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SIRs and faggots,

i used to blow a straight, divorced buddy of mine once a week or so. When he told me he was going to post an ad and whore me out, i told him he was crazy and stopped talking to him.

But thanks to this site, i’ve come to realize that he was totally within HIS rights to do that, and what an opportunity he was providing for this cocksucking faggot. i’ve gone back to him to try to make amends. We’ll never be “buddies” again, that’s for sure, and that’s as it should be. He just wants to see me get used and get back to blowing him on the regular, as that’s my place.

He’s posting ads today to whore my cocksucking faggot throat out tomorrow, and calling his buddies to make a party of it. This feels like the right path to me, and this faggot feels so lucky that he still wants to use me, because it acted like a snotty, uppity faggot to him, when he was just trying to help.

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