Cole was disgusted when the two young fags moved into the apartment next to his.  What was the world coming to when a pair of fags could flaunt their perversions in public?  But when he heard that they’d actually been married, he decided he had to take some action to restore at least a semblance of decency to the world.  So, hiding his disdain, he made a point of making friends with the ‘husband.’  Then, two weeks ago, he’d invited the homos over for a ‘friendly’ Friday night dinner with some of his bros.

That dinner lasted the entire weekend.  Cole and his three bros had the two fruits stripped naked before they’d been there five minutes and, from then on, it was a round-robin game of ‘fuck-the-fags.’

Cole made the total bitching-out of the ‘husband’ his personal vendetta.  Even Cole lost count of how many times he seeded that whore’s cunt over the course of the weekend, but by the time the two of them crawled, naked, back to their apartment, the ‘husband’s’ cunt looked like an abandoned train tunnel in need of obvious repairs.

Cole gave the two fags a day to recover and then, using the key to their apartment he’d acquired during the ‘friendly’ Friday night dinner, he let himself in.  The two fags cowered in front of him as he raged at them.  “How dare you be wearing clothes.  Men wear clothes.  Fags go naked whenever they’re indoors so that their pussies are always available when a Man wants to use them.  Get naked, you fucking homos.  Now!”

Visibly shaking, both boys doffed their clothing as fast as they could.  Once they were naked, Cole hauled the ‘husband’ over his lap and gave him a vicious ass-tanning that left him weeping and sobbing like a little boy.  Then, when Cole was done, he ordered the ‘husband’ to spank his ‘boi-wife,’ warning the fag not to hold anything back, “cause if you do, queerboy, I’m gonna spank you again, this time with my belt.”  Terrified, the ‘husband’ proceeded to blister his partner’s ass, whaling away at the rapidly reddening buns until the other fag was howling like a banshee.

Once he was satisfied that both fags had learned their lesson, he told the ‘husband’ to stop, and then Cole spent the next four hours amusing himself by banging the crap out of both faggots’ still-swollen fuck holes.  Then, having totally drained his balls, he emptied his bladder down the husband’s throat while expounding on how the two fags would be conducting themselves in the future.

“You’re both my fag-bitches now,” he explained, “and fag-bitches don’t wear clothes when they’re home.  So if I ever come in here and either of you are anything but buck-naked, there’s gonna be hell to pay.  And, from now on, your fag-cunts are off-limits except to Real Men. That means the only sex you two fags can indulge in with each other are blow-jobs.  I’m gonna let you two suck each other off because I know fags like you just can’t slurp down too much ball-slime, even if it’s fag ball-slime.  But here’s the deal, fags – every time you drop a load of your fag-scuzz down your partner’s throat, you’ve got to follow it with a bladderful of your fag-piss.  I ever catch either of you homos not pissing down the other’s throat after you spewed out a load of your fag-slime, I’ll swap your fag-junk for a real cunt and then you’ll have three holes to service Real Men.  Understand, fags?”

“Yes, sir,” they both quickly replied, now totally cowed by their neighbor.

The next day, Cole came back in.  Both of the homos were stark naked, like they’d been told.  And, just to make sure they were following all of his orders, Cole ordered them to sixty-nine each other.  It couldn’t have worked out better.  Both fags shot their loads at the same time and then, not more than 20 seconds later, it was obvious that each of them was pissing down his fag-spouse’s throat, both of them blushing furiously in the humiliation of what they were doing.  Cole got hard as a rock watching that and ended up banging the crap out of both of their cunts.

It wasn’t long before having the fags blow each other while he cored out their cunts became an integral part of Cole’s regimen for the two homos.  He’d start off every session pounding the crap out of the ‘boi-wife’s’ pussy while the two fags blew each other.  Then, after the fags shot their loads down each other’s throat and followed it with their pungent piss, he’d order them to flip over and pound away at the husband’s cunt until the two fags came and pissed again, and were ordered to flip back over so that Cole could work some more on the boi-wife’s pussy.

While the two fags would eventually run out of cum, they never ran out of piss, since they were just recycling each other’s bladder wastes over and over again and eventually the two fags would just be pissing on command down each other’s throats as each of them got his boycunt brutally reamed out.  Inevitably, both fags were exhausted and stinking of piss by the time Cole finished one of his daily sessions with them.  So much so that they, after a while, they seriously considered asking Cole to give them the real cunts he’d threatened them with.  But by that time, Cole had come to so enjoy having the two fags piss each other’s throats as he cunted them out that he wouldn’t even consider it.

Besides, Cole had other things planned for their fag-cocks.  He’d gone on line to look at some of the porn sites the homos visited.  And, boy, some of those fags were really sick puppies.   But, they’d given Cole some great ideas for his new bitches.  He’d already ordered them to keep their bodies totally hairless and smooth to the touch.  It was obvious that neither of them liked the idea, particularly the ‘husband,’ who showered at the gym after his daily workout and was totally embarrassed at just the thought of appearing in front of his workout buddies – probably a bunch of muscle fags, Cole figured – looking like a prepubescent little boy.   But, of course, they did it anyway.   And, just yesterday, Cole got this fantastic idea from one of the sites.

He was going to make each of the fags get a PA on his cock and have a guiche attached to his taint, too.   And, when Cole wasn’t there actively working the pair of homos, he was going to lock their PA’s to their taints, forcing their dicks down between their legs, mashing their balls apart at the same time, and making any sex between the two fags virtually impossible.   He could just imagine how humiliated they would be when he did that, particularly the ‘husband’ when he had to strip down at the gym to take a shower – and Cole was going to make damn sure the fag understood that his gym regimen was not to change one little bit.  Cole knew this would really put the two fags in their place.  And the thing was, Cole had thought of the piece de resistance himself.  He was going to use their wedding rings as the guiches.  They’d be hooked into forced chastity by the very symbol of their ‘marriage.’  How could you beat that?

Cole couldn’t believe it, but it was hard to remember the last time he’d had so much fun.  Even he had to admit that he was now glad the married fags had moved next door to him.  And, if Cole had anything to say about it – and he did – they wouldn’t be moving any place else for a long, long time.

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