What aspects of reality do you see in a new light?

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      Since learning from Sir, this faggot now sees how any mentioning of its sexuality to friends or coworkers is obligatorily accompanied by a self-deprecating remark. This fag doesn’t let itself speak up for itself as much these days either. This goes against traditional Western thinking, but falls in line with striving to become egoless.

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      Sir, i have always prided myself on knowing lots of things, and being able to do just about anything i wanted to do, basically being self-sufficient. Now i realize that i only learned so much for one reason, and that reason is so that i might be able to serve my Superiors in the best way possible. No matter what i do, or how well i do it, i am of no value other than what Straight White Men assess to me. And that value is not afforded to me, it is simply used to elevate the worth of the Straight White Man/Men, who designate me as Their property. Thank You Sir for this site. It truly is needed and it has given me a place to feel like i finally belong.


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      thanks to the wisdom of str8whiteman, this fag is learning new ways to hate itself and its kind. this fag has learned that it was born defective and this is still its fault. this fag has learned that straight white men HAVE rights and ARE right, while it does not have rights and it is wrong.

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      Sir Todd

      You are taking your path seriously and seem to be digesting the knowledge well. Are you starting to feel lighter? Do you feel less stress and anger towards others?

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      Perhaps there is less stress towards others, but more anger at the minor things like people walking on the wrong side of the walkway, idiots wasting time in cues, and slow/stupid coworkers. How can this faggot reflect that anger in on itself, Boss?

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      Sir Todd

      Just remember that if it was a straight white man that walked the wrong way, is a slow coworker, or is wasting time a cue, that is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. By involving yourself you are accepting a level of self-pride and worth that is unacceptable. You are LUCKY to even see life around you. Don’t be so bold as to assume you have a say in it. It is our world and we will run it how we see fit.

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      SIR yes SIR. The faggot needs to figure out how to revert that annoyance and perturbation into instant self-hatred… but much easier said than done. Plus, every now and then it will see movies or hear songs that give it a sense of self-worth and joy. It’s hard to consistently move forward for Your Commandments, but as You said elsewhere, it is the consistency and return to the Holy Words of a Superior Straight White Man that will lead it to true fucked up ruin.

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      I’m like most sissy faggots in that I feel more comfortable knowing and accepting who I really am and that I was born to be submissive to real Men. I started off as a foot licker for girls early in life but as I got to my teens no girl wants a boyfriend who wants to lick her toes and feet and was soon as a foot freak. I realized my desire for licking girls feet and being submissive was slowly leading me down the path to sucking cock for Men and wanting to be used like a slave and to be submissive to him. The reality is I no longer have to pretend to be str8 and a real Man cause I certainly am not. I’ve accepted this to myself. I would not come out…for now. Though my girlfriend now has a real Man for a lover and she has bought my first make up set and a bag to keep it all in. We don’t want to split up. I just want her to feel sexual release I know she enjoys and I need to be a sissy faggot submissive. I’ll keep everyone up to date as to how things go along.

      Kellie Xx

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      Adolfo Vizoso

      Mi señor este sitio me a abierto los.ojos a una realidad, que en el.fondo siempre he sabido que mi cometido en mi vida de cerdo maricon, era adorar y someterme, para servir a los hombres heteros rectos que son los que deben dominar el mundo, y volver a adquirir todos los derechos que les corresponden por ley divina, y los maricas inferiores como yo, apoyándolo hasta que encontremos la ruina que nos merecemos. Espero seguir siendo merecedor de su doctrina y seguir aprendiendo mi lugar, les estaré hetermamente agradecido por las enseñanzas.

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      I always – with breaks – come back to the lessons and read them. And I know, even I did it many times, I am just at the beginning to learn und understand what I am. But I had two big moments, when I started to understand and had an experience like an enlightment. One of theses moments was, when I awake the feeling inside me, when I was a teen and recognized what I am, and felt fear, and wrong, and that everybody would hate me if someone would discover it. I found that feeling again, and in this moment it was like a stone would drop – because I understand now, that this feeling of shame and to be wrong WAS RIGHT. It is the truth! The stone, which droped from my shoulders was the lie about myself, or what I learnd from the ‘community’ about equality. No – it is wrong, and I should be hatred for what I am – this is right and nothing is bad about this!

      The second moment I had an ‘enlightment’ was, when God answered my question here and told me to apologize to my brother for my bad behaviour, when he asked me for a blow job some years ago. First moment, I thought, I never would do that – but a little time later, when high on meth, and doing my lessons, it grow to a big picture inside me, that of course is right! I should be happy to have such a brother, and it was a big failure of me, not to do it. And I felt a shame again. And I felt very sad about the chance I had and for the wrong way I have choosen. But, next time when wanking the pathetic dick, I was thinking about to give my brother a blow job. And I just had this picture in mind. This was the first time, and some month before I NEVER thought this would EVER happen. I know, this is the right path, and I want only follow this path!

      These are two big aspects I see in very new light. And I know I never can give it back, what I owe to straight white man. And I owe God my life for the chance to learn and understand now.

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      it sees the need for humiliation in a new light. the faggot study guides teach us that the more humiliation we get, the more we desire. and that is so true. it dawned on it several weeks ago as it was submitting to the humiliations imposed by its STR8 Master that not only did that humiliation feel right and good, but that it triggered a desire for more and deeper humiliation. it also regrets all it did in the past to further “gay rights.” “gay rights” are false and contrary to the natural order. it understands that now and knows there is nothing to be proud of in deviance and perversion. it wants only to serve its STR8 Master with strict and complete obedience. the lessons learned on this site have been invaluable. thank You!

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      This faggot only joined this site yesterday, and I spent hours here. This faggot watched the “Faggots Guide to the Galaxy” and read several modules. Today, stepping out to work, I stopped into Starbucks. I instantly recognized several STRAIGHT WHITE MEN inside. This reality hit me. I had never noticed how many there were before, and how they quietly command the attention of all lesser beings. Literally all eyes were on THEM.

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      The modules here combined with the audio are opening a new world. Today, it dawned on this faggot as it overheard other sluts making plans for “gay pride” festivals that it felt sick. “Gay pride” is an oxymoron. Straight, White Male pride is true. This faggot plans to print out the transcripts to the audio and place them under car windshield wipers at said “gay pride” event. So as many faggots see it, read it, and know it as possible.

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      I wouldn’t recommend that, fagg. Those people are on a high that day, and the Words of the Straight White Man will not be accepted. Do it instead a week after the pride events in your city, when what always was true begins to whisper into their self-doubting minds again.

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        Thank you, latirineus! Good advice 🙂

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        Thank you for that very honest advice, Sir. It tells me even more how serious you are & tells us how we can lead other faggots to the blessed truth so they too can be set free for a lifetime of being used, abused, & exploited by Real Men.

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      After about 6 weeks using this site, repeating the modules and audios, the videos, reading the discussion modules, this dumb faggot sees everything in new ways! Better ways. I notice straight men everywhere, and before I used to think they seemed “douchey” but now I know it’s their rightful pride! Also, I understand my gay friends need my help. It’s not that there’s different opinions, it’s that they need to be given facts and truth to overcome the lies. The only reality is the Straight White Man.

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      I’m still pretty new here and thought this site was messed up when my friend told me about it. I joined to see what he was raving about and help bring him away. I can’t thank him enough for telling me. I understand now that kids who bullied me and men who intimidate me today aren’t bad people. They were helping me!

      The only reason it hurt was because I was lying to myself. I’m not just a gay man I’m a faggot.

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        I’m so happy you opened your mind enough to visit the site! I’m proud of you for realizing your faggotry.

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      Amazing new reality has been one of the greatest apithanies for this faggot like being fully shaved and the destruction it brings to my life . Helping with a commitment to signing with an Alpha as a cashfag reinforces its pathetic existence to serve Alpha Males and become a better faggot
      This site awoken the faggot inside me.

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      Wow I’m impressed the fags you’re being really very honest. Truthfully my stereotype of faggots who are involved in a program like this is that I see they’re fucking annoying, double talking, and gossipy, Queeny, CunT Trolling Bitches. Believe it or not, my final chapter and trying to be in “equal gay man who deserves to get married and im just as good as any street man” I never really felt that way, I had taken to the daddy top role with these little bitches who would tell me what I was to do for how long exactly how without bothering to ask where I was even a Top. And now this annoyed me intensely and I was kind of a mean daddy and a couple of occasions I just blew these bitches away. Because they’re so entitled and they just don’t get what it means to be a bottom to be submissive. I threw my hands up and decided I would pursue real men and work to please them and really to do whatever they wanted and that’s what I’ve done ever since. I no longer seek a one on one primary relationship with another faggot I don’t want that what I want is to be the fucking cock sucking slave of the superior straight white man on man and this is where I’m going to find where I truly belong where my life means some thing and where I can not only surrender but submit honor and share my great gratitude that these men even just wanna be sharing the air with them. I worship them and I will do anything to please them they fucking go to war for us they fight the fires they catch the bad guys they keep this community fucking the way it needs to be the hierarchy and I am here to 1000% be useful go thrm, Whether as a come dump, a warm hole, a punching bag, and object of scorn interaction, a stupid fag that they can make fun of spit on me laugh at me piss on me slap me around, rough treat me, choke me out, or just kneeling between their thick muscular legs kissing their feet. never lift in my eyes until I’m told hundred percent focusing on worshiping The beautiful white cock in pleasuring them to the best of my ability as they like it. If I can do all those things I am a very happy faggot fuck yeah!

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      My pathetic inferior existence and eventually coming back to rejoining and becoming a better faggot than I have been

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      This fag has finally over the past several years realized it’s place in the world exists to serve men !
      Always been a faggot but now it’s like a second coming out this time as a fag!

      Its started wearing lots of rainbow 🌈 hats / clothes / bracelets so that men can quickly identify this faggot

      It knows it’s place and realizes it’s just a hole object to serve anyway a man wants to use it

      Even at work – passed over for a management job but not upset as it went to a straight white man as it should !!

      Fag in dallas Texas area to serve

      Hit fag up if ever in area

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