So many of you faggots out there are in what would typically be called “abusive” relationships where your gay boyfriend messes with your mind, your body, or your emotions. The fag community doesn’t seem to mind the abuse as it seems to be a part of so many relationships.

How many of you have had to hide a black eye, or felt the need to lie about where it came from? Wouldn’t it be so much easier if society would pass laws allowing for abuse of faggots without consequence? It is indeed the only way to a prosperous and just future.

See the Alpha in these photos? He is a stand up fellow who gets frustrated when the faggot doesn’t give his all. He’s felt the need to discipline the faggot multiple times, once for almost scraping his dick with its teeth and another time that evening when the faggot wasn’t going down all the way to his pubes. Any straight man would do agree that these are egregious behaviors that should be trained away.

Just look at how content both men are — the faggot beaten and broken, knowing it is a failure, and the alpha, secure in his manliness, proud of his big cock, and genuinely grateful to have a faggot to abuse. Why mess with nature?

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