Reply To: Faggots! This place is the real deal.

Ken Perkins

First let me say with respect to the Straight White Men that run this site: Thank You.
I am an older white man that is finally beginning to openly speak the truth about the disgusting prevalence of queers everywhere in America.
The times I’ve held back when a fairy needed a quick backhand or a insult in his face have really taken a toll on me.
So let me say again: Thank you Straight White Men that run this site.

No other site brings the intense rush of fag hate that happens here.

Things I’d like to see:

– Stories, displays, gif’s, of friends and family discovering the truth about a fag and using it to their advantages. like, two of the roommates beginning to each blackmail and humiliate the queer, laughing at it behind it’s back, setting him up to be outed, etc.
— This gives me an intense rush of fag hate

– Examples, from the stupid fags here, or elsewhere, explaining how pathetic their lives are and how they deserve their shame
— I really fucking love it when fags feel worse about themselves

– Would like to see hc rape vids, stupid faggots being beaten for being queer, extremely verbal abuse

Happy New Year to all the Straight White Men

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