i have a Straight Man i serve, and He has recently told me that He is not just an Alpha, but that He is in fact a Master. He said that, since i am a faggot slave, i now belong to Him and must do anything He wants. He has emptied my bank account, signed my car over to Him, taken most of my possessions. i now live in a one room cheap basement apartment, where i sleep on a dog bed on the floor. i mostly eat scraps of food from Him, and take cold showers (He has turned off the hot water and the heat to my apartment.) i wash my clothes in the sink, after heating water on the stove, and my clothes never really feel clean – but that does not matter much, as He keeps me naked most of the time. i do work via the internet, so i earn a good salary, but it all goes directly to His account. i basically have nothing.

None of this is a problem for me, and i am happy to serve Him. But He has locked me in a metal chastity cage, and it is very very difficult for me. my dick is normally about eight and ahalf inches, and the cage i am in is barely three inches. The cage is metal, and the bars really hurt against my dick. my Master has informed me that under no circumstance will the cage be removed. He said that, if i develop a rash or an infection or anything, it stays on. He also said that, when my dick has shrunk down to fit comfortably in this cage, i will “graduate” to a smaller one.

i have always been proud of my big dick, even if i did not get sucked or fuck with it. and i like to cum – a LOT. This is so painful and awful. How can i convince Him to take it off?


Short answer: you can’t.

The reality of the situation, fag, is that you are his slave. You have to do what he wants, and you WILL do what he wants. No one cares if you like your big fag dick or not – obviously your master doesn’t, and so he is fixing it. 

So go to him and thank him for putting you in the cage, and beg him to never remove it. You’ll find that having your dick caged will help you focus more on your service to real men. And that, faggot, is the only thing you are good for now!

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