justastupidcunt writes: i have been studying your website, and in particular reading and memorizing the Faggot Study Guides.  i have read them so many times, i think i can now quote them verbatim.  They speak to me – no, they sing to me.  They tell me what i am and why i exist.

i know that, as a Superior Straight Man, you understand my place in the world better than i do, and i accept whatever you and your brother Superior Straight Men want from me.

My question is: why don’t more people understand this?  Why is there such an emphasis on “LGBT equality” and gay marriage and all that?  Why don’t people accept and understand what it is we are?  How can I help people realize the error of their ways?

I’m glad you have studied so hard, faggot.  That shows me you have potential to break through and become the fag you were really born to be, as it says in the study guides.  Read them every day.

There are many complicated reasons why faggots have ascended to the position they hold in modern American society, but all Straight Men know it is wrong.  Straight Men may not tell you, but they all know how disgusting and sick you are.  I think the best thing you can do is acknowledge it, and tell your “friends” and your family about the disgusting sick twisted shit you do as a faggot.  Trust me, the Straight Men you know will figure out how to use you, and your family and faggot friends will reject you.  Soon you will have no one, and you will live as the faggot you know you were born to be.  Keep going, fag!

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