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What’s the end goal of How do we go about reaching this goal?

Since 2014, has been training, brainwashing, and through use of various proprietary methodologies, assisting stupid f@ggots in their pursuit of total ruin – mental, physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual destruction. We guide them into the void as they forever endeavor to feel like they belong. That lost feeling ends here. You are home! And best of all, we know what is good for you. Put yourself into superior straight hands and let us guide you into the abyss.


We host resources for both alpha males and faggots and explore the sick and twisted relationship between the two. We are not just here for faggots as we also assist alphas in fucking over faggots, and fucking them over hard! On the site you will find myriad resources, and educational and preparatory materials to assist with your training. We know you have much to learn, no matter what stage of alpha male superiority or stupid faggot inferiority you are currently at. You will get off hard as you train and that is part of our magic formula. Through it all, you will feel pleasure beyond your imagination and not even realize how fucked over you are until it’s too late to turn back. You will have revelations like faggot 8674994 did:

When faggots crave control by superior straight alpha males and need to understand their faggotry in a deeper sense, Faggot Destruction is here to fuck them up and screw them over. The site has been specially designed for stupid faggots and the superior alpha males that abuse help them…specifically, we lead faggots down their path to ruin and provide everything that’s needed to get the job done. Check out all that’s included with your membership. We’ve highlighted focused elements of the website below and we always have something new, so come back often!

Faggot Destruction galleries were created to enagged your faggot eyes and focus in on all that matters…the straight alpha cock. After training, you will no longer be able to feel arousal with gay men or faggots. You will succumb solely to the power of the straight alpha cock.

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At Faggot Destruction we provide a variety of audio materials that have been created to engage the stupid faggot mind. Thees tapes and audio files will assist in your recovery from the false concept of “gay equality” and help you to focus own straight white cock. Take a listen to a sample recording where a straight alpha male conditions you for future sexual encounters.

Faggot Destruction is THE place to study your Holy Faggot Bible and you will only find it here. Learn about the history of faggots and more importantly, the sacred history of the straight white man. Here’s a taste:

Straight white men are endowed with special, unique rights by their creator. From the very first straight white alpha male that took what was rightly his and fought off all others, this God has been created. His intrinsic rights extend far beyond all rights of others (non-straight white men). There has long been an understanding of this which is why straight, white, alpha men once ruled the world. Times have changed and the natural order has been ignored in favor of an unnatural, minority-rule. This era is now ending and as a faggot on the path to destruction, you must do your part to facilitate its finality. Part of this work requires your further destruction and education in the church.

Take time to enjoy the classics and take up a new reading habit. During breaks from training at Faggot Destruction you should take time to read about your fellow fucked over faggots and how they screwed up their lives due to their being sick queers. Read about straight beta males that are turned into faggots by their alpha brothers. Explore the lives of faggots as they are fucked over at an early age by family members and verbally, mentally and physically abused. These are true tales focused in truth, reality, and straight alpha male cock worship. Some are more twisted, and others are most twisted.

Big Brother’s Bitch (excerpt)

I begged him to let me play with my little dick as he continued his slow jack.

“You’re not ready. It needs to hurt more. Tell ya what bro, how much would you like to get some of my big manly protein-rich cum in your little faggot stomach”

His words knocked me. I said nothing as my own ‘lil dick leaked prefuck sauce, which he saw.

“I think you like that idea. Matty? You wanna drink my protein-rich straight white sperm and become big and strong like me? Or do you wanna jack off your ‘lil dick and have a pathetic watery cum. One will make you into a man like me, the other will keep you as a ‘lil bitch. Your choice faggot”.

His mind fucking verbal was getting to me. I really felt like a failure if I was to jack off and I knew I’d be disappointing him. He looked at me…then grabbed my hand and gently placed is on his meaty huge dick. 

Like electricity through my faggot body I tried to grip it…it was literally throbbing in my hand, I’d never felt anything so huge in my hand. I felt even weaker…i could feel his strong heart beating through the veins of his meat…and I slowly started to jack him. Drugged up and horny.

“Get on the floor bro, do it from there, it will be easier”

I do as I’m told, kneeling on the cold concrete floor, my tiny dick cage and leaking…as I sit between his meaty thighs, jacking his monster cock. He removes his shorts entirely, naked like me. Him manly. Me so fucking pathetic. But I felt so good pleasing my big bro like this. In shock that I was jacking Mark off, his cock SOOOO much bigger than mine. I really wanted his cum though, thinking how manly I would be if I drank it. I had heard that drinking cum was full of protein. He was totally brainwashing me with his verbal and his drugs. I was his.

After a few minutes he tensed up and suddenly he grabbed my head and told me to open wide. I did as i was told just as his HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE thick load blasted into my faggot mouth. Rope after rope of manly jock big bro cum spurting into my faggot lil mouth. He moaned and roared.

“Drink that fucking man juice you skinny little bitch” he yelled at me.

His sperm swimming into my tummy, hopefully making me manly as I drank it. My head swimming with coke and XTC and Viagra surging through my trapped cock. Precum oozing out of me. I’m in lust with my straight jock brother. He slaps my face a few times with his hand, hurting me and leaving marks, as he grunts and jacks with his other hand. A few splatters of cum on my lips and chin are quickly washed away by a few strong squirts of piss from my bro’s huge cock.

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The main purpose of your joining Faggot Destruction is to start your training and your descent into ruin. These samples are just tools to prepare you for the real deal…Boot CampBasic TrainingCombat TrainingCorporal Punishment…and Stealth Training.These are the first four direct paths to your destruction. They are supplemented with additional resources in the Faggot POV section. Each volume has multiple training modules consisting of faggot brainwashing and hypnosis with a focus on the internalization of all of your hate and a better understanding of your deviance. The modules have been developed to strip you of your pride and self-esteem, leaving you a fucked over, mindless fucktoy for straight alpha men. These modules teach you to give up the entire concept of gay equality and to accept the innate superiority of the straight white man. The modules are easy to digest and based on fact and years of research. You will be royally fucked over after absorbing all of the materials. We’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Following are selected slides from the first three training modules. This is just a sample and the slides are not in any order.

Through your Faggot Destruction training you will come to realize the importance of bringing in more of your own kind. You will learn to use the same techniques that straight men used on you to make you a stupid faggot. You will practice these skills and fuck over your fellow faggots. You will recruit other homos of all ages, the “sisterhood of faggots” we imagine, and together you will march toward your destruction. With dedication and consistent practice, your self-esteem will shrink so much so that a new focus will arise. This lack of attention to self will bring new insights, deep realizations, and a fresh reality.

With training, you will:

  • wake up feeling alive and have an acute sense of your place in the world

  • be aware of significant and important new truths
  • find yourself laser focused on the importance of the destruction of other fags
  • dedicate your life to the worship and service of straight alpha men around you
  • discover new insights in how to serve straight white men
  • evangelize the straight alpha male superiority
  • lose attraction to all gays but gain a sexual satisfaction previously unknown to you
  • find the peace of mind you so desperately seek

And this journey is only available at Faggot Destruction!

We have a huge section of the site dedicated to the faggot’s point of view. The alpha/omega relationship is discussed in detail and although there are a multitude of authors, the innate knowledge a faggot has seems to be universal, and perhaps genetic. Here you will find written manifestos, the Compact Faggot Bible, the famous Tumblr pictorial, You Know You’re a Faggot When…, One Faggot’s Demise, Branded Slave: One Faggot’s True Story, and the series Faggot Fuck Over Live! The myriad material included in this section is constantly growing and supplements the training modules.


I am a lowly, twisted, alpha-male-worshipping, fucked up whore and faggot whose only desire is to be used, abused, and to be screwed up in the head by a real man.

I have come to accept what I am and what it means. I’m a fucked up queer and want nothing more than for you to use me for your pleasure. I know I am basically worthless and am willing to sink to the deepest lows to pleasure alpha men. I will only seek out only alpha males because of their superiority, demands, aggressiveness, cockiness, and ability to be both physically and mentally abusive.

An alpha male is able to provide a faggot with all of its needs. A faggot will always look up to and worship straight men and will always worship the straight alpha. We faggots are grateful for the abuse, humiliation, bullying, and violence you provide us. It is in the nature of a faggot and we live in your servitude.

No alpha or faggot should be without these insights and they should have these truths ingrained in their psyche. With our new chat module, you can make instant, live contact with others who think, feel, and live just like you.


Life is short.

Give up false pride.

Get fucked over hard.

Dedicate your stupid faggot soul to straight white alpha cock.


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