stupidfag writes: i am an unowned fag, and live to serve Straight Men. when not being used, i tend to spend a lot of time watching videos or crusing tumblr, looking at pics of Straight Men and Their beautiful Cocks. i cum about 6 times a day.

is this acceptable? i would never touch my dick when a Man is using me, but i always jerk off after i am of use to Them. i cannot imagine how i would endure denying myself the ability to cum. But i read a lot about chastity, and have some mentors who encourage me.

i want to do what is best for a fag like me, but i am scared. What should i do?


you should find a straight alpha to lock you in chastity, stupid. 

If you cannot find someone, buy a good quality chastity device and lock yourself in it. Once it is locked, throw the keys down the storm drain or flush them down the toilet. if that is too scary, give them to a man to hold for safe keeping, but make sure he understands: he is NOT to give them back for a full year.

I have seen a lot of faggots who say they broke into chastity gradually: first a day, then a couple days, then a week, etc. This is wrong! If you are a true faggot, you need to lock your dick away and commit to being what you are. you need to break the habit of stroking that worthless dick. 

I have said it many times, but a faggot’s dick is worthless, and the fact that faggots have the ability to cum is a freak of nature. By denying yourself the ability to cum, you will refocus all that energy on the straight men who deserve your respect and attention. All that time you were stroking, you could have been out finding alpha men who need a cocksucker or fuckhole like you.

The longer you are locked, the hornier you will get, and the more you will be willing to do for straight men. Offer yourself as a party favor for a frat house, or be a urinal at a party where guys are watching sports. Make sure every straight man in your area knows that you are a willing faggot, and will do anything – wash his car, clean his house, lick his boots,  drink his piss, swallow his cum – anything to be of service.

your energy is being wasted on your own pleasure, which you should know by now is wrong. faggots exist to serve straight cock. Lock that dick, and start serving!

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