Reply To: Servicing Straight Men at work?


the straight white MEN where i work have also figured out what i am, and THEY use me for various things. i service some sexually, i service all as THEIR urinal, and i am also exploited by having THEM make me stay late to do THEIR work while THEY leave early and goof off. i have been told that if i do not do a good enough job with these assignments, THEY will fuck me up. i am always careful to make sure any work i do for THEM is of highest quality, and one MAN recently told me that HIS boss gave HIM a commendation for work i had done. my job has suffered because i am distracted by so much extra work and Cock to serve. but i do not care, i exist to serve MEN, and i do what i am told. i wear my metal cock and ball chastity device at all times, and it makes a significant bulge in my pants, which the MEN have all noticed, and that is what first lead THEM to know what it is i am. Some of the women i work with also know, and they think i am disgusting and ignore me. when i bring food for lunch, it is always taken by straight white Gods, and THEY leave me food scraps, garbage and, best of all, used condoms as my lunch. of course, i bring food every day to serve my straight white Gods.

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