i work with a Man who has a son in His early 30s (my co worker is in His late 50s). i have been serving my coworker for about three years – He is Straight, but uses me like Straight Men use a faggot.

Unbeknownst to Him, His son as also started using me. The first time happened because i was at a cruising spot and ran into Him there. He has a huge Cock (just like His father) and i could not take my eyes off it in His jeans. He said i better not tell His father He was there, and He made me take His Cum and Piss to seal the deal. He is also Straight, and engaged, but He uses me about once a week – in the exact same manner as His father.

Since then, both Men are using me, and neither knows about the other. Should i tell Them?


Nice to see that the ability to use a faggot properly runs in the family.

As hot as it would be for your faggot fantasy life to have them both use you simultaneously, what is to be gained by telling them? They might get angry, and not want to use you. They might be angry at each other.

Having said that: I think you should tell them both. After all, a faggot is not allowed to keep any secrets from a man, and that is essentially what you are doing. Whatever happens, happens. Maybe they will both stop using you. More likely, they’ll both be pissed, and you’ll get it rougher and harder from each. And if you’re lucky, they’ll use you together.

But let me know what happens.


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