I have done a lot of damage to my faggot. I keep it in a cell in the basement of my house, naked. There is no heat, and even in summer it is chilly down there, but in winter it gets really cold. the faggot often gets sick.

Additionally, the heavy metal collar around its neck rubs it raw, and it often has what look to be infections on the skin. there is no mattress for it, so it sleeps on the concrete floor, and I have been noticing it looks like it is developing something like arthritis.

Now when I beat it, I see that its skin breaks easier and easier, and I can really hurt it with little effort. I assume its diet (which consists mostly of table scraps, dog food, piss and cum) has something to do with its weakened state. its skin is bone white, probably due to not being outside in fresh air and sunshine for several years.

It never complains, and always complies. It appears as happy as it ever was, but clearly it is failing.

So what should I do? Should I give it more comforts, treat it better, even let it go outside and get some sun?



Remember, this is a faggot. it exists for one reason, and ONLY one reason: to serve you. This is the life it signed up for, and as you said, it doesn’t complain. it is happy the way it is.

Stop worrying about it. it’s where it needs to be.

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