normaljoe asks: I have a couple faggots I use regularly. The more I use them, the deeper they each seem to go into being faggots/slaves/subs. It has been fun, figuring out how to push them farther – and it ain’t hard to do!

Recently, I’ve started caning their sorry asses. I was with one tonight, and had several canes with me – thin, flexible wood that really bites into fag skin. I told the fag that I was going to use the canes on its ass until all of them had broken. The faggot of course submitted, and I really went at it. By the time I was done, that fag’s ass looked more like raw hamburger than some guy’s butt, and the fag was in agony, with tears rolling down its face. But when I dropped the last piece of broken cane, the fag looked up at me and said “Thank you Sir.” 

My fags drink my piss, lick my dirty ass, polish my boots and shoes with their tongues, clean my house, give me cash and buy me gifts. Oh, and of course, I get to unload in their mouths or fag fuckholes any time I want. I take full advantage of them, and they fucking thank me for it!

So my question is: why are they like this? Every time I meet a fag, I expect it (not him, but it) to have at lest some modest amount of human self respect – but I always find it is not there, and all they want is my piss, my cum, my abuse. What the fuck is wrong with these fucking perverts?


Not a thing. There is nothing wrong with the faggots that worship you, they are behaving exactly the way faggots are born to behave.

You don’t seem to understand that faggots are born to serve superior straight men. They have no other real function in the world, and their entire focus is on straight cock. As you have found, they will do anything – ANYTHING – to serve men like us.

So you are not “taking advantage” of them – you are performing a public service, by giving these worthless faggots something to live for. Fortunately, that something is your hard cock.

You might want to up the game some. Have you made them humiliate themselves publicly? Send them home stinking of your piss and with your cum on their faces, and make them send selfies from their front door that it is still there. Make them walk around in very revealing clothing. I have a fag who I make wear a t-shirt that says “I am a fucking whore” on it. I told it to wear it to a job interview – and have the selfie it sent me to prove that it did. That fag, by the way, used to work in a professional capacity, but now does menial labor, lives in a fucking dump of an apartment, and gives me most of its money. And it’s happy!

Sometimes, the faggot gets into trouble. Recently, it texted me from the BART train that there was a superior straight man standing across from where it was sitting. I told it to offer the man its seat, and then to kneel in front of him and offer to polish his shoes with its tongue. I later heard from it that probably 50 people took pics of it doing just that. When the guy got off, the faggot followed him, and got punched in the face in the parking lot. For his troubles, the faggot gave him $100. So everyone was happy: the guy got some cash and got to abuse a lowlife faggot, and the fag got to lick the books of a man in public. The fact that it lost a couple teeth really isn’t an issue, as long as the guy was pleased.

This is the natural order. We didn’t create this, we just exploit it. And that’s what faggots want. So everyone is happy. Don’t spend another second worrying about what your faggots think or feel, just come up with new ways to humiliate and abuse them. Trust me, they will thank you for it – and the rewards are sweet!

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