A recent note from a follower. Why can’t all you faggots dedicate yourself like this one does?

”I have always been consumed by a intense desire to be truly free. To be trained and abused. Kidnapped and disappeared from the world to be sold and whored.

Caged. Permanently in chastity never aloud to use or touch my pathetic lifeless clitty. Tattooed so everyone can see what I am. Chain me in your basement or barn. Chained in a bathroom for all to use.

Hooking up with random strangers for a hot face fucking.  And a good hard throat fucking this so called straight acting guy’s mouth is for my boyfriend to kiss and for random strangers to use. I love to suck and swallow loads of cum when the boyfriend is away.

I’m a cheating faggot whore who needs straight men to destroy me and ruin me. Take away everything … my relationship, my job, my family, my financial security. Rip it all from me and let me be destroyed!

Long live Sir Todd and StraightWhiteMan.com!!!

– faggot John”

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