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i have been a slave to a straight white MAN for many years, but it never really reached the level of violence outlined in YOUR training. now i have pushed HIM to go there, and use me in the ways YOUR training indicates, HE is enjoying using me all the more. HE has been whoring me out regularly. HE used to let other gay men use me, but now HE says that only straight MEN should use me, and with no limits – anything THEY want, i must do. i am both a sex slave and a toilet slave for HIM and HIS buddies. recently HE had a straight security guard take me for a night of torture and abuse, and i drank every drop of HIS Piss and was beaten and fucked and used. i am going to complete assignment one from the training and will send pictures. being a faggot slave and cleaning up cum piss and shit from straight MEN is all i am good for. thank YOU for helping HIM see what i truly was born for.

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