Lord knows faggots are in need of guidance  I’ve never met a more incompetent, misguided group of folk. In that vain here is a program for faggots. One day at a time, and all that.

STEP 1: I admit that I am a faggot and powerless to resist my need for cock and cum.

STEP 2: I believe that real men are superior to all faggots and that my greatest happiness is found in serving them.

STEP 3: I will commit my pathetic faggot life to serving real men as a cocksucker, a fuck-hole, Fleshlight, and an object for their use, misuse, abuse, exploitation, and pleasure.

STEP 4: I will make a searching inventory of all the ways being a faggot and serving real men is wonderful, and why real men fully deserve my adoration, obedience, and service.

STEP 5: I will admit to myself and at least one real man that I am a pathetic faggot whore that exists to be used.

STEP 6: I am entirely ready to stop making excuses and finally become the true, indiscriminate, fearless, shameless faggot whore I know I’m meant to be.

STEP 7: I humbly ask one or more superior alpha men to break me of my will and use me like the filthy faggot slut that I am.

STEP 8: I will create a list of slutty and slavish goals for all the ways I plan to be of service to real men, sexually and otherwise. I will diligently pursue these goals and welcome abuse by straight men. .

STEP 9: I will make amends for all the times I have failed my slutty duties as a faggot slut by paying one or more alphas regular financial tribute as penance.

STEP 10: I will continue to stretch my whore goals, and strive to be an even more depraved, debased, cum-drenched faggot whore every day.

STEP 11: With gratitude I surrender my ego and will, by submitting to humiliation, use, misuse, abuse, and exploitation by real Men at every opportunity.

STEP 12: Having discovered the freedom of embracing my true faggot nature and destiny, I will share this message of faggot freedom with other faggots.

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