountered a young fag begging to suck my cock. It was surprising as he appeared straight in his baseball uniform. We were at a trough type urinal at a local park where he must have been a part of the baseball game that just finished. What gave him away was this little faggot couldn’t keep his eyes off my big cock. He stared at it intensely as I pissed and afterward as it clubbed up to a respectable 8 inches, though I wasn’t completely hard. The kid’s dick was pathetic … maybe 5 inches at best.

The kid then said, “Your dick reminds me of my dad’s. I’d love to give you a bj.” I could only imagine how this boy knew how big his dad’s dick was, especially as mine was semi-erect. I saw huge faggot potential in this kid and could tell he was about as horny as a kid can get.

I have to say it was tempting to fuck his little throat thinking his parents were outside innocently waiting for him. I suppose it would have been fun but I didn’t feel like dealing with his dad walking in on us in the middle of me taking down this fag. Imagine my surprise then when moments later the kid’s dad entered the restroom and sauntered up to the urinal, standing in between the two of us. Kid wasn’t lying. Dad had a dick almost as big and fat as mine, and when he released it from his pants, he was already halfway hard. I looked at the dad and winked and then looked at the kid who was clearly in faggot heaven and said, “Well, now is your chance faggot …” His dad smiled at me and pushed his son down to the ground on his knees.

I ended up being given quite the incestuous show as the father thoroughly fucked his kid’s face in. He was rough and unsympathetic to his son’s suffering as he plowed his young throat. Tears poured down the kid’s face as he got his head pounded. Still, I knew the kid wanted and loved every second of the ravaging. The dad was as interested in fucking his son’s throat as his son was in being skullfucked. They were like wild animals … dad taking what’s rightfully his.

As much as I might have wanted to participate in solidifying this kid’s status as a restroom haunting fag, I didn’t know if he was even close to 18 years old, and his dad did a fine job all on his own. I just enjoyed the show. I have to admit it was a hot moment to see this dad finally unload in his son’s throat. Half his load poured down the kids chin onto his shirt. Not sure how they’ll explain that mess to mom, but I don’t fucking care either. It was a beautiful sight to see this man abuse his kid.

Of course now I’m curious, have any of you (straight men or faggots) experienced a public restroom shocker like mine? It certainly was unexpected and it sure made my day. One more kid turned faggot.

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