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over the past several years i have come to accept the innate superiority of STR8 White Men and my own inborn inferiority and that of all other fags. i know now that i am a disgusting, defective loser who will never be the equal of a Man. i am a filthy faggot who deserves the hatred of STR8 White Men and whose sole purpose in life is to be mentally, emotionally and physically abused by STR8 White Men. my feelings of self-hate grow deeper by the day, and the lessons on this web site reinforce just the message that i need to hear–that i am scum, a completely worthless piece of shit. i now devote my life to serving STR8 White Men, to make Their lives better and more comfortable, and to pay restitution for all i have done to harm Them and Their position in society. thank You for this web site! thank You for faggot destruction!

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