The cream puff felt honored to be used by the hung real Man. The cream puff thought she would just flutter around on the tip of the hung dong presented to her and the Man would be thrilled and happy.

The cream puff was shocked when the real Man put His hand on the cream puff’s head and pushed her deep on His greedy cock. And more shocked when He started doing it more and even deeper.

​When the cream puff realized the Man was using her like a cheap, deep pussy, she blushed with humiliation . And felt even more humiliated when she began to feel like she really was a pussy with the cock running in deep and then out, and then forced deep again.

​The cream puff was shocked when she realized she was touching her own titties like a girl in heat. But she couldn’t stop.

​The cream puff felt used and the shock of betrayal when the Man started shooting jets of His superior ball slime​​​​ into her when she had told the Man that she didn’t swallow. Held deep as He came and held deeper until she swallowed.

​The cream puff’s response to this shock and humiliation was to swallow, pull on her nips like some cheap easy girl and say, 

“Thank you, Sir”!

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