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      Faggots, this place is the real deal. Don’t bitch about the subscription prices. What purpose do us fags have except to provide support to superior alpha straight white men such as those running this site? What do you need your fucking money for anyway? Buying fag trinkets and drinks in gay bars? Spend less on yourself and more on Sir and straightwhitemen.com. The destruction content will blow your mind, even if you just see this as erotic entertainment.

      There’s no such thing as a free destruction, fellow faggots, we gots to pay to play.

      But if you have the fetish for straight white men, well, we are the flies, SWM is the spider. We are the moths, SWM is the flame. The audio file alone in the combat training module is worth the price of admission. So get naked, put yourself in as much self bondage as you can, turn off the lights, pay the price. Hit this binaural beats site which will put you in a properly suggestive mode (it will play lightly under anything at the site with audio), and get on the destruction train.

      Try this mantra: It is the fag, bitch, slave, prisoner, captive, victim, asslicker, pisshole, cash slave atm of straight white men. Say that 1,000 times hehehe, while listening to the binaural beats and watching content at this site. count them each time so you keep track.

      Thanks to Sir and all involved here.

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      Sir Todd

      Ha! Thanks for that. I think the price points are low but I’m only losing about $200 a day running this site so what do I know.

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      The true faggots will soon be begging to pay for that privilege of maintaining Your site (their temple).

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      Ken Perkins

      Truly Hot
      I have only recently begun to more openly hate fags and feel the rush of talking with other Men and queers about the truth of faggot inferiority and the fucking natural rights of straight white dick.
      And, this site absolutely gets it.

      My extreme complements to you my white brother.

      I went right for the platinum level.

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      Sir Todd

      I’m glad to see your strong voices in here. You are clearly on the path and have a greater understanding of the purpose of the site than most. I find that a majority of dirty faggots are still in the “I’m as good as you” state of mind. This statement is simply false at its core. You are not equal in any way. Keep on fucking over your fellow faggots. If you care about them you will surely do so.

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      Hot content

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      Sir Todd

      I haven’t had time to update the site in a while. What would you faggots and more importantly, what would you fag haters like to see?

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      Ken Perkins

      First let me say with respect to the Straight White Men that run this site: Thank You.
      I am an older white man that is finally beginning to openly speak the truth about the disgusting prevalence of queers everywhere in America.
      The times I’ve held back when a fairy needed a quick backhand or a insult in his face have really taken a toll on me.
      So let me say again: Thank you Straight White Men that run this site.

      No other site brings the intense rush of fag hate that happens here.

      Things I’d like to see:

      – Stories, displays, gif’s, of friends and family discovering the truth about a fag and using it to their advantages. like, two of the roommates beginning to each blackmail and humiliate the queer, laughing at it behind it’s back, setting him up to be outed, etc.
      — This gives me an intense rush of fag hate

      – Examples, from the stupid fags here, or elsewhere, explaining how pathetic their lives are and how they deserve their shame
      — I really fucking love it when fags feel worse about themselves

      – Would like to see hc rape vids, stupid faggots being beaten for being queer, extremely verbal abuse

      Happy New Year to all the Straight White Men

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        this faggot cannot believe it did not find this website earlier. It is the Real Deal. Straight White Men and their Superior Cocks are everything. We faggots are nothing. The Faggot Fuckover Audio is worth the price alone! Whiny sluts complaining about price. Thank you Sir! The loyal faggots here adore you.

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      yes I think so too.

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      Sir Todd

      You ask for a lot and not everything on your list is legal to provide. I think a section of the site could be dedicated to stupid faggots and their coming out stories…the fucked up one’s at least. I want to hear about those who didn’t accept you, the dudes who beat your ass or fucked your face to show you how stupid you were to come out of the closet. Bring on the stories you dumb queers. Entertain me.

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      > those who didn’t accept you
      We’d known each other since kindergarten. Lived across the street from each other. But the summer we started to grow hair “down there” I had was curious about anything having to do with sex. Too scared to admit that I wanted to try it, I set up a game of high-stakes black jack, BJ for BJ’s, where the loser sucked off the winner. Of course I through away every good card I had and in no time at all I owed him more than 20 blow jobs.
      But he never asked for payment. Finally, one night I said I should get started working off my debt and we went to the basement where I knelt in front of him. He unzipped his jeans and flopped his cock out ober the tops of his underwear.
      I couldn’t get him hard. He couldn’t tell because I was kneeling, but I was as hard as I’d ever been. Finally he pulled out, apologized, and said he’d jerked off that afternoon. I felt like a total loser. Not even a good cocksucker. We never spoke of the remaining debt. A couple of months later we were having a spat about something stupid just as classes were ending, and I said something like “Well at least I don’t …” And he cut me off in mid sentence. Anger and a look of finality on his face, and in a loud “outdoor” voice, in a room full of our classmates, people I’d known for 10+ years he said:
      Yeah? Well at least I don’t go around letting strange men put their dirty cocks in my mouth.

      I felt the blood drain from my face. Everyone had stopped moving and was staring at us. He turned his head and walked away. Didn’t speak to me again for about 5 years.

      *** I figured out that he spoke ABOUT me to some other guys. Told them some secrets and some things I’d said.

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      Fellow faggots, I’m new here. I knew in module 1 that this place was special. Module 2 has me totally fucked. I’ve read the slides again and again. I love it here. We belong here.

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      I really wish greater community action happened here. This site is the ONLY ONE where we can speak of these deep rooted truths and desires.

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        Ben’s Fleshlight

        I agree. But it is hard sometimes to express our true nature. I’m doing my part by studying all the modules. It is, at the same time, a source of great pleasure and a total mindfuck. But it takes some courage to take the next step and say, out and loud: I am a fag!

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          Ben, how is it going? I know you said it takes courage to admit out loud what you are (what we all are). Have you had success doing so? I’d love to chat more if you see this you can email me directly.. [email protected]

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        I agree Latrineus. I wish more faggots engaged in the chat option. We need this site! It’s the only one out there that embraces the truth.

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      Thank you all for your input and insight. I feel at home on this site. Every module and discussion post and Straight Talk series there is something I learn and helps deepen my dedication. It’s only been a few weeks and my beliefs are changing, my mind is clearer, I feel better every day, I’ve met other people like me. It’s really great I wish this site had more exposure. I wish I could thank the Men who run the site directly for all their hard work.

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      Eddie so glad you’ve found your real self. You’re a faggot! You’ll never feel better. If you want to thank the owner/operator of the site you could always write him an email. I’m sure he gets them all the time but he would surely appreciate hearing the positive impact his teaching has.

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      Feel the difference… a blow job, or Phallus worship. The whore can Consistently provide the King with a proper, slobbery good cock-sucking; but the faggot worships your Superior White Cock. His geisha like interactions transcend a common blow job; it is ritual; it is worship; it is sexual theater and a sacred commmunion.
      The faggot worships You. You’ve no desire for the faggot, except in this way: to witness it gratefully and humbly tribute You, kneel below and between You quietly offering up prayers and invocation, declaring you as his God and sole reason for being, and with the sole intention and focus of a monk, smokes from the glass pipe, enters a trance state, and is completely subsumed by You, in awe of Your Masculine beauty and power. Under Your spell, and only after You direct him, see its hand tremble and take the thick girth of your rock hard shaft, cupping your Huge, weighty balls in the other, to see and feel the Worship of Your cock, that You Yourself admire and love, the pleasure it provides You, Know the Fag’s only desire is to please and pleasure you, to attend to Your desires, Your wants, Your perversions.

      And And as the faggot reaches again for the sacred glass pipe, and blows a huge cloud on the perfect huge white alpha cock and takes it all the way down his faggot throat, choking on it, loving it you take your strong hands over his little perverted head and force it all the way down and hold it, hold it. The clouds blow up in your face and you take in a breath and exhale lay your head back against your throne and drift off into the most intense pleasure as you connect with Hus worship of You, and your own perfection, your superiority,your entitlement to possess anything you might want, ever.

      into the most intense pleasure as you connect with Hus worship of You, and your own perfection, your superiority,your entitlement to possess anything you might want, ever.

      The King feels an intoxication unlike any. The Kings Loins May be aggressively aroused, like any Alpha Man, by the bawdy, lustful gorgeous bar whores with their pendulous, fat alabaster tits, their engorged, dripping pink cunts ready to receive and be destroyed by his Huge cock, but with his faggot’s true worship, and complete submission, subsuming any autonomous identity to the King’s glory, in order to serve as the King’s cumdump, His degraded hole, his bidet, his toilet, He knows Himself as GOD.

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      I think all faggots should always serve alpha men faggots should think about taking a debt contract out to pay weekly and make it so they can not get out of paying it

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      I loved that my step father used to hate fuck me , I didn’t realize. He wanted to suck my duck , he wanted to have a man I am just a pure kunt.
      I love getting hatefucked. The only way to live. Love R I P e stories
      I play my dream experiences. My dads brother – nasty hot white man. He groomed me to be desperately addicted to him. I take Monster dildoes , get fucked by toilet brush.
      He was in jail for almost killing a stupid faggot. I used to send him stories, cigarets porn and sound bites to let him know how much I love him
      Last time I send him recording of the You fucking faggot stupid piece of shit. I told me that it was my bf calling me so I enjoyed abusing myself

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      SIR Daddy SIR, PLEASE contact it SIR Daddy SIR.

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