justahole writes: i am a faggot who has been serving Straight Men for several years. i have one Man who has used me often, and things have gotten increasingly more and more violent, with Him beating me up, raping me, torturing me, stealing my money, etc.

Recently, He had me in His car and, while fucking me, He had His hand on the back of my head, and He started smashing my face against the metal door frame. Doing this gave me a bloody nose, my face was cut in a couple places, and two of my teeth were knocked loose (i spit them out later). After He came, He saw my bloody face, and without a word reached over, opened the door, and shoved me out onto the pavement. Unfortunately, a police car was driving past, and the cops stopped to investigate.

Things got out of control, and they ended up arresting Him. He had my wallet in His pocket, so not only is He accused of rape, assault and battery, but also of robbery. Now He is due to be arraigned in court, and i am supposed to go testify against Him. My parents, my friends, my boss, my co-workers – everyone knows, and they all believe that He assaulted me. They are planning on coming to the hearing to “support” me.

What do i do? i don’t want Him to be punished, but this has taken on a life of its own. Any advice?


I imagine that, when you look up the phrase “stupid faggot” online, your picture comes up first. Yeah, I have advice for you:

When you get to court, you tell the judge that you are a stupid faggot who asked him to use you. Be very specific, that everything he did, including bloodying your face, knocking out your teeth, taking your wallet and raping you, he did because you asked him to. Tell them that you don’t want to press charges, that you deserve what you got and that he needs to be released. Tell the judge you think the man is a God, and that you worship him and always will.

You may ask: why am I telling you to do it this way, instead of just calling up and dropping the charges?  Check out the name of this website again: Faggot Destruction. The goal here really is to destroy your fucking life, to make you into the faggot that you need to be. So if you stand up in court and say what you are, and why you in fact wanted everything, it should have a pretty big impact on your life. Your family, for example, will learn a lot about you – I assume their reaction will not be positive. and their embarrassment may well lead to them cutting you out of their lives. You will also be an embarrassment for your company, so you’ll probably lose your job too. All this will help push you into being what you know you were born to be.

And once that has happened, you can get back in touch with your straight man, and tell him you will do ANYTHING he wants. If you’re lucky, he’ll want to lock you in his basement and keep you there for the rest of your miserable faggot life (especially that now, no one will miss you or care where you’ve gone). At very least, he will know that, next time, he can knock out the rest of your teeth, break some bones, and really have fun with you.

Get ready, faggot. Your true life is about to begin!

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