Reply To: Straight Men: Find a local faggot to use

chase, the fag
faggot is very passionate as well as dedicated. it prides itself in being subservient and it has a great capacity for doing what it’s supposed to do and believing that it is what’s right without question. it tends to look to its Dom for guidance and the deep desire for acceptance makes it keen to its masters specific and personal needs, no matter the situation or circumstance. when it comes to satisfying its alpha, there is nothing as important – and it will thrive to constantly make sure that SIR’s sexual deviance is pleasured, as well as succumb to any humiliation that YOU see as entertaining or sexually arousing. it is always compliant, but also a little defiant at times, as just a way to make sure it is reprimanded by YOU, my MASTER. it may be defiant at times, but will never be devious, be assured. it hopes this information will find way to proper Alphamaster. if not, please forgive it for being idiotic and wasting time and space. pls, explain to it, how ridiculously simple and ignorant it’s stupid little life is. thank you SIRS!

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