He thrusted and pumped hard into the back of my throat, pushing his cock deep into me, and I gagged and coughed up phlegm. Fresh tears streaked my faggot cheeks as he continued his assault on my tender throat.

As I choked and suffered, I could feel his dick grow fatter and throb against the back of my throat. His cock was hard and firm as it expanded the walls of my throat. I looked up into his angry eyes and could tell he got off on my pain. I sputtered and choked again. Yes! This is what I craved and what I wanted more than anything else – to serve and please this straight alpha stud’s cock. He tightened his grip on my head and pulled my it even farther into his crotch. My eyes flooded tears and my head began to spin.

I thought I might choke to death. I was in heaven.

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