HungEric writes: Okay, so yeah, I have a faggot that I’ve been using for almost 2 years. And yeah, it’s great, blah blah blah. 

But I do have a question: my faggot does anything I want. The whole thing started out with it giving me head (my girl won’t do it any more, and she was always lousy at it). Then I started fucking it, which is amazing too.

But then I started reading (on this site and others) about ways of treating these faggots. I started using it as a urinal, making it lick my asshole, lick my dirty feet, etc. And I can tell: the faggot hates it. I mean, it HATES it. When I piss in its mouth, it struggles not to gag and puke. Sometimes, it even cries when I make it do humiliating shit. I made it lick my hole clean after I took a shit, and it had tears streaming down its face – but it did it.

Recently, I took it to a porn bookstore (with a back room) and made it service other guys. The other guys were not attractive, and it didn’t want to go near them – but I would point to some disgusting guy, and it would go over and service him, without hesitation.

I’ve also locked it in a chastity device, which it totally fucking hates. When I go to the gym, I don’t let on that I know it – but I like to watch it take showers and walk around the locker room with that cage on. The guys at the gym enjoy making fun of it. And it hates that too.

I really enjoy the feeling of power I get, making it do shit like licking public urinals clean and humiliating it in front of other guys. And I know that it really hates doing all of it.

So why does it do it? I don’t get it – it never complains, it never says no, it just complies. What the fuck is wrong with it??


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. it’s a faggot. And if you’ve been reading this site, you know, faggots are not men, they are barely even human. They are subhuman maggots.

A real faggot craves humiliation domination and abuse. Even if it doesn’t like doing it, faggots know that their place is beneath the real men of the world. it knows that it has to do things that a real man would never do.

Does it like that? Some do, some don’t. But they all do it, because they know that is their birthright, their role on earth. They are subhuman. 

With my faggot, I like to see what it doesn’t like doing, and then make it do that over and over until it is totally used to it. For example: when I started using it, it had never been used as a urinal, and the taste of piss was revolting to it. I made it drink so much piss that it now craves it – in fact, if I use it and don’t piss down its faggot throat, it is disappointed! 

So keep using it, and make it do more and more humiliating and degrading shit. The more you use it, the better it’ll be.

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