How many of you faggots out there are cucks? Do you find that your wives or boyfriends end up cheating on you with superior men? Does a part of you get off on their cheating?

Does your partner secretly (or openly) prefer big straight cock over your little dick? Do you think you might have some faggot tendencies? Find yourself impotent at key sexual moments?

Do these questions hit a nerve, cuck?

I’m running into more and more instances where I’m requested (more often begged) to fuck a dude’s wife or fuck over some homo’s gay boyfriend. And these cucks want to watch me absolutely wreck and destroy their partner … right in front of them.

And the cucks get off on every second of it. Even when their dicks are locked up they get off on it. Even when I belittle them and sexually bruise their partners, they are only that much more into it. Jerking off wto the destruction of their relationships.

I can’t imagine being that fucked up in the head, but then again I believe all cuckolds are faggots, and faggots are stupid.

So, yeah, bring ‘em on! I’ll be happy to totally fuck up your relationship and both physically and emotionally abuse your partner in the process, leaving you both in tears and alone. Is that what you want? Because a fuck load of you have asked me to do exactly this  I love every second  every time a faggot cries, a straight man laughs

Bring me some joy, you sick fucks!

Next time I’ll tell you about the twisted fag that wants his boyfriend gay bashed so the two of them can together jerk off to the memory of his bashing. 

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