Hello Sir, Please tell us what you would do or say to a leading gay activist like Dustin Lance Black? Would you engage him in his conversations about gay rights? How would you react to his presence in front of you?


Your post makes me laugh. He must be a ‘faggot legend’ because I had never heard of him and had to look him up on google. Not exactly a legend in the real world. Dude presents like the typical faggot I have pay me to rough them up. These ‘activists’ are uncle Toms. They are the biggest self-loathing individuals on earth. These are the faggots that won’t allow themselves to be seen in public in their natural, disgusting, dirty, slutty state. They are the ones that put on the biggest mask when out in the ‘real world’. I believe it is a disconnect between what they desire at a carnal, fundamental level, and what they feel they need to display in order to be accepted that makes them such ‘activists’ or ‘legends’. 

That said, would I engage him in conversation? I certainly wouldn’t be chasing after him to talk, but I’ve said here before that I have acquaintances who are gay and I don’t reel back in horror when they bring up a subject I know we will disagree upon. Would I enter into a debate with this fag? Why? What’s the point?

He’ll win points in front of an audience for saying what is supposed to be said while I get to look like the straight douche. Then after I’ll get approached by his people to set up a scene for him. It wouldn’t be the first, second, or even third time that’s happened. Maybe you don’t understand how fundamental this disconnect I am explaining really is. I just think of the line, ‘thou doth protest too much,’ in that an individual who will not let go of something usually has a very intense and dark reason for holding so strongly on to it in the first place.

Originally posted 2014-06-23 00:32:39.

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