I want each of you faggots to look inside and search for the answer to this question. Have you honestly put yourself into service to straight men every day…even just today? Or are you a selfish, prissy faggot that caters only to itself. Look at the image in this post. Are you the same as this selfish little queer getting off on us without doing anything to serve? Are we standing right next to you as you get off on us while giving nothing back of yourself? Are you constantly perusing Tumblr and straightwhiteman.com in search of answers and salvation, or are you solely here to get off? If you aren’t focused on benefiting the lives of the straight men from whom you’ve stolen so much, then you are in the wrong place. I encourage you to get off hard in the pursuit of serving real men, but only if that is your true pursuit. So, honestly, tell me. What have you done to benefit straight men today? And if nothing today, then what of tomorrow?

I want answers!

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x

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