BigRod writes: Love your site, man! I have a faggot who services me, but after reading the FD site, I realized how far I can take it – and I have!

But now I have a problem: my well behaved faggot is starting to get needy. it acts like it has the right to express opinions, make suggestions, and to have sex when it wants to (or refuse to have sex when it doesn’t want to). it has occasionally been careless during service and scrapped my cock with its teeth, or not been property prepared to be fucked. Just last night, I offered it to a buddy, and the faggot said it “wasn’t into him” and only wanted to serve me.

I’m getting pretty fucking fed up with it, but I know it wants me to be its straight owner. So what is the right punishment for various infractions? How do I make sure I’m doing enough to get it to learn. I tend to use whipping to punish it – the other tortures I do to it (electro, hot wax, public humiliation) are mostly for my amusement.


There are no hard and fast rules on how to best punish a faggot, since each situation is different. That being said, I alway advice guys to err on the side of caution – meaning, make sure the punishment is severe, as severe punishments tend to get a faggot’s attention.

So, for example, if you’re whipping it, here’s what I’d suggest for various infractions:

  • Expressing an unsolicited opinion – 75 lashes
  • Offering unsolicited suggestions – 100 lashes
  • Controlling when it will have sex – 200 lashes
  • Scrapping your cock – 300 lashes
  • Not always ready to get fucked – 300 lashes

These probably seem pretty extreme to you, but this is what I mean – you have to get their attention. You want your faggot to be afraid to ever misbehave again.

As to refusing to service a guy you offered it to: that is a pretty serious infraction. If my faggot slave ever refused to service ANYONE, I would definitely do something extreme. If your faggot isn’t locked in permanent chastity, I would say you should definitely start with that. Some serious humiliation and abuse is definitely called for – far beyond a simple beating. Get some other guys together and really work the faggot over.

I have often thought about castrating my faggot, and if it ever embarrassed me by refusing to service a buddy, I would probably proceed with cutting off its nuts. A faggot NEVER has the right to refuse service to a Straight Man.  Make sure your faggot knows that.

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