lowerthanshitfaggot writes: Does an Alpha’s superior attitude toward lowly faggots like me make him an Alpha, or do Alphas also require certain physical characteristics, like muscles, Alpha tattoos, and a good swing of the fist? In essence, what truly makes an Alpha an Alpha– His demeanor alone or also His physical traits?


Interesting question. I think mostly the attitude is what makes an Alpha an Alpha. Certainly many Alphas have the characteristics you are speaking of (and you have forgotten an important one: “large cock”). But could an Alpha be weak, fragile, even disabled?

The short answer is, absolutely. Being an Alpha is being in charge of faggots, being better than faggots and making faggots do what they were born to do. Any superior straight man can do that, and all straight men are superior to faggots.

Worthless faggots are so far beneath straight men that it takes little effort or skill to be superior to them. If a man has the right attitude, then he is a natural Alpha, and all faggots will flock to him to serve him.

And since faggots have no right to refuse service to any man, no matter who he is, by default all men are superior (meaning, alpha) to faggots.

Just remember your place, faggot. you are right, you are truly lower than shit. Like all faggots!

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