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This morning at work one of the Straight Men took my wallet – He walked up to me and said, “Give me your wallet faggot” which of course i did. He returned it to me later, thanking me for buying him and his buddies lunch. i checked my online account, and They had charged about $250 on my credit card.

Later, when i went in the break room, i saw that He had taken my Faggot ID card and copied it, and posted it on the bulletin board. All of the other guys were standing around looking at it and laughing. When They saw me, there, one of Them said, “This gives us ideas, faggot” They ordered me to show Them the card, which They passed around and all laughed about, telling me what a sick fuck i am. One of my co workers must have visited this site, because He explained that “soon all faggots will carry ID cards like that” They all laughed.

i have to admit to being scared, but i know this is what is right for a faggot like me. Thank YOU my Superior Straight Gods for teaching me and showing me the path. Whatever They do to me, i know it will be what is right.

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