cockobsgssedfag writes: i am serving a Straight Man, and He rocks and rules my world! it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, and so far i have told Him i would do anything He ordered – ANYTHING! He has tested me, and i have always been successful, doing all the degrading things He wants, even sucking Cock in public places and risking arrest.

Tonight He called me and said that He broke up with His girlfriend, and He is pissed off. He said she found out He had given her a sexually transmitted disease, and she said she knows He is not being faithful to her. He told me He laughed and said, “When did I ever tell you I’d be faithful, you stupid bitch?” (He did not get the std from me.)

But now He wants to use me every night, but He has not yet been treated for the std. He said He wants me to take His Cum and His Piss – every day!

What should i do? Please answer quickly, He wants relief!


Seriously? What should you do? Get down on your fucking faggot knees and thank God that you have a Man who knows how to treat you.

And then get down on your fucking knees in front of him and do whatever he wants. you will open wide and take every drop of his cum and piss, and you won’t spill a fucking drop. The cum and piss of a straight man is a holy fluid, and you will treat it as such.

He has an std – so what? He will get it treated, and you will too. In fact, not only will he get it treated, but you will pay for his treatment. And you’ll get treated a couple times, to make sure you don’t give him any diseases. 

Let me reiterate for all the stupid faggots reading this: you are just a fuckhole. you exist to take the cum and piss of real men. A man has an std, but his cum and piss are still holy fluids, and you, as a faggot, need them. He still needs relief, and that’s what faggots are for. 

Don’t fuck this up, faggot. Get over there and serve your superior.

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