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What 2xloser has to say in its original message:
This is a faggot confession. I have found that once the word gets around that you are a filthy faggot, horny Straight Men will give you the honor of licking their assholes, sucking their dicks or even taking it up the poop chute, but only for their pleasure. One fag basher even pissed on me in my office, after I begged him to let me eat his shit. It was divine. Once he found out I was a shit eater, he told all his buddies at work. Since then, when no one else is around (we have to complete a compulsory sexual-harassment course), they call me names like fecal freak, stool pigeon, turd breath, squirt mouth etc. The Straight Men, even the ones I have serviced, all snicker at me in the elevator, if I am alone with a couple or group of them. I would never tattle, as they all have made it very clear that I would be sorry, if I did. Believe me, I would never want to lose my privileges. I love being on my knees sniffing and sucking on a Straight coworker’s dirty shit hole.

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