HISfaggot writes: i was not going to submit this question, but after reading the last one, i thought i should. i have just the opposite problem: my Straight Man has become incredibly demanding, and He is taking up too much of my time.

Don’t get me wrong, i love serving His big Cock, but He is making me do more and more for Him. i have no limits with Him, but now i have to do His laundry, clean His house, wash His car, do His shopping. He wants to use me at least once a day, and sometimes even calls me at work and tells me to meet him for a “nooner”. He also lets His buddies use me – They call or text and give me a special code, so i know They have the right to use me. i never refuse, of course, but it is getting difficult making time for all this.

i have friends, a job, responsibilities. i do not have time to spend hours every day serving Him. What should i do?


I wonder if my straight brothers reading this sometimes get as tired as I do of how stupid faggots are. I am constantly amazed at how often the facts of life need to be explained to stupid faggots like you.

So here are the facts of life: a superior straight man has claimed you. Ergo, you are his property. You say you have friends, responsibilities? All that is bullshit. Once he made you his, your only responsibility is to obey.

If your friends have a problem with you not being available, tell them why – just say “I serve a straight man as his slave, and he needs me to be his toilet tonight.” Trust me, you won’t have friends for long.

How would you feel if the guy said, “Okay, you’re too busy, I’ll find another faggot”?  You would be fucking devastated. You owe this guy everything he wants, and a lot more.

It sounds like this guy is getting ready to make you his faggot slave 24/7/365. you better do what he says and submit, and do the best fucking job you can. This is what faggots like you are for, you stupid cunt. Stop whining and submit!

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