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> those who didn’t accept you
We’d known each other since kindergarten. Lived across the street from each other. But the summer we started to grow hair “down there” I had was curious about anything having to do with sex. Too scared to admit that I wanted to try it, I set up a game of high-stakes black jack, BJ for BJ’s, where the loser sucked off the winner. Of course I through away every good card I had and in no time at all I owed him more than 20 blow jobs.
But he never asked for payment. Finally, one night I said I should get started working off my debt and we went to the basement where I knelt in front of him. He unzipped his jeans and flopped his cock out ober the tops of his underwear.
I couldn’t get him hard. He couldn’t tell because I was kneeling, but I was as hard as I’d ever been. Finally he pulled out, apologized, and said he’d jerked off that afternoon. I felt like a total loser. Not even a good cocksucker. We never spoke of the remaining debt. A couple of months later we were having a spat about something stupid just as classes were ending, and I said something like “Well at least I don’t …” And he cut me off in mid sentence. Anger and a look of finality on his face, and in a loud “outdoor” voice, in a room full of our classmates, people I’d known for 10+ years he said:
Yeah? Well at least I don’t go around letting strange men put their dirty cocks in my mouth.

I felt the blood drain from my face. Everyone had stopped moving and was staring at us. He turned his head and walked away. Didn’t speak to me again for about 5 years.

*** I figured out that he spoke ABOUT me to some other guys. Told them some secrets and some things I’d said.

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