“Sir, your blog has changed my life. I have now accepted my own self hatred, given up my self respect and dignity and now have accepted that my sole purpose in life is to serve/worship the Straight White Alpha God. ALL faggots realize this TRUTH deep down inside – it’s just a matter of acceptance. It is the natural law of nature. My worthless, inferior life now has a purpose. I will now convert others. Thank you. YOU are GOD. I will now pay homage to your greatness.”


“I can only hope my own journey can inspire others as you crush my existence and bones, rip apart my life emotionally and limb by limb, all the while forcing my lips on the meth pipe the whole time where they belong, frying deep while in awe of you powerful body and heavy cock, knowing that alone will keep me begging to go deeper just as I need to. Anything you demand you’ll get fukin GOD.

HAIL Superior Aryan GOD.”

– adefiantdeviant

“You are a true Alpha Male; a true straight White GOD.”


“you fucking rock god todd… easy to worship… a cock that is awesome…”


“I will worship you Master as the God that you are and the true leader of the world. It will be fantastic! I praise your masculinity Master.”


“White men are living Gods. And it is a honour to serve you. Long live strong, superior white men.”


“You can thank the liberals for their Pussification of American males. I’m glad someone as strong as you has the balls to set the record Straight. Thank you again, Sir. You are a true leader!”


“Your blog has helped me become a better hole. I took 15 cocks last night sir. Thank you for all you do.”

– Anonymous

Straight White Man, SIR, Your Site is a wonder to behold, and has already enslaved me. May It enslave countless more.”


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