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i love this site. i learn so much about real men. i wish i could serve a real man. i don’t deserve it. i am an object. a real man sees me and usually can tell i am a cock sucking faggot lowlife. i wish they would spit on me. or even spit on the sidewalk and have me lick it up.

i found an adult theater that i can become a cocksucker. i been 4 times. the last time i was brave enough to strip. there are 3 rooms – need to go through one to the other – with movable chairs. i stripped in the gay room – put cloths in corner.

i wait for men. i go to the straight room but only look up to see if they wave me to come over. i get on my knees and craw over. i wait for HIM to take his cock out. I wait and he orders me to suck. others watch.

one time a married man was jacking to video. i watched and wanted to suck but he would not let me. he allowed me to watch. he shot his load on the floor. as he was leaving, i got on the floor and licked the cum. he looked back at me in discust. others laughed. i shot my load without touching and then licked that up.

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