Reply To: Apologizing


i deeply, abjectly, and sincerly apologize to all Straight Men for the following:

For not being significantly sissified under my clothing every single day at my place of business or out in the world.

For not being TOTALLY sissified every second of the day and night that i am at home.

For not taking my lunch break in the mens bathroom so i can fuck my faggot throat with dildo that i keep in my briefcase.

For not wearing rubber panties at work so the fag drool and fag puke that spews out of my whore throat during my “lunchtime throat rape” can be captured in those panties and worn the rest of the day to increase my humiliation in the presence of Straight Men.

For not shaving my body from the eyebrows down and staying smooth the way a submissive little pansy queer should be.

For not choking myself with a belt each evening so i can be a better “choke toy” for Straight Men when the time comes to serve them in person.

*** this is by no means exclusive, and in future posts this faggot will continue to post more and more of the infinite number of things it is sorry for.


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