“i submit to ALL Superiors SIR! It is difficult, i think, for anyone to admit that they are “less than”, unless they had parents who brought them up that way. And even then, society still has a hard-on for telling every single fucking kid that they are special. But the simple truth is that NOT everyone is special; NOT everyone is created equal. It’s just like you said – accepting this fact, and that one is beneath others because it is a faggot, leads to “a useless but fulfilling life, fucked up ever after.” It took me a long time to realize this, and i still struggle with it. It’s why i am so grateful for and look up to vocal Superior Straight MEN like You.”


Far less than. Very far…

I have a faggot whose parents raised him to believe he could do anything and be anything he wanted. His parents were the first people to fuck him over by setting him up for failure. It took a lot of intense verbal abuse and humiliation tactics to break through its falsely taught concept of equality. He now realizes he is literally nothing and will always remain nothing because of what it is. He lives a devastated, empty shell of a life. I like playing off that to get him to do even more for me. In the end it’s been a God send because he finally feels a small sense of purpose on his knees between a real man’s legs, lips suctioned to a big straight white cock.

Admittedly my buddies and I took things pretty far with this one and have forever destroyed its faggot life but we still get some great laughs watching him suffer so it’s been well worth the effort. He’s especially fun to fuck with because it physically looks like your typical tall built white jock but inside it is a loser faggot. And its tiny dick looks utterly pathetic on him. It tops out at probably 5″-6″ on his 6’+ frame, and that’s when he is rock hard. He looks fucking ridiculous, like a cartoon joke.

Truth be told I don’t really care what happens to him in the end but for now he is still a lot of fun to play with and mindfuck as an emotionally destroyed toy. Ha!

Originally posted 2014-06-23 00:21:57.

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