Two faggot brothers sharing some recently produced, hate-filled, warm cum from their homophobic neighbor. Fuck wheatgrass. Faggots thrive on straight sperm. Gays can’t produce it or don’t produce one of its key components as faggots say they “feel” a distinct difference between gay men’s sperm and homophobic straight men’s sperm.

Can we play double dildo, Sir?

Straight men’s sperm is a drug to fags. When the first shot of cum first their lips and tongues it is quickly and sublingually absorbed into the faggot’s system. It instantly infuses the fag brain with testosterone, oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and other powerful, life-affirming chemicals. It also gives them a boost of concentrated straight protein that energizes their fag brains and puts them in a very suggestive state.

The fags feel a massive drug-like rush from the homophobe’s cum, an alpha-infused poppers-like high, that can last from several minutes to many hours. Upon ingestion of the sticky white fuck sauce, they become cock-drunk and act stupid (well, stupider, if we’re being frank), followed by a period of peak performance (e.g., taking cock and taking it long and hard and rough)..

As an alpha, you should take advantage of these opportunities, when the faggot is cum drunk, and make the faggots suffer for your entertainment. Remember, it’s all about your pleasure. The fag is irrelevant other than as a source of your pleasure. The best part is they will do twisted things quite willingly. They’ll debase themselves and allow you — no, encourage you — to degrade and abuse them. Come up with creative ways of destroying your faggot – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Look at the two stupid faggots choking each other out on that 24” double dildo. How sick. Yet they make out like gay boyfriends when their dildo-filled lips finally touch, their guts full of rubber dick. They are simultaneously destroying any mentality of manliness they ever had while physically destroying their throat catches. Another straight man entertained by the lunacy and depravity of faggots.

They are gagging and their bodies are trying to resist and reject the obscene, mega phallic, replicated rubber cock, and yet the faggots still get off on it, knowing in their heads and their souls that an alpha has gained pleasure in their suffering and servitude. As much as they pretended to hate it at first, they’ve grown to love when their straight homophobic neighbor, Charlie, brings out the “big beast,” knowing that it means tears will soon be streaming down their faces. And as their throats clamp down and stretch out on that thick rubber cock it will guarantee them little dick boners in their newly pre-cum wetted sweatpants.

Such fucking dirty, filthy faggot sluts. A $2 hooker has more pride.

Don’t forget to flush.

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