fuckedupfag writes: i joined this site because i wanted to find Superior Straight Men to serve. But no one has contacted me here. What am i doing wrong?


Get this through your head, faggot: this is not a hook up site. Although there are straight men who use this site to find faggots, straight men don’t need to come here. They can find fags anywhere – they just have to learn what local rocks to turn over. This is not about you finding hot guys to service, and it’s not about your pleasure, or even what you want, in any way.

The reality is, this site is an education site, to teach fags like you just what you are, and to show fags the way to a happy and fulfilling life as the property of straight men. I think of myself almost as a pied piper, leading faggots to their ultimate destruction, knowing that I am making them happy and helping them fulfill their place in the world.

So get on it, faggot! Do the trainings, watch the videos, memorize the Faggot Bible and the various teachings on this site. Internalize it, make it part of you. There are plenty of straight men out there, waiting for more faggots to use and abuse.  Go out in the world and find straight men to serve. You’ll be a happier fag once you do!

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