Become a sperm eating smalldick

smalldicks: faggots (or men that think they are straight) with dicks smaller than 7″. This is considered seriously below average and pathetic. If you have a small penis you may as well become a faggot if you’re straight right now. God knows you would lose your mind if you saw a real man’s cock. If you think you’re straight but dream of 10″ cocks, then you are a closet faggot. Come out queer!

For a smalldick it is absolutely impossible not to think about real men, about their power and superiority and about their bodies and cocks. When they watch real men jerk off or cum in sex scenes, he will be fascinated to see the men shoot their cum and he will fantasize about being the cum dump for real men.

Whether he will continue to live alone all his life or find a Mistress or Master to serve, it is good to be prepared to be a cum eater. If he finds a woman to marry, sooner or later he will be cuckolded and then it will not take long time before she will force him to eat the lovers’ cum.

Training yourself to be a cum eater is important, so you do not disappoint your wife, her lovers, your Mistress or your Master. It would be most inappropriate to show hesitation or disgust when it is time to eat mens’ cum.

To get used to eat cum, eat your own. Make it a duty to yourself always to swallow all your cum when you masturbate your dick. If you never meet anyone who will make you their cum eater, atleast you will taste cum, almost as nice as the cum of real men and you can comfort yourself by thinking that your cum that nobody will ever want, was not wasted.


Learn by eating your own cum

The best way to get used to eating another man’s cum is to eat your own. But there’s a problem with this plan: human males are designed so that our sexual urges drop fast after we have ejaculated. You may find you lose the interest in eating cum the moment you finish spurting. This is perfectly normal, and has to do with the release of hormones when we orgasm. During this “refractory period” you will not be much interested in sucking your sperm, or anyone else’s. And in fact, it’ll be hard for you to have another erection.  

You have to lick up your sperm immediately after you have cum. Masturbate to your favorite cuckold movie, and when you ejaculate, catch it in your hand. While you are still cumming out, lick up what’s emptied so far. Try this several times over the next few days to get the hang of it.  

If your cum is especially bitter, and it’s turning you off, consider changes in your diet. For the time being, prior to licking put a spearmint leaf on your tongue, or eat one or two mint candies. 

It also helps to keep looking at your fav cuckold porn after you’ve licked your sperm. Why? It gets you used to maintaining libido after ejaculation. That is important with real cuckolding. Keep fondling your soft cock to learn how to keep up the sexual interest.

Question: Eating my own sperm to difficult?

Each time I masterbate I am so exited to eat my own sperm but as soon as I ejaculate on my hand The feeling goees away and I feel that its gross,but after a while I get the idea in my head and it wont go away until I try,once again the feeling goes away.How can I keep feeling this way or how can I force myself to eat this is something I REALLY want to do


Once you ejaculate on your hand, just put the sperm into your mouth. Just don’t think about the feeling of the sperm. Once its in your mouth, don’t swallow right away. Get used to the taste/feeling of the sperm then, when you want to, eat it. The first time I wanted to eat my sperm, I was too grossed out. But then one day I decided its now or never. Now I really enjoy ejaculating and then after eating my sperm. Good luck with it.

if it really is somethin you wanna do, then just do it. once you have ejaculated into your hand just do eat it, but just a little bit of it so that you are not forcing yourself too much. if you wanna do it easily ejaculate onto one hand n then get a little on the first finger of your other hand. then you could close your eyes and eat it fast but only eat a small amount. im sure once you have tried it, it wont be a big deal anymore as it doesn’t taste amazing to be honest. n once you have done it you wont get excited of the unknown.

Say it to yourself: “I Am a Cum Eater!”

Say it loud and say it proud.  Admit it, you scream it over and over, loud and proud inside your head while your jerking off , making that cock throb even harder.  You may or may not have been successful in actually following through with slurping up the self-serving sauce, but you scream it loud and proud in your head the entire time you are masturbating.

Eating Cum is Good For You!

If you still need convincing, then how about this:  eating cum is good for your health!  That’s right.  Cum is more than just a sticky, milky-white goo.  Cum is chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and protein!  Who couldn’t use a little extra boost in these areas?

You Eat Cum Because You Want To

Cum Eating Fantasies, Cock Sucking Fantasies, or Both?

You have cum eating fantasies.  You jerk off thinking about how you would like to be slurping that cum right down your throat. The real reason you want to eat your own cum is because it will add a taste of reality to the cocksucking fantasy you are really thinking about!  After all, you are a smalldick fantasizing about sucking cock and you know that is


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