Already this young real Man ​​realized that He could dominate the old faggot who lives down the block. 

The young Man is busy trying to fuck women, get His life going, learning the politics of work, the competition with His friends. 

 But he learned quickly that the old faggot will keep His balls drained and allow the young Man to concentrate on the rest of His young starting life.

The young Man holds the head of the old faggot. Dominating her. Showing His superiority by standing over the kneeling old faggot. Showing off His naked strong body.

​The old faggot’s throat catch stops the young real Man’s cock. But the young Man instinctively pushes through the old faggot’s throatcatch and takes her balls deep.

​The young Man will learn to slap the old faggot. spit on it. Use it often. Will fuck it and maybe share the old faggot with friends. But probably not share her- let them find their own old faggot. 

The young Real Man is mostly learning that the old faggots are easy to use, dominate and take out His aggressions on and maybe even buy the young Real Man a few things.

​The natural universal order comes quick to young real Men . 

​And the young real Man enjoys the “thank you sir” that she says everytime the old faggot is blessed with His superior ball slime.

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