So many dumb faggots out there think they can handle a big cock like mine. They quickly find out that a sore jaw and ripped up mouth are just part of the deal when I skullfuck them into oblivion.

Still, they want my hot jizz pulsing down their throat even after I’ve destroyed their throat. I like to spray their stupid faggot faces with my huge load.

Ripping the fag’s mouth open so it can better accept our loads is what I consider a best practice.

Sometime’s I like to pull out my cock in front of a closet case faggot. There’s nothing quite like converting a former straight man into a cock-obsessed basket case.

Of course, my favorite is shooting my load in a faggot’s eyes, blinding them to anything but a world filled with my cum.

Blinding a fag with a buddy is always a blast.

Or should I just jerk one out?


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