Reply To: Are gay men the same as faggots?


i have chatted with some other faggots who are not members of this site. they will not join, mostly because they do not believe that gay rights should be destroyed, or they do not believe that white Men are superior. They think gay people should have their rights – they just don’t seem themselves as part of that, because they are lowlife scum. They also do not see white people as superior, they believe in diversity – but again, they do not see themselves as worthy of any of that.

i think it is a wonderful thing that our society has embraced diversity, and i see slaves and faggots as yet another class that has not yet been recognized. i yearn for a day when slavery – true slavery but entered into consensually – becomes legal. i think the ultimate world would be one in which every Man has a naked faggot following behind Him, ready to do His bidding, no matter what it is (service His Cock, drink His Piss, carry His bags, rub His Feet).

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