toiletfag writes: i do not understand the Ryan Lochte news. As i see it, He is a superior straight Man, and so what does it matter what He does wrong? Why is everyone so upset about Him? i would gladly kneel before Him and worship Him, take His Piss, Cum and Shit, and let Him use me and beat me and torture me. am i missing something?


Other than brain cells, common sense and self respect, like all faggots, no, you are not missing anything. you are, in fact, right: Lochte is a straight man and you should worship him just as much as you should worship any other straight man.

This is the essence of Faggot Destruction, toiletfag. Straight men get to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and faggots exist to clean up the mess. The only thing that went wrong with the whole story was that there weren’t any devoted faggots around to back up his story, and to make sure he was not in any way hurt by his actions. This is a good example of why every straight man should have a naked slave with him at all times – ready to do anything for him, including take the fall for him. Too bad you weren’t there, you could have taken the blame for all of it!

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